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  1. StreamRSZ

    Mitsubishi Attrage.

    could be belt or the tensioner issue.
  2. StreamRSZ

    Disc brakes vs Drum brakes

    this is good info. but than again. inspection they dont test brakes? 🤔
  3. StreamRSZ

    Disc brakes vs Drum brakes

    just to clarify, replacing rear drum to disc brake set up can pass inspection without issues? anyone has done this before and able to pass yearly inspection? How about insurance side? Any impact of not able to claim if touch wood got into accident.
  4. StreamRSZ

    DIY cleaning throttle body

    u driving a honda civic? if you have CEL, please get your TPS value reset. Else your RPM will be dancing up and down. Even you remove battery 10000 times it will not cure. You may experience higher FC due to the RPM at higher range.
  5. StreamRSZ

    Why more people are renewing COE?

    so which category of country people do you belong to? are you those that dont take loan?😄
  6. StreamRSZ

    Tyre puncture

    why dont you check out AAS website or call them to check?
  7. StreamRSZ

    Why more people are renewing COE?

    canont be la. cars are built to last even more than 20 yrs. just take other countries cars for example. cars are still seen on the road with age more than 20 yrs. Its just sg perception that cars only last 10 yrs in sg. because we are being brought up in a society that car reaching 10 yrs old must scrap. cars definitely can last 20yrs easily. just maintain it well can last even longer.
  8. StreamRSZ

    Why more people are renewing COE?

    yes this i agree. SG workshops want eay way out. replace parts and charge high labor. not forgetting parts mark up too.
  9. StreamRSZ

    Why more people are renewing COE?

    it is not to filter our those owners to get into bigger debts to begin with. rather is an option to further renew. As i mentioned we cannot assume people who take loan dont have money to pay. You support this idea means you agree to the inflexibility of the rules.
  10. StreamRSZ

    Why more people are renewing COE?

    please enlighten me. maybe i miss out or misunderstood your meaning.
  11. StreamRSZ

    Why more people are renewing COE?

    well today parf value is 50%. can you gaurantee that with new system coming ahead there is any more parf value for cars next time? maybe it could be reduced further. Hybrid cars is already very pathetic when it comes to scrap value. policy is designed by people. Just cant understand why they have to be so regid on this.
  12. StreamRSZ

    Why more people are renewing COE?

    PHV have to pay rental also per week. the cost will be much higher also compared to owning one COE car. ultimately this rule should be flexible to all. Not just limitting to 5 yrs must complusary to scrap the car putting aside people want to own cars but cannot afford lump sum and we cannot assume all people cannot afford. People might have money but doesnt want to pay in one lump sum. They take loan instead so that no heart pain to see the lump sum money goes out of pocket in one go. We cannot assume people cannot afford to buy car. So it still goes down to policy to be flexible in my opinion.
  13. StreamRSZ

    Why more people are renewing COE?

    thats why this rule doesnt make sense. people should have a choice to choose. not all people is rich enough to pay off 10 yr coe or ready to take up 10 yrs coe loan to tied them down. this policy should be flexible to us as a consumer.
  14. StreamRSZ

    Why more people are renewing COE?

    actually LTA should do away with 5 years renewed coe vehicle must die die scrap by expiry date. people should have the option to choose to renew further after 5 yrs is up. this rule doesnt makes sense at all. what is the diff when you renew 5 yrs or 10 yrs. still paying COE wat.
  15. StreamRSZ

    Disc brakes vs Drum brakes

    nowadays we only see drum brakes on those budget smaller CC cars. mostly are disc brakes for newer model cars.