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  1. Even if the protestors' five demands are met ... it will not improve their lives one bit, in terms of job prospects or housing, so what's the point? I am surprised with the police so tied up by handling the protests and vilified by the public, there is no major crime spree in HK now.
  2. Sosaria

    Who here is part of the 40k Telegram group?

    How was it possible to trace down and arrest the people responsible? Looks like Telegram is also not fool-proof for anonymity as long as still reliant on subservient ISP network.
  3. Sosaria

    Encouraging marriage.

    I had forgotten about this!
  4. Sosaria

    Encouraging marriage.

    It's amazing, it still exists!! I remember getting the SDU pamphlet during univ days So passe now, one organisation for grads and another for non-grads. Which is why I am amazed it still exists. In addition to the fact that the institution of marriage is now overtaken by so many alternatives. Don't need marriage to get sex-on-the-tap these days. In fact it's the other way around, after marriage especially for many years, the common refrain is : no sex!
  5. I don't think he's taking the liberal point of view. He's saying that CL is too soft and indecisive, therefore what's the point of staying on. If a Tun M was in-charge long ago settled the problem already before it grew so big. Maybe Tun will bring out a stained mattress to settle Joshua Wong Long ago CL should have imposed curfew at the very least. But she was too eager to keep up the pretense of a democracy and human rights while being unable to do anything without Beijing approval. End up, do nothing! Bythe way activating Emergency powers is a big hammer already. It's the kind of laws used during the 50s by the British to fight communist insurgency in Malaya. I don't think these youthful rioters in HK can qualify to be of that scale actually. Soironic that the laws originated from British colonials are now being used by authoritarian regime to control liberal democracy activists. 180 degrees!
  6. I totally don't understand. Clean-cut, young, handsome fellow should have no problem chatting up girls, but have to resort to this? Chat up and charm first, later want to take photo upskirt, no skirt also can, perfectly ok, no problems.
  7. Just too few policemen so those that found themselves in danger will open fire if panic. Actually the rioters are only youths, if there are more numbers of police on the ground, with riot gear, I think it will give the police more confidence to win confrontations and to deal with groups of rioters without losing control. The hkpf need a tough, disciplined core, something like the gurkha police to handle this kind of situation but now under PRC rule, no more gurkhas available.
  8. Discharge their own weapon is ok. If she help you discharge your weapon, charge you $50 ...
  9. Sosaria

    Ang Moh whacked local Security Uncle

    If I recall correctly though, the naughty pilot who created a stir in the union many years ago, his PR was revoked quick quick No? So it's case-by-case. The aussie who hit the taxi driver and policeman, even after more than 10 years in singapore, presumably, from what the article says, only carried an employment pass, not PR. So it's easier. Once lost the job, the pass is revoked. And all over $16.70 cab fare ... His problem is that he is unable to see his own fault in the mess, so his life is like that, divorced and in a mess , etc.
  10. I don't fully blame these corporates. They are profit-making companies and they make their money from opportunities that emerge from loopholes or grey areas in the law. Rather, our authorities were too slow, and not forward-looking enough to spot these waves of new trends that emerged from digitalisation and new technologies, e.g. PHV services, PMDs, bike sharing, drones, online food ordering, etc. Notice the trend here? Authorities always caught on the wrong foot, and slow to react - worse, no action.
  11. Yeah lor. Go geyland is cheaper, can not only touch but do more. That's exactly why this kind of guy is a deviant. Pay for commercial service, is not shiok for him. Must sneakily touch. And must definitely be "normal" girls, not in the profession. All the more reason to put him behind bars to keep society safe.
  12. My son grew up interested in reading, so I recently bought him a special edition of Orwell's 1984, hard cover, found in a book rental shop (so rare these days!) at far east.
  13. Sosaria

    Speed limit 4 PMDs, bicycles to be cut to 10kmh on footpath

    They just don't have the manpower to police up all the non-compliant pmd, hence offer money for voluntary surrender. Should hold something like the Purge for pmd
  14. Sosaria

    Couple Charged with Murder of 2-Year-Old Daughter

    This kind is very hard to help. It's not just a matter of giving financial aid, which will be frittered away. Give job also difficult, as unlikely they can hold on to it. Close follow up by aid workers are needed but not everyone want the close monitoring
  15. True for us modern-thinking or higher educated ones ... "dead" to us is finish THE END. But for the religious types, they don't think so.