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  1. Absolutetint

    Your favorite turtle soup eatery

    still say Tai Seng is the best!!
  2. Absolutetint

    The WORST restuarant I've ever been...

    must be Tian Xia Di Yi...damn ripoff place.....most ex fish i have eaten in my life....$140 for 1 fish
  3. Absolutetint

    Kok Kee's wonton noodle is worth the wait

    Ya alway super long queue but the portion damn little hahha
  4. Absolutetint

    Nice Bak Kut Teh

    Or u want Klang style, try beach road....the corner coffee shop. Or Geylang Lor 13
  5. Absolutetint

    Nice Bak Kut Teh

    Rangoon Road, PSA building, Balastier road the one with aircon and got to walk up a flight of stair...the place is opp the shaw cinemas
  6. Absolutetint

    Recommendation for Japanese food?

    The best I tried was at GoodWood Park Hotel, its traiditional Sushi bar style..but damn ex...lucky I didnt pay...4 person we eat like 1.8k. Alot of famous pple go there...even LKY..that day Tay Ping Hui was eating beside me lolx
  7. Absolutetint

    Popeye vs KFC

    popeyes hard to find
  8. Absolutetint

    Popeye vs KFC

    popeyes hard to find
  9. Absolutetint

    Where to find best Chilli Crab & samble fish?

    CHilli Crab must go try Ban Hoe Leong Resturant at Casuraina Road (Upper Thomson) Beats Long beach, jumbo etc...
  10. Absolutetint

    Help with finding nasi lemak stall!

    go to changi village one or Puggol nasi lemak if u want chinese style
  11. Absolutetint

    International Buffet

    Try Ritz Carlton, or Triple 3 at Mandrain Hotel.....M hotel good for steamboat got live prawns etc
  12. Absolutetint

    Need to Buy Engine Oil

  13. Absolutetint

    Yummy Roast Duck Drumstick Rice

    Got one along Paya Lebar road(shop houses)....Opposite Charles & Keith building... That one the Char siew is THE BEST!!! Roast Duck also solid!! I am a Glutton myself ..so trust me hahha
  14. I tried another one at Sing Ming ,,,all doing european vans