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  1. Finished watching all 10 episodes. Honestly think that season 1 is still the best
  2. Youth92

    Why did you chose you current HDB flat ?

    Reading through the latest pages of this thread reminds me of my successful SBF (Sale of Balance Flats) exercise recently. I entered the Nov 2018 SBF exercise hoping to get a BTO which is scheduled to be ready sometime in 2020/2021. Applying a BTO-BTO wasnt the choice for me as I would only be able to get my keys around 2023. As I needed to collect my keys around 2020/2021, SBF-BTO was the way to go for me. I applied under the Married Child Parent Scheme (MCPS) and was lucky enough to obtain queue position number 1* out of 77 units of flats on offer. Based on some of the posts listed above, yes, the estate and room type will have to be selected during the application of the SBF exercise. For example, if I have opted for a 5-room SBF unit in Sengkang, in relation to my case, it would mean that I can pick 1 among the 77 5-room units in Sengkang and I am number 1* in the queue. I have been monitoring the SBF and Re-offer of Balance Flats (ROF) exercises since early 2018 hoping to get a BTO of my choice (estate, number of rooms, price and completion date were my considerations). The first few exercises were a bit demoralizing as none matched my requirements. Only the ones listed in SBF Nov 2018 caught my eye and here I am waiting to sign the agreement for lease. Fyi, SBF and ROF are launched together with fresh BTO exercises every 3 or 4 months. SBF and ROF will be launched alternately. For example, as May 2019 compromises of BTO + SBF exercise, Sep 2019 will compromise of BTO + ROF exercise. Hope I have cleared a doubt or 2 for those who are currently going through this journey. Happy selecting!
  3. Youth92

    2020 8th Generation Hyundai Sonata

    Tail lights reminds me abit of S90 + current civic
  4. Youth92

    What Did You Makan Today PT 6

    I concur. I thought that looks more like ayam kurma lol. Ayam bakar doesnt have gravy
  5. My personal favourites (not in numerical order) 1) money heist 2) bodyguard 3) designated survivor 4) the inmate
  6. A' posh bizhub at Yishun. I had to pay security in cash instead zz
  7. Youth92

    Halal food to recommend for muslim friends

    The first few that will come to mind: 1) Noosh noodle restaurant at Esplanade area 2) Ichikokudo ramen at Suntec 3) 21 on rajah at Days hotel (buffet) Hope this helps.
  8. Youth92

    What Did You Makan Today PT 5

    Wedding at holiday inn orchard?
  9. Youth92

    Honda Passport, reborn

    Totally reminds me of Forester
  10. Youth92

    Car fragrance

    So far my number 1 choice is to get a car fragrant from bath and body works. Average life span about 3 weeks for me as car is parked outdoors when in im working
  11. Youth92

    How do they call this ?

    I think it's called quick release. something along that line. I stand corrected tho
  12. Youth92

    Makan in Thailand

    Reading this thread makes me miss Thailang. Kid teung mak mak! Not sure if spelling is right, tho. loll. Definitely a subscriber to this thread
  13. Youth92

    Random Pics Of Your Car

    Yup. Needed the bigger boot space especially when ferrying with wheelchair
  14. Youth92

    Random Pics Of Your Car

    This To this Now this My humble contribution.
  15. Youth92

    KIA Stinger GT

    Spotted one a couple of days ago