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  1. Phluvcat

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    Mine is to the side of the rearview mirror some distance into the tinted zone. Dun think it matter much. The abangs that morning already quite zi dong.
  2. Phluvcat

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    Cos I reach about 4 mah 🤣
  3. Phluvcat

    Who like cats?

    Another handsome cat at another 24Jam McDonald's 😘😘😘
  4. Phluvcat

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    Today zero jam but the uncle at sg custom super turtle, then can't even extend his hands for the passports.
  5. A lot of my colleagues still of the notion hard car is better. I say the hard car can take the impact but also transfer to the passengers. A properly designed chasis disintegrate in all direction to disperse impact force instead of sucking it to the occupants amd leaving the survival cell more or less intact. End of the day when kanna accident you want to still admire your car very solid and durable need little money repair or to ensure your jelly body and organs dun get dislodged in your body.
  6. Yeah man will be leaving early morning. I rather lose sleep than waste time stuck in the jam 😁
  7. I going in 14 Sep morning to do VEP since I going JB anyway. Hope the jam not so bad by then.
  8. Phluvcat

    Formula One 2019

    Ferrari low down force concept hurts their tyres but good for some tracks, like the next one at Monza.
  9. Phluvcat

    Sharing of Good Jokes

  10. Phluvcat

    Unusual or rare cars

  11. Phluvcat

    Formula One 2019

    Actually the wingman I refer to Bottas. I dun expect Albon to be one.
  12. Phluvcat

    Formula One 2019

    But he is a good wingman 😁😁😁
  13. Phluvcat

    Formula One 2019

    F1 summer break is over!!! Honda bringing Spec 4 to Spa 💪💪💪 Never mention about aerodynamic updates though. Traditionally Ferrari stronghold, let's see the gap to Ferrari and Mercs.
  14. Some more double up as crumple zone or attenuator.