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  1. Woof

    2014 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

    Doesn't matter if BM or Merc...problems can arise anytime. Got my new Merc C180 5 years ago front suspension gave problem within 3 months and they have to change some parts, same time the dashboard rattle at times but they can't do anything (taking out the dashboard might cause more problem), few months later the driver seat got some sound at times too. On 4th year have to change the mounting.
  2. Woof

    Mercedes Owners Thread

    Agree that it's better sell it on your own...their recent offer trade in price was low and unattractive despite my car is a merc bought from them previously. I got much better quote from outside car dealers.
  3. Latest news on COEs...from CNA Vehicle growth rate to be cut This might surely have some impact in the long term....it means much lesser COEs from next year onwards.
  4. The article sounds sweet to the ears if read on the surface. But you have to analyse it deeper if it holds water...Would think there are other factors have to be considered that affects COE prices just besides the numbers alone. A. These group of car owners (majority) would want to continue oqning a car. Wouldn't you?? They would have to bid for a new COE before they scrap the old car. It's like the COE is being recycled back to the same owner. Lesser available COE flow back to the pool for "new car owners (whom don't own a car yet, new drivers etc) is very small. The situation would change if unless these cars owners gives up owning a car completely. B. LTA would not release additional COEs into the pool as there too many cars on the road in 2-3 years time. This was an error in their calculations in the past and have to be rectified. Thus the only numbers might just be these COEs being scrapped and recyled back. The worst case scenario is there might be a cut back of these recycled COEs back into the pool! We can't see the future LTA the decisions. C. Economics factor. It's demand and supply. Less COEs, prices would hold steady. It would also depend on the world and country's economy. What is more important, roof over your head and food on the table or the car? Things would get priotise... D. There are way too many cars on the road today. Can't imagine driving on highway with jams. But seriously, when I see an ambulance travelling on the highway during the peak hours, the ambulance struggle to get clearance to reach their important destination as fast and safe as possible. Every seconds counts for any life. Something must be done to alleviate this situation aspecially for such emergency situation. People don't complains as much about the rise of number of cars on the roads as compared to other matters...
  5. There is no solid reason for LTA to add more COEs to the new or old CAT. The whole purpose of the COE system is to control the Total vehicle population on the road in Singapore. For now the size of the cake (total COE) is fixed and have to shared among all the categories.. all have to share this small cake.
  6. If LTA to create a category for Taxi (Cat F as proposed by someone), LTA would have to take sizeable number of the COE quota out from the Cat A and Cat B (e.g. 100-150 from each Cat). Which means the prevaling Cat A and Cat B would have much lesser number of COEs available. Would that make the Cat A and Cat B situation any better with a much reduced quotas? Hard to tell...
  7. Does changing your stock pedals (other than replacement, to sports or aluminium pedals) considered mod and will void insurance?
  8. COE prices quite steady yah. Think it would hover around this range region for future COE prices....Cat A around $48-$50K; Cat B around $65-$70K
  9. Even if COE price come down today, it doesn't have any impact at all to the number of COEs available. The COEs number is still limited....
  10. Agree with you
  11. Audi and Merc each has it's unique appeal and will draw in different segments of people. But some time it's not comparable. Branding and status of Merc is undeniable...it's make a statement, success and strength. To me Audi is fresh, vigor and sporty..appealing. To each has it's own likings...
  12. Woof

    COE bidding 3 Aug 2011

    I don't think people would scrap their cars unless it's already 10years old COE or the the value if attractive enough to scrap it. I think most car owners (cars less than 5 years old) if they are planning to buy a new cars would either trade-in or sell it to 2nd hand car dealers, and these cars are sold as 2nd hand cars in local market...not likely be scrapped. So these COEs would not go back into the pool. Don't see how lower price of COE will increase the cycle, unless i'm missing something.
  13. Woof

    COE bidding 3 Aug 2011

    Sorry for my bad spelling...i meant "drive"
  14. Woof

    COE bidding 3 Aug 2011

    05-07 owners, the cars still have 40-50% life span mah...still can dive, why worried now?
  15. Woof

    COE bidding 3 Aug 2011

    For COE prices to come down really really it's quite simple...curb your urge to buy a car. Other than market and economy sentiment, it's demand and supply factor. People don't buy car, no demand...price come down.