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  1. Evillusion

    Singapore Reckless Drivers part VII

    You know lar.....give way is a lose face situation for these drivers! Must always come on top in every situation......
  2. Evillusion

    What do you call the cloth covers used for SAF ID tags?

    My time the sop was cover the tags with black tapes when going for exercise.....thats all!
  3. Evillusion

    Lai liao, Azmin Ali is the the new Anwar?

    Rumours has it that atok94 had nothing to do with the plot, but a powerplay by someone in PHs leadership that was schemed by some of his top cadres. And of course being majority muslim, most malaysian will not want someone with such an inclination to run the country. Anwar is forever PM-in-waiting and Azmin will be a close 2nd to that......the only one to gain is without doubt Atok family with or without his involvement.
  4. Wah....4 mil! I think he will become a monk liao...
  5. sampai tua...not tuah. Tuah is short for luck....or Hang Tuah....
  6. This is true. We are tax on many things but yet we dont have any welfare system. Not saying i supports welfarism but come on.......everything is tax (some very high) and the money is supposed to be for our next gen....but since there is no welfare benefits for our gen or the next, the question is, which 'next gen' will ultimately get to use and benefit from from all those savings? Can say 'next gen never comes'....
  7. Evillusion

    Posting photos

    Mcf lor......
  8. Evillusion

    Taxi driver post video of drunk girl with no money

  9. Evillusion

    Taxi driver post video of drunk girl with no money

    we know lar....when you get this kind of customers.....20 bucks fare can be replaced with a b....
  10. Evillusion

    Singapore Reckless Drivers part VII

    Register on line! I not Malaysian or Thai....so i have no idea of what happened if they forget to register on line.https://www.onemotoring.com.sg/content/onemotoring/home/driving/entering_and_exiting_singapore/cars-and-motorcycles-registered-in-malaysia.html
  11. Evillusion

    Singapore Reckless Drivers part VII

    i didnt know malaysian vehicle needs an okay from lta to enter sg! I thought they only need to pay the various fees and tax for entry....
  12. Evillusion

    Posting photos

    your cuz, the other count didnt do a good job har?