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Ingenius have made 4 car reviews, 0 merchant reviews, and 2 product reviews.
Ingenius have made 4 car reviews, 0 merchant reviews, and 2 product reviews.
car reviews (4)
  • Best bang for buck car, period.
  • Drove this car of my brother's, it is the facelifted model with the new emblem. This car looks very nice, one of the most stylish on the road. The interior design is modern and has a premium feel to it. Feature wise it is very well equipped, making it very good bang for buck. The drive is quite dull, no surprise here, as it is using a old engine which is not insp
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  • The Subaru xv review after 4 years
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  • Like Spacious Comfortable cruiser Car keeps in lane under all conditions Low center of gravity Good visibility Dislike Small boot Less than ideal fuel consumption Not much power
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product reviews (2)
  • Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5
  • I had this tire for 50,000km, and has travelled up north numerous times. This tire can be characterised as comfortable, fuel saving, and predictable in all kinds of road condition here in Singapore. It is a very good all rounder, but not excellent in any area. I will recommend this if anyone is looking for a very good tire for good price.
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  • Goodyear Eagle EfficientGrip
  • I had this for about 50k km. The tire never lost its grip once, in all weather condition. It performed consistently throughout the 3 years of usage. It was quiet for the first 20k km. The grip in wet road is commendable, provided one must rotate the tire every 10k km. Best thing is this set of tires is not expensive.
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