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  1. Turismo9

    2015 Forester 2.0

    Thanks bro
  2. Turismo9

    2015 Forester 2.0

    Hi kc, Can share which online website u bought from?
  3. Turismo9

    2015 Forester 2.0

    No. Not from hwa yang. It's from another dealer. A black fxt. thanks Bro.
  4. Turismo9

    2015 Forester 2.0

    Hi guys, I'm Going to confirm a deal with a used fxt. Just to check if anyone know if there's any website link to print the owners manual?
  5. Turismo9

    2015 Peugeot 308SW

    It should be 108,888 if u visit them. The list price shown in the paper buey zhun one...
  6. Turismo9

    2015 Peugeot 308SW

    Bro kasiao, it's for 17" with pilot sport tires.
  7. Turismo9

    2015 Peugeot 308SW

    Like u, I also have test drove the astra sport tourer 1.0t and the 1.4t. The 1.0t simply cmi imo (pai seh if I offended any opel bro). Gear change is unpredictable and not enough torque. But then the 1.4t is totally different. Smoother gear change and good torque but then is at least 10k more than 308sw. Now dunno want to go back Japanese route or angmo route. My current altis still got 2yrs to go...
  8. Turismo9

    2015 Peugeot 308SW

    Hi bros, I seldom post in mcf but has been following this thread. Just to share that price of the 308sw is 108,888 now. 5yrs warranty and 3yrs free servicing. Surprisingly the power is quite sufficient coming from the 1.2 puretech engine car. I'm still in considering stage now...
  9. Turismo9

    Subaru owner`s ?

    1) Peter, Impreza Ts1.6 (Auto) 2) Calvin, Impreza 1.6 (Auto) 3) Wei , WRX 5D 2.5 4) Wil , Forester SG5 2.0XT 5) Shaun, Hawkeye WRX 2.5 6) Sunny , MY07 7) Heng, Impreza 1.5 Sedan (Auto) 8) Liang, Legacy 2011 2.5 GT 9) Eric, Impreza 5D 2.0RS (Auto) 10) mllcg, GC8 11) Steve ,MY07 jdm atrex 12) Gabriel, Impreza TS1.6 (Auto) 13) Xtravagant, Impreza TS (man) 14) calvin 07 Impreza 1.6 TS 15) LiL553 (Kelvin), Impreza 1.6 (Auto) 16) Jeremyneo, impreza ts 1.6 (auto) 17) mr_pee, MY05 2.0 STI 18) Elmo, MY05 TS 1.6 (manual) 19) oreo, MY07 STI 20) Melvin, Impreza Ts 1.6 (Manual) 21) Johnny, Impreza 1.5AT sedan 22) sbu7360, Impreza 2.0 S-gt 23) ad23, MY07 STI 24) turismo9, legacy 2.0GT
  10. nice mp3.5 i remember last time someone or dunoe which wkshop is selling this frontlip. The bumper itself is the mazdaspeed protege sprt design.
  11. u all two not fated to meet lah
  12. The mac still around.
  13. Ya, still playing badminton. So, hows ur little princess? Must be cute eh?? U still driving the verna? Ya, lets arrange for kopi one of these days.
  14. 323 have to be rev a bit to maintain good pickup. Revving to 3000rpm is quite normal for pickup from traffic lights. I'm not sure yours is manual or auto but last itme my auto one was 2800rpm@100km/h. Now my this fd4 is just 2000rpm@100km/h. No. of gears, ratio & final drive play a part.
  15. Ok, I "believe" u r driving a normal colt