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  1. Roberttan

    Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport [R|RS]

    personally used Michelin PSS Very Good overall Grip , Noise even thought the tire bought is 3 years of Storaged. alos on Both P zero and Pzero new Pz4 (luxury version ) as good and Pz4 noise level is very low to me . no chance to try the Ps4s .
  2. Roberttan

    Bridgestone Potenza S007a

    thanks for your Sharing, I am looking forward to try the PZ4 on my ride soon , (last used is the Pzero which gave me good result.
  3. Roberttan

    Best comfort/quiet tyres.

    I believe there are quite numbers of tire available for this size, please don't alter your tire size if possible , your stock or original wheel width could cause Negative effect like less comfort etc when you change the Size unless otherwise Stated in your Car owners Handbook or Tire Playcard .. getting new Tires is looking forward for Safety first follow by Noise
  4. Roberttan

    Bridgestone Potenza S007a

    s007a I think their price is Quite cheap compared with Michelin ps4s , Pirelli New P zero PZ4 ,do share with us your Tire size if possible.
  5. Roberttan

    Best comfort/quiet tyres.

    just to share my personal opinion any tire size changed the effect will be different
  6. Roberttan

    Best comfort/quiet tyres.

    My new, primacy 3 ST is also very disspointing. I read good review on the ST version but turn out nosiy on my new Tucson. CAN SHARE THE TIRE SIZE YOU USE ON YOUR TUCSON ? anyway now primacy 4 st is out
  7. Roberttan

    Need Advice on Tyres Change

    I wont recommend if your are running stock Original Honda wheel (to narrow for 205/50/16 /205/55/16) for 205/50/16 and 205/55/16 recommended Minmum rim wheel width 6.5 inch ,best 7 inch
  8. Roberttan

    Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport [R|RS]

    noticed the Good year tire label is hand written old school , create job instead machine print
  9. Roberttan


    from the Picture you can tell is Good Quailty
  10. Roberttan

    365automotive Avoid this shop

    i personally believe it boils down to Expectationssss i have never assuemed and expect i can get 100% cheapest Deal when ever i needed somethings MY best Deal defined as Trust (base on product Quality ,Workmanship , Responsibilty when come to Aftersales service) Convenient time to me, Professional and Friendly, Knowledgement Person. (they Know what are They Promoting or Selling) Price isnt my !st consideration ,ONly spend within my affortability I always Enjoy almost all my Purchase or Services by most of my Service providers (Automotive) except for some issue with mY new car with the BIg CAr AA. My personal experient with Relatively Smaller Establishment is always Best . MHO Sorry to here about some Bad encountered with some shop , Prices and year made now aday became very challenging for Every Sellers and Buyers. Life is Short , Enjoy your CAr(not cheap to me) with all the Necessary Shopping. If you Like 1 specialised WS why not just stick with him and Tell him what you are looking, I am 99.99 % sure he or she will do their best to Source for you ,So long you are their Reasonable Supporter. Rather than you know your Own Homework and sometime you will end up bad Encounter.
  11. Roberttan

    Recommendation of wheel alignment workshop

    fong Kim exhaust at Ubi does the Alignment service
  12. Roberttan

    Recommendation of wheel alignment workshop

    bmw , may be he is not very lucky sorry
  13. Roberttan

    Need Advice on Tyres Change

    after some reseached most tire company recommend 225/45/17 on 7 inch width minimum. if your wheel width is 6.5 inch please stick to 205/50/17 best and i dont find it difficult to order from any shop (just give them time to order) everything will be FINE.
  14. Roberttan

    Need Advice on Tyres Change

    thanks for your Great sharing but due to some reasons ,some Driver may not wish to do that like Car under warranty 205/50/17 is the orignal size and changing to new set of wheels to wider width to take 225/45/17 is correct but some are also worry about the Warranty and Quality and Look .
  15. Roberttan

    Looking for 215/70r16 tyre 1 piece.

    thank you for your sharing , just beware of Re cut tire, when you are looking for some rare items.