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  1. Helbreath

    The Maybach is back...

    The S600 Maybach will cost at least 1m w/o COE, estimated based on UK and US prices. FYI the Ghost cost 1.4m without options and COE
  2. Helbreath

    Auto Tailgate/boot

    The newer ones can use your feet to signal under the rear bumper, and it will open automatically.
  3. Actually I thought it is always the other way round, the rich subsidising the poor. While they form the minority, many of these luxury car or super luxury car buyers own multiple cars, and for the same COE, on average their mileage(and congestion caused) is lower than normal car buyers who only have one car. Yet they are paying for the same COE, subjected to even higher ARF and road tax. *and to add on, this article's theory is flawed. I do not see why the Ferrari buyer is willing to pay $150k for a COE, when the market price is much lower. I also do not see ADs of super luxury bidding $150k for their clients, usually it is just a few k more to 'secure' it when the car is ready to register. Unless you create a special category for them? But didn't the regressive ARF already take care of that?
  4. Helbreath

    German cars: do you prefer BMW or Mercedes?

    I also wanna ask if money no problem, you prefer NA or TC engine? Now I believe the entire range in BMW or Merc is all TC. Very very few NA cars left in rest of market.
  5. Helbreath

    German cars: do you prefer BMW or Mercedes?

    I think that is a c63 black series
  6. Helbreath

    German cars: do you prefer BMW or Mercedes?

    I always see comments about the reliability of mercs and the unreliability of bmw. We have a BMW and two Mercs in the family, all bought in 2011 and mileage similar in the 40-50k km range. Up to the day the BMW warranty expired, it was flawless, never have a single problem and zero warranty repair or claims. I even have outside workshop look at the car before warranty ends but nothing to claim. The two mercs, multiple problems and claims under warranty, e.g. sensor replacement, issues with interior squeaking noise and leather QC issues. I will be interested to monitor what goes on after 3 years.
  7. Helbreath

    North South HW Deaths after Sepang Trip

    The tyre is Pirelli Trofeo, this one is considered semi-slick with limited wet grip? http://www.pirelli.com/tyre/ww/en/motorsport-world/sheet-motorsport/pzero_trofeo.html
  8. Helbreath

    Michelin PSC2 in racing

    I only know this is the stock tyre for the latest supercars: 991 GT3, 458 Speciale, 918 and LaFerrari.
  9. Helbreath

    Formula 1 Style Brake Lights

    The only car with this that is LTA frenly is the Ferrari F12.
  10. Helbreath

    Is V shaped engine better than normal ones?

    What about flat6? Why 911 use flat6.
  11. Helbreath

    COE - June Round 1 2014

    Toyota 86 only AUD30k+ there :(
  12. Helbreath

    SG300k 2nd car Super Sport Car ?

    Hopefully by end of the year
  13. Helbreath

    SG300k 2nd car Super Sport Car ?

    For 400k you can find a 997.2 GT3! Feels like a car you can keep forever.
  14. For a start maybe you can remb the witness's car model and color?
  15. Helbreath

    Rare 1st series car plates side by side

    I came across this plate EV11*** Given the fonts of the car plate, looks very much like EVII***