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  1. Gearoil

    Heartbreaking story of acountry we no longr call home

    Serves the Sinkie right... everytime I post something ....as a hint to wake them up ..they argue, report and flame back... Ppl here that run the forum termed it as political... 10 years ago...I calculated that those who had reached a earning of $3000 per month with a small family will have difficulty coping especially if they had older parents and even siblings who they had to look after... How could I be wrong... Even with much larger amount of money earned per month...I could see the expenditure involved and the increased inflation that would need to be factored in. Plus the type of ruling system that collect $$ anywhere from every little corner makes the place expensive for business ( which will pass on the cost) to operate and the outrageous medical cost if one need quality medical care. Sinkland inflation cost is not felt after over a few years to make a difference... It only takes a few months here... I think most Sinkie deserve to suffer their own fate....and cannot say...life has been unfair to them... they got only themselves to blame...
  2. Gearoil

    Oslo FreedomForum CEO 2 LHL-allow Chee to speak in Oslo

    With the c.c list so long.. The LHL will probably p.c.c first... Shoot first...ask questions or reply later!
  3. Gearoil

    Things/People you are thankful about

    I thank the MIWs to keep upping the inflation rate... Morons like you... can suffer... but who cares.. right?
  4. Gearoil

    1 cent very big you know!!

    You don't get it do you? It shows how farked-up your gov is....money minded...farked up procedures...and definitely robotic morons who do not know what to do....logically... despite their high high pay.... And your Master said...he'll change.. yeah...for the worse!...
  5. Gearoil

    Do you find this ridiculous ?

    GF? I thought you said you were a girl...then.. Had a sex change? or was a Lesbian? I know you have been flip flopping about your gender.. but then who cares?
  6. Gearoil

    Do you find this ridiculous ?

    Who knows?.. He might perfer the FL league.. And you can't do anything about it... except when he confides in you that he need to see the doctor later.. for something..
  7. Gearoil

    Credit Bureau Report ...

    I think you are the one ...who can't read or get meaning from the postings here to you.. You are living a lifestyle ...way out of your financial means...which is why you are loaning here and covering there...then Pay all your debts .. COMPLETELY... and change your habits and lifestyle to avoid ever to do things like those in the past... Avoid loans except housing...do without the car.....save the money.. Don't come here...especially to this forum to put your blame on this and that... It won't help you or be help to you in any issue..not only in regard to money related ones....
  8. Gearoil

    Do you find this ridiculous ?

    Early Sex or late sex education make little difference..if at all.. It all boils down to a healthy...happy family unbringing....with family lifestyle not hampered by religious, financial or relationship etc problems.. And I can see.. many here.. did not have it when they were growing up...
  9. Gearoil

    Do you find this ridiculous ?

    And warn him if he wants to screw... make sure he had checked her I.C first...photo copied it... and avoid places to screw... that has the number .. 81...
  10. Gearoil

    Which will you be more upset?

    The son will be the one with more grief... .... sitting in jail after knowing it was his own parents that failed in their duty to inculcate the right values in him! ================================================================ Need a good quality mirror?........I know of a place that sells them..
  11. Gearoil

    Man fined S$3,000 for setting neighbour's cat on fire

    I hope the same type of person like Mr Chua you know... Got tired of your talking and doze petrol onto you the same way that he did to the cat.. After that..I sure you will have a different view of ppl like Mr Chua.. ================================================================ A Sinkie trait...cannot empathize the issue until the SAME issue happen to him and he ask others to empathised him!
  12. Gearoil

    Teacher pleads guilty to caning maid repeatedly

    You have not met those Sinkie women who had sex...many times? They could be 100 times worse! Now when did the issue of having had sex or not...equate to bad behavior in ppl? Now you men need to think with your BIG HEADS instead of the small ones..
  13. Gearoil

    Expat telling SG to leave OUR OWN land

    There is some imporant correction to your definition of a Sinkie... A person who does nothing but whine and bixtch about the country and political system in any and every possible opportunity and eventually accepts the shxt and gets screwed every now and then but considers it a Godsend, whenever his Master tells him that he needed to be screwed for his own good.
  14. Gearoil

    Teacher pleads guilty to caning maid repeatedly

    How you know? You kenna similiar..is it? Told you.. Sinkie women don't even ...go near them.... let alone marry one! But Sinkie men... don't want to listen... after kenna it.. cow peh...cow bu...
  15. Gearoil

    Expat telling SG to leave OUR OWN land

    Nobody got the right...NOT EVEN FTs... to... FARK and criticise Sinkie... EXCEPT... ME!