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  1. Fitvip

    Signs of a stroke

    Lol, back stroke?
  2. Fitvip

    Signs of a stroke

    Agree that it is not well written. Just for simple, fast recognition of the signs.
  3. Fitvip

    Signs of a stroke

    Ohm I didn't pay attention to that. So they are the distractions!
  4. Fitvip

    Signs of a stroke

    One of my ex colleague was struck three times in the office. The obvious signs No 2 and 3 were clearly seen by others while he himself did not know! In addition, he also salivated.
  5. Fitvip

    Signs of a stroke

    Came across this at another forum. It may be useful. https://newsvizer.com/2019/09/19/i-urge-all-my-friends-to-read-you-could-save-a-loved-ones-life-by-knowing-this-simple-information/
  6. 4 and 5 series.
  7. Cheat cheat cheat cheat, sang yi fatt fatt, and SV Yi chart.
  8. True. Like 2008-9 period. It remained at that level for some time.
  9. Us, first time spotted it.
  10. Unless you bid. Otherwise no point also!
  11. Spotted yesterday .
  12. Just spotted a few. The Merc 3333 nearly collided into a Siesta which failed to give way while merging into main road at Bendemeer Road. I heard the good horn tone!
  13. Fitvip

    What Did You Makan Today PT 6

    Saw this on FB. You may wish to try! No,I did eat there nor am I related to the establishment!
  14. Bo Pian, gone were the days!🤐