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  1. Turboflat4

    How many of u r changing holiday plans?

    It may be involuntary. For medical staff, at least in the gahmen setting, all leave is cancelled and approval for overseas conferences are rescinded. For previously booked holidays, it's case by case. If they need you, you don't go. They may reimburse you for any losses. I have some critical staff we can't lose at this time, and unfortunately, their planned trip to Europe has been cancelled (HR is reimbursing).
  2. Haha Dale Fisher, another friend and colleague. The guy in the cartoon can PCC till kingdom cum (no typo) with his hand lotion. 😂
  3. Small correction. HEPA is 99.9+ % efficient for particles of 0.3um diameter. The exact claimed efficiency ranges from 99.95 to 99.97 depending on the standard you're following (Eurotrash vs America Dua Kee). Actually, re-reading your post, you mentioned the MPPS, which may be smaller than 0.3um. I'm not sure if the HEPA standard actually addresses the MPPS directly but I would expect a lower filtration efficiency than claimed by standard so your value is plausible (but even smaller and electrostatic filtration starts becoming predominant, it's a U shaped filtration characteristic I believe).
  4. No Golf R. The only kind of golf I play. Pity. 😁
  5. You say @RadXsuck life force, he ask you to suck his snake. Anaconda. 🤣
  6. We don't call them womankind unless woman kind one. 😂😂😂 Not woman one kind one hor. 🤣
  7. Turboflat4

    Used Car Dealers Feedback (Part 2)!

    Good experience list: Hui hua Hua yang Thong Lee Vee (long long ago) Prestige (or something like that, it's at Turf City/Grandstand) Tom Ong's place previously known as Ong automobiles now something else I think) Bad experiences: KK automobili RPM automobiles Carlingual (long long ago) Very bad experience: Sportsway Auto (WCEGA) - steer clear in my view
  8. Turboflat4

    Used Car Dealers Feedback (Part 2)!

    Last I checked ACR (the best in my view) wasn't working properly.
  9. Turboflat4

    Used Car Dealers Feedback (Part 2)!

    With stupid new Euro-trash laws which both Google and Apple have to follow, call recording is made very difficult on the latest versions of both major phone OSs. I am also bey song. By the way, call recording is fully legal without consent in sg.
  10. I certainly don't. Unless I purposefully choose to. Which, I suspect, holds true for CCS as well. Which means it's all an act. But then he's just a politician, it's par for the course. I always wonder why a lot of sinkies expect politicians wearing one colour to be so much nobler than those wearing another. Weird. 😁
  11. My england sibei powderful. I reserve my power for pow-nding actual vag. 😁
  12. This is blatant gender discrimination. 😠 This is a 'woke' virus given that they named it in the most confusing manner possible to avoid hurt feelings. I really think AWARE should redress the situation by introducing a new Kaninavirus. 😁
  13. Bro. Instead of wasting your time blowing Bubbles, you should be climbing your way to suck Cess. 😁
  14. Who is Bubbles and why are you blowing him? 😂
  15. Dead queef. Not dead queer hor. 😂