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  1. Roberttan

    Tyre puncture

    I supposed so long their recuse vehicle can reach means they can help. only problem had seen video the Tow Truck driver tow the broke down vehicles from Multi storey car park is Really Super Driver ,super skill
  2. Roberttan

    Tyre puncture

    IF Go by the Book , many many favour can not be done now you revealed the FAvor or Extra service offered and some fee are charged which may not be allow in the BOOK
  3. Roberttan

    Michelin Pilot Sport 4

    tires is not differentiate by Country of Manufactured , is BY the Formula and Construction of the tyre. (base on same Size and Model / pattern) tires are developed and Made base on the application and Weather ,is definitely not a good Idea to run a tires are Made For Winter weather .
  4. Roberttan

    Tyre puncture

    is Good be a member of AAS which can provide you 24 hours. as for some car the Wheels and tires are really big and heavy , let the Expert do the job is best, as for Tire punctured repair best is get the Right Professional workshop to do the Proper and only recommended and Approved Internal Repair ( that's meant the Mech has to separate the tire from your Wheel to inspect internally for any hidden injury or Damaged. just MHO
  5. your car Share the same PCD with Subaru , thus the available wheels for 5x100 mostly target the Subaru car and Subaru uses higher Offset 45 up. since you have known this offset 50 make it hidden in the fenders is GOOD, other than appearance is subjective. as mentioned earlier this offset 50 should able to cleared and need physically test by the installer. just MHO
  6. is ok to change to offset 50 but which I usually do not do that, I always change to smaller offset number to make the wheel more flush to my car fender. to clear your brake caliper you better check with the Seller or test it physically.
  7. Roberttan

    Which is better, Original rims or change new rims

    JUST TO share Original doesn't meant it must be manufactured in Original Origin. They are some Audi , Mercedes , BMW original wheels are made in CHINA ,only different you can see They had Embossed Original LOGO to certified is Original I had never Doubt of all this Products made in CHina if they are original Parts. MHO
  8. Roberttan

    Which is better, Original rims or change new rims

    your attached picture is Mercedes original designed (but not sure is it Orignal wheel) I have few points to share as below 1) check the back of the wheel is it Mercedes LOGO embossed 2) check for Mercedes Parts number Embossed (like W??? or A????) 3 ) don't trust the center cap , even the original cap can still put on non original wheel 4 ) last but not least , ask the Seller (the shop or Business establishment to issue an Original Invoice stated is Original wheel) some will scared you by need to pay 7% GST( I do not why his intention) , may be request for a Simple NOTE will also acceptable. this clause usually Is NOT applicable to direct OWNER ( so you have to take the RISK) happy Shopping
  9. Roberttan

    Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport [R|RS]

    personally used Michelin PSS Very Good overall Grip , Noise even thought the tire bought is 3 years of Storaged. alos on Both P zero and Pzero new Pz4 (luxury version ) as good and Pz4 noise level is very low to me . no chance to try the Ps4s .
  10. Roberttan

    Bridgestone Potenza S007a

    thanks for your Sharing, I am looking forward to try the PZ4 on my ride soon , (last used is the Pzero which gave me good result.
  11. Roberttan

    Best comfort/quiet tyres.

    I believe there are quite numbers of tire available for this size, please don't alter your tire size if possible , your stock or original wheel width could cause Negative effect like less comfort etc when you change the Size unless otherwise Stated in your Car owners Handbook or Tire Playcard .. getting new Tires is looking forward for Safety first follow by Noise
  12. Roberttan

    Bridgestone Potenza S007a

    s007a I think their price is Quite cheap compared with Michelin ps4s , Pirelli New P zero PZ4 ,do share with us your Tire size if possible.
  13. Roberttan

    Best comfort/quiet tyres.

    just to share my personal opinion any tire size changed the effect will be different
  14. Roberttan

    Best comfort/quiet tyres.

    My new, primacy 3 ST is also very disspointing. I read good review on the ST version but turn out nosiy on my new Tucson. CAN SHARE THE TIRE SIZE YOU USE ON YOUR TUCSON ? anyway now primacy 4 st is out
  15. Roberttan

    Need Advice on Tyres Change

    I wont recommend if your are running stock Original Honda wheel (to narrow for 205/50/16 /205/55/16) for 205/50/16 and 205/55/16 recommended Minmum rim wheel width 6.5 inch ,best 7 inch