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  1. Rayong

    2017 Hyundai i30

    damper oils, seal found leaking.. replaced fixed the issue. but dued to oils spills to the belt.. while making teip to batu pahat on deepavali .the belt start to deterate.. managed to found next by w.shop to replaced the alternator belt.. lucky to hav spare part supplier on holiday season..
  2. Rayong

    2017 Hyundai i30

    today fix, new twin horn for 3rd gen i30,. to discover the underneath engine bay . protecting pans full of oils, stain...
  3. Rayong

    2017 Hyundai i30

    hyundai i30.,any kaki dismentled to discover the engine prote, ting underneath cover hav oils stain. flooded almost the, entire plastic pan