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  1. Turboflat4

    New Mobile MVNO telco.....Giga

    I think I still have them. That's what CS told me last time. Not elected any numbers yet. With whatsapp and free 1000 min outgoing, not such a big deal either way.
  2. Turboflat4

    New Mobile MVNO telco.....Giga

    Yeah I think I've got the three free numbers also but I haven't chosen any yet.
  3. Turboflat4

    New Mobile MVNO telco.....Giga

    Checked with M1 (1627): - (off topic, but a surprise to me) now calls to M1 from M1 lines are no longer free, but airtime chargeable. I think that's a bit much. Not a huge deal, but they should've done a better job than just saying they updated their website. - My plan is called "SIM only" and it has caller ID and roaming free as long as I maintain the line as it's under a corporate plan. There is no monetary corporate discount for SIM-only plans, but apparently, these perks still exist. Non-corporate plans extend only for some months as you have mentioned. - Free Spotify data streaming will extend to end 2020, then be taken away silently, so gotta be careful. *** Still happy overall. Got thru to M1 and got everything answered within 5 minutes total. Starhub is ridiculous in comparison. Stinktel, been divorced from them long ago, so dunno.
  4. Turboflat4

    New Mobile MVNO telco.....Giga

    M1 MySIM plan already comes with 30 GB data, 1000 min + 1000 SMS + free caller ID and free Spotify streaming (tested and works - no impact on mobile data consumption when WiFi turned off). No lock in at all and only 25 bucks a month. I'm a happy camper. I didn't even bother getting another TPG card as I can't consume 30GB a month anyway. M1 customer service is also the best among the telcos I've tried. Easiest to get thru and they mostly actually help.
  5. Turboflat4

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Thread VII

    Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead vs tree? Tree will be fine except for a bit of drophead (leaf fall) Car will be in tree...er, three pieces Driver will be roller (wheelchair bound) or phantom. 😁
  6. Turboflat4

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Thread VII

    More a cock-a-too. 😁
  7. Turboflat4

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Thread VII

    Maybe your BIL? Trained well by his mother, your MIL. 😁
  8. Turboflat4

    Singapore National Anthem 2019

    Definitely, get 4 youths from the most important demographic groups in Singapore. That would be PRC Chinese, India Indian, Pinoy and AMDK right? 😂
  9. Turboflat4

    High cost of living in SG

    Not ah gong but just gong kia then. 😂
  10. Turboflat4

    Maths problem

    On that basis, you could argue the exam setters were also "cheating" since I'm sure they know trig and also used it. Then they figured out how to do it using elementary geometry then set the question for the kiddies. That's how competition questions often work. They're constructed using more involved math but designed to be creatively solved using more elementary means. If a pri sch kid knows coordinate geometry and trig and used those, I'm sure they wouldn't deduct marks, by the way.
  11. Turboflat4

    Maths problem

    EDIT: meant "corresponding angles", not alternate angles, sorry. @Wind30
  12. Turboflat4

    Maths problem

    As mentioned, the trick is to find a way to show that arctan 1/3 + arctan 1/2 = 45 deg, without trigonometry. At that point, you try to find diagonals of squares or right isosceles triangles, which is how I came up with my solution. Using coordinate geometry for it is a doddle, but when you're limited to the tools open to Pri sch kids, then you have to get creative.
  13. Turboflat4

    Maths problem

    I was rushing for time before, so I did a better diagram that corresponds to your original question. Hopefully, it's clearer. You want angle KQI. Since KQ is coincident with KP, which is parallel to LA, angle KQI = angle LAI (alternate angles) = 45 degrees (angle made by diagonal AI of square ALIN with side LA). Done.
  14. Turboflat4

    Maths problem

    See attached, which is just a rotated version of your figure with extraneous info removed. You need to find angle DGB. By alternate angles, this is equal to angle EAB Since AB is the diagonal of square AEBF, angle EAB is 45 degrees, and that's the value of x. The problem is essentially to show arctan 1/3 + arctan 1/2 = 45 degrees without trig. That means finding right angled isosceles triangles and/or squares with their diagonals.
  15. Turboflat4


    I use Anika too, and the insurer they pick is often Etiqa (sometimes Liberty). When this happens, just contact them and ask them to match the previous quote. Has worked for me everytime.