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  1. Mitsubishi_23

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    Done all steps and receive the e mail notification.. realized need to go down personally to registered and get the tag done... where got time? e mail them that I got 2 cars, how am I going to go down with 2 cars? and never replied after... WTF... Let’s see what gonna happen on 1st Oct.. Planning to boycott JB for the time being...
  2. Mitsubishi_23

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    Plus 1 time fee of RM10 for every car.. 500,000 cars = $5mil into their pocket first to help them pull through to chip into the 2.6b... Why our dear Singaporeans still wants to drive in and let them earn so much but yet we are not saving much after paying so much fees.. We shall all walk in and park all our cars at the causeway, free parking plus no other fees.. haha...
  3. Mitsubishi_23

    SKJ1958Y famous liao

    SKJ only around $60k plus....
  4. Mitsubishi_23

    SKJ1958Y famous liao

    What so many years? SKJ is barely a year car.. Should be so many months.....
  5. Who cares rubbish or not.. Reasonable but like it can liao!! Haha...
  6. Bro.. I love your way of talking.. You are god damn right....
  7. Mitsubishi_23

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    If really drop again then immediately change NEW CAR lo.......
  8. Bro.. You have a very very good point.. Put my 2 thumps up... Actually some vendors in JB already cut their prices to attract people.. eg- Car Wash.. Last time full grooming cost RM280, now RM170... I think slashes some prices in JB is good for both side.. Firstly, people in JB saves their costs, while singaporeans go there spend at lower cost also... haha.. So pay S$13 is worth it..... Those who scare to pay then just keep away instead of blocking the traffic.. But pity those drive to and fro due to work commitment... Sad... Perhaps should implement a monthly pass for them (Both Custom)
  9. So all fresh products would use Boat to deliver.. haha.. If fresh products from Malaysia would to double, then vendors from other countries would gain.. So far the increase in the toll does affect but not too much yet.. After 1st Oct kick in, i think the impact would be greater, public transport would earn more then.. Car no jam, become human jam.. Then every head counts charge $1 for coming in and out.. 200,000 people in/out, total $146 Million profits yearly... Not including Car Charges yet... Song Bo??
  10. Mitsubishi_23

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    Anyway, the traffic jam will continue for Singapore till those old cars being scape away and lesser people buying cars.. But still new car dealer will still think of new ways to counter back by leasing etc... As for the VEP toll fee.. After it is increased, business in JB really drops a lot, a few shops already closed down due to low business.. Vendors also feedback drop of 20% - 50%, but somehow as for car wash & grooming services, they drop their prices to pull customer in.. It might be even bigger savings than last time.. Last time grooming service for my car cost me RM 280, now only charge me RM 150.. So pay S$13 but savings of RM130.. Haha.. Save even more... And now, no need to jam like shit some more....
  11. Mitsubishi_23

    What's for your favorite Engine Oil!

    Use only original BMW Engine Oil...
  12. Mitsubishi_23

    Price for changing brake pads

    What? I just bought my OEM Rear Brake pads for my BMW 7 series for just $70..