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  1. Kspchew

    Android Phones

    Xiaomi user, do you face problem with advertisement? especially when using Mi apps, such as calendar, music, Folders and notes? Has literally disable all recommendations and advertisement but it still manage to push the adv out everytime I click on their apps. Appreciate any assistant.
  2. Kspchew

    Bad attitude people in Singapore

    It takes 2 hands to clap. Best to walk way and avoid any conflicts, life is already so stressful.
  3. Got 5x4L and 5x1L shell 5w-40 to let go.price definitely lower than supermarket. Please PM me for details. Thanks
  4. Kspchew

    K-DENT P.D.R & Windshield Repair

    Master Joon not only fixed dents but also wierd bumps on my car on the c pillar. I really admire him on his dedication and pride on his work. Cheers.
  5. Can I combine M-wash with Duragloss Rinse less wash. Currently, combining 901 and Duragloss Rinse less wash and it works great. Thanks
  6. I have 4x4L and 4x1L of shell 5w_40 to let go. Bought bulk but recently just change car so not using them. Willing to let go at lower than giant price. Pm me for details. Cheers
  7. Kspchew

    Mercedes Owners Thread

    Press the lock button twice quickly,this will disable the keyless function. Press unlock button and it will be back to normal.
  8. Kspchew

    Shell Helix Ultra at Giant

    I have 3xShell Helix 5W-40 to let go below NTUC pricing. These EO mfg dates are from mid 2016. PM me for more details.
  9. Kspchew

    W169 A Class shock absorbers

    Check out Chip Soon (behind SAFRA Tampanies) or Autospritze
  10. Kspchew

    Exercising and losing weight

    I am using shake n take 3, 500ml blender and very easy to wash. I am also taking whey from Lush Protein, Unflavoured,
  11. Kspchew

    Exercising and losing weight

    Have you consider adding nuts to your diet since you are a vegetarian? Cashew, macadamia, walnuts? Or taking avocados, which is very nutrient dense. If I may add on to the suggestion, try blending, avocado, berries, banana and some walnut into a shake, this way its much easier to consume your calories.
  12. Kspchew

    Exercising and losing weight

    This type of diet not only gain in waist size but also gain in risks of getting heart issues. We are here talking about gaining weight in a healthy and sustainable way, not simply by gorging fast food.
  13. Kspchew

    Falken ZIEX 914 ECORUN

    Not sure on the new ZE914 ECO run. Use ZE914 before and they are crappiest tyres that I had used before. After 15K Km, the noise is getting bad, at 30K km, it start to get slippery, ABS activated frequently on damp surface.
  14. Kspchew

    Exercising and losing weight

    Wow, you guys are very good at keeping track what you eat. For me, there are no simple carbs daily except for a pkt of Kettle unflavored chips on Fri night. Usually, I start my morning with blueberries, strawberry, avocado and whey protein shake. Mid morning would be 3 eggs+ 1 medium sweet potatoes. Lunch (usually home cooked), meat and vege galore! Tea break, some nuts or berries Pre-work out: one banana, beta alanie+citrulline malate and double espresso. Post work out: Whey Protein Dinner: Meat and vege galore again! To keep this going, stop thinking of diet, its going to be a lifestyle. Learn to enjoy then you will sustain this, Good luck