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  1. Kb27

    Amazing Huawei Mate 30 - Its Coming Soon

    I thought most phones have. Just go to the (picture) file and see details, date and time stamped. And of cuz you can also tag location
  2. I watched Amazon Prime Sneaky Pete. It's quite absorbing. Great show.
  3. Kb27

    Electric Toothbrush

    What I observed is that : Oral B - oscillates left down, up right and vice versa. There's also some holes on the head, presumably for water to escape. Philips - just go straight left, right, left, right. I drip water over the brush and it's quite obvious, the water spray swing left and right. This head does not have holes. I used the Philips toothbrush and the compatible for a few months now. They appear to last a long time, much longer than Oral B. Perhaps, it's the bristle movement that plays a part.
  4. Kb27

    Donald Trump US President: The next 4 years

    Michael Bolton is out ..oops John Bolton. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-49655279
  5. It's called Klang Valley for a reason, smog get in, don't come out.😄 https://www.malaymail.com/news/malaysia/2019/09/11/rompin-goes-red-as-klang-valley-chokes-on-haze/1789322 Rompin goes red as Klang Valley chokes on haze
  6. Kb27

    Prius+ vs Touran

    If you want reliability, it's safer to stay with Toyota. Conti car parts are generally more expensive, not bcuz they are better, but simply bcuz they are more expensive. So you need to have deeper pockets or are willing to spend more time in a workshop.
  7. Now is the good chance, both men can race each other inside jail. See who can run faster to the toilet
  8. Kb27

    AI - Job Killer?

    According to sci-fi, a real AI will become sentient It will be self-replicating, self-repairing, self-sufficient, and be able to source and secure its own future. In the end, it will decide mankind is inefficient, anti-social, polluting, blah, blah, blah.. and should be wiped off the face of the earth. And don't worry about your jobs. You won't be around to need one.
  9. Kb27

    Start review of caning in schools

    Why need to cane ? Threats of suspensions and getting kicked out of school will do the trick.
  10. Kb27

    Black Bean Curd 黑豆干

    Black bean curd should be made from black soya bean, not black turtle bean. Apparently : In the West, black bean = black turtle bean In the East, black bean = black soya bean
  11. To reduce demand for public transport, we have to INCREASE the fare. Just like everything else. And yeah, you voted for it.
  12. Kb27

    NSFW: What happened to Cheryl Tay

    Wow. wrong click. Title should say NSFW
  13. DNC only regulates legitimate business, stopped them from texting or calling you. Illegitimate or illegal business, they will refer you to police (black hole).
  14. The fact is: You are encouraged to sue your parents for an overseas U education, not the basic primary or secondary schooling. Is there something not terribly wrong here ?
  15. We should be allowed to sue the gahmen for not giving us free U education.