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  1. Turboflat4

    playing on the road

    I have played street cricket in India when much younger, so I have some experience with regard to this. First of all, the speeds are really low. Nowhere even close to pro level. It's like the difference between a BnB 1.5 l car vs an F1 car. Also, a lot depends on the type of cricket ball being used. When I used to play, the traditional red cricket ball was favoured. With the greater popularity of the short version (ODI), they may have switched to using white balls which are harder, so that's potentially a concern. During my time, we used to make do even with tennis balls, which of course are very soft and bouncy (so they make terrible cricket balls, but at least they're soft and elastic). We used to play right next to residences at ground level and there was no damage and certainly no injury to bystanders. But I agree that it is a potential concern, especially with the very young and very elderly who are not familiar with the game and don't know the safer zones to stand in or walk through. If really "sway", yes, there is the very slim chance of a tragedy like an orbital blowout fracture like you mentioned, if they're using a proper ball and have strong bowlers and batters. Personally, I'd be a lot more worried about the PMDs running wild right now, they pose a much more palpable threat, even to the less vulnerable.
  2. Turboflat4

    playing on the road

    Dunno bro, I'm not personally familiar with that area. But if that's a concern then it should've been raised. I didn't see anything in STOMP about that being a concern. The STOMP article (based on what the original contributor submitted) also mentioned a group of kids playing soccer using the same area. Interestingly, comments don't seem to focus on that, simply because it doesn't fit their preconceived narrative. Guess which group tends to favour cricket and which group favours soccer?
  3. Turboflat4

    playing on the road

    Some posters on STOMP have clarified that originally there was a grass field where the kids used to play but it was removed because of MRT construction. And now they use this, but it's OK because it's a service road that's closed off to the public for the same construction. Basically this is fake news, calculated to spread racist and xenophobic ill-will.
  4. Turboflat4

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Thread VII

    I call them organs on wheels. Bikers, we know you have brains. Please, you don't need to prove it by showing them off. Literally.
  5. Turboflat4

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Thread VII

    Haha! 👍😂
  6. Turboflat4

    This might be a good way to get a new car for free

    Not a good way to get a free car. It might, however, be a good way to get free involuntary facial reconstruction.
  7. Durian farmers may be used to dealing with pricks daily, but the Nobel committee may be too much. 😅
  8. Basically just treat it like another place you can't travel to or through. Like North Korea. Hmm, I may have nailed that analogy a little too perfectly. 😂😂😂
  9. Turboflat4

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Thread VII

    So far I've abstained from responding to that fellow's posts because his behaviour makes me damn angry. But I'll tell you, touch whatever body part you want also, in the extremely rare instances I've been caught napping, I have *never* intentionally braked or slowed down because someone honked me from behind at a light. The least I've done is ignore it and drive normally. The most I've done is stick my hand up (even out of the window) to say sorry. I *have* honked at vehicles apparently dreaming at the lights. No one has responded the way this guy did. We can't control what others do, but we sure as heck can control how we react to them. Not only acting like a twat on the road when somebody happened to lightly honk him, but also to post videos online - to me, that shows an extreme level of small-minded vindictiveness and self-righteousness. *Now*, I'm ready to move on. But I bet there's going to be arguments coming directly my way which I'll have to address because clearly, some people can't let things go.
  10. Those who are vocal like you and me have already woken up long ago. There are plenty of others who honestly don't care about this sort of thing as long as things "just work". They are a good part of the 70 percent. They are not in need of waking up, they simply don't care about this sort of thing. They will be impossible to convince until some specific policy happens to personally affect them.
  11. Some? Who? Tharman I can understand, even support. Even Heng Swee Keat, I get the argument. But the only idiots who think this idiot CCS is PM material are the deluded ones who're drunk on the ruling party's kool aid. 😂
  12. Turboflat4

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Thread VII

    One of my former FDW agents was a CECA young female. She said she got stopped driving her dad's Merc at 170 plus km/h on one of our expressways. No licence. Police just warned her. Probably because she's FT (Talent to them, Trash to us) but also maybe because they couldn't be arsed to do the paperwork. You see, boys and girls, the law only comes down hard on us born and bred, except when they wayang close to erection time. 😂😂😂