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  1. Johnny Two Thumb is good. Haha....i did my tats there many years ago. :)
  2. Gotten this from AROC...someone posted this. (I did not indicate the number plate. Number do look familiar): Sorry for coming to your forum and rant about a fellow driver who drove recklessly. Yesterday morning at around 5.50am, this either sleepy or drunk Alfa was driving on AYE near Normanton Park. He was on Lane 2 but when a Civic in front overtook him, he was seen swerving right then left. Thought he had woken up and then it was my turn but this time, the fool swerved more to the right as I was beside him! He was driving around 70km/h and I was on cruise control at 90km/h. Had to do e-Brake on this guy. Honked him to wake up or sober him up... then he just swerved and avoided me by recklessly swerving to lane 3 for awhile and then he just sped off up to probably 100+km/h! I lost him when he sped off like that... not that I was in the mood to chase him after he almost ran me off the road! Anybody knows this guy? Please talk some sense into him. I was about to call TP and report him and let them call him in. But he's probably slept it off and sobered up. Please, if you are too sleepy or drunk- get a taxi or something. Don't trouble others or worse, kill someone. BTW- both my father and brother used to own Alfas... years ago.
  3. DelleIII

    Alfa Romeo Giulietta

    This should give u a better picture of how "soul and passion" started: http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showtopic=2652228
  4. DelleIII

    Alfa Romeo Giulietta

    I think u should read the whole thread then you will understand what chrispie is talking about in terms of "soul & passion" before jumping to conclusion. :)
  5. Wah....Mr Mito chasing 370Z.... Lol. Anyway, great run guys! Enjoyed the high speed run in heavy rain... Next time let's do seafood dinner perhaps? Haha...going to dreamland now.
  6. A lot of fast cars...mine will be slowest among all..
  7. Wah...Mav, auto insert ah...lol. Will try to make it bro...need to find walkie to standby if I can go.
  8. Haha...okok, tentative but will definitely try to make it.
  9. Wah....i think i will cancel my event in the morning to join this run...i need to clear my CARBON!
  10. Haha...just saw Mr Mini with his top down at PIE...
  11. It's norm to have stone chips...my bella also developed more pimples over time travelling up North. Unless you put the "transparent bra" perhaps? Hehe
  12. Lol, will sms me if can make it. Some event to attend.
  13. DelleIII

    Alfa 147 - A Decade...

    I reckon the height could be due to the B6 Absorbers. I checked the web and B6 are meant for stock springs and B8 are for lowering springs but whatever it is, will change to Konis. Affordable I should say, cost around $700 ish compared to other brands... KW V3 is Damping and Rebound adjustable but can't find the right settings and softest still feel as harsh... Whole car interior rattles as if they are all falling off any time...definitely not an enjoyable ride for daily driving hence the change.
  14. DelleIII

    Alfa 147 - A Decade...

    Eibach with Bilstein B6....may consider Koni Sport. Previous on KW Variant 3...too stiff for my liking and not practical for city driving..
  15. DelleIII

    Alfa 147 - A Decade...

    TUV certification is for Europe Spec. Japanese they call it Jasma Cert. As Bertocci Is new and LTA may not have this brand in their database. Well, all you need is to submit the Jasma Cert, Exhaust Company Certification (Spec Indication) of your Exhaust including the receipt and manual where applicable. Then go STA and submit the application for approval. This may take hours or in some cases, days. Best to contact LTA first for more info.