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  1. Furrynadz

    New Renault Megane - very 3 series

    u noe the dual mass flywheel for this engine alway ko and the EDC is the same problematic dual clutch getrag as ford right good luck to buyers
  2. Furrynadz

    Subaru Outback ...any comments

    SLE 7745 U anyone here?
  3. Furrynadz

    Audi/V.W. engine oil comsumption.

    the key is use correct oil spec, even better if u do 5k with C3 spec oil a lot workshop just use fake c or s brand oil or other rubbish lexus/middle east variety packaging oil or start using 50/60 wt to "stop leak" but all its doing it sticking a thicker and thicker dildo up your a**hole and making the crack bigger and consume more at the piston rings
  4. 6AT aisin is the best creamy smooth , maybe cos i also service every 20k gbox oil
  5. Furrynadz

    Michelin Pilot Sport 4

    ok my bad its not scouring pad its STEEL WOOL
  6. Furrynadz

    3rd Generation Volkswagen Touran

    the wiper will adjust its resting position every few "parking" either up or down from the control line, to maintain the shape/edge of the blade its very good design, wiper last damn long and not out of shape blade
  7. Furrynadz

    Audi/V.W. engine oil comsumption.

  8. Furrynadz

    Michelin Pilot Sport 4

    lol wait till u see the worker using SCOURING PAD AND FUKIN DESTOY MY MONTHS OLD super well maintain rash free oz made me sell the god damn rims off cheap
  9. Furrynadz

    Audi/V.W. engine oil comsumption.

    letting go my solid workhorse at 9+ yrs later today not a single drop of engine oil consume, 176k mileage solid shit
  10. basically race mode 24/7 la no comment choose other car
  11. the one with automatic which is both their ads all rubbish peugeot locally never use etg, always automatic
  12. letting go intended De-registration Date:31 Dec 2016 Vehicle Make: VOLKSWAGEN Vehicle Model: PASSAT 2LFSI Primary Colour: Grey Manufacturing Year: 2007 Maximum Power Output: 110.0 kW (147 bhp) Open Market Value: $30,089.00 Original Registration Date: 31 Aug 2007 First Registration Date: 31 Aug 2007 Actual ARF Paid: $33,098.00 Intended PARF Rebate Details PARF Eligibility: Yes PARF Eligibility Expiry Date: 30 Aug 2017 PARF Rebate Amount: $16,549.00 Intended COE Rebate Details COE Expiry Date: 30 Aug 2017 COE Category: B - Car (1601cc & above) COE Period(Years): 10 QP Paid: $16,010.00 COE Rebate Amount: $1,063.00 Total Rebate Amount: $17,612.00 very well maintained, problem free with 6 speed Aisin gearbox engine oil changed every 2-3 month or 4000km-5000km no oil consumption mileage 176k, daily driven rebate at end of coe : Total Rebate Amount: $16,549.00 whatapp 85487177
  13. Furrynadz

    2nd Generation Peugeot 3008

    http://wardsauto.com/engines/psa-dongfeng-co-develop-new-ev-platform-2019 this should underpin 208 (next gen), citroen c3, 2008..etc basically anything on the old PF1 (platform 1)