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  1. Be careful hor! that is not from Mdm HC. It is from Mdm Tan. Don't get POFMA!
  2. Fitvip

    LTA Vehicle Inspection

    I hate the noise, especially COEd PHV Lancers! There are many of them near my place!
  3. Spotted yesterday
  4. I got 1.8% before Christmas. The rate dropped from boxing day on ward. I like it for the same reason too. Quite a few times, when I walked in, I was the "first" customer!😄 I don't know why SBI is not included in the rate compare website even though its rate is among the highest!
  5. Fitvip


    I just finished one pack. I lacks coffee fragrance! The 2-in-1 tastes better. Now on offer at SS at $3.95 for 2 packs.
  6. Spotted this morning.
  7. Fitvip

    Bak Kwas Worth Queuing Up For This CNY (2020)

    Walao, 6 hours x $8/hr (rate for temp job) is already $48/. Cost too high!
  8. Fitvip

    Scam in SMS and Phone Call

    Bloody hell, just received this message.
  9. Blardy hell, no sound alight to check for what? Like that pecah lobang liao!🤨
  10. Fitvip


    I thought only cold coffee will hurt gastric? Hot ones should be OK?
  11. Spotted these 3 at the same place, plus 2000 and 500.
  12. It looks like the crash bar of the LTA bike hit the kerb and the bike was thrown off! Not because of cornering, the bike felt the opposite way!
  13. There was no comparison. I was just pointing it out to KobayashiGT!