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  1. Evap valve damage causing the error code
  2. I suspect that for my case also .... only last few days even my engine is off the fan is still on then about 5 minutes later it is off . Then the day before the error code is out , the fan is silent , so I am not sure too
  3. Bro , thanks ...I leaving it for the WS to diagnose & this error code also very general ...
  4. Thanks bro, anyway sent to workshop Liao ... and call it a day ... I thought I might find some information from here at least
  5. Peugeot Loh ....207cc & RCZ ... so far RCZ no such issues ; finger crossed
  6. Mai like that leh ..... morning drive to work Kanna thisverror at dashboard ..... search in forum , can’t find this thread .... got so lucky meh
  7. Hello , any1 have come across this faulty before ? Anti-pollution system faulty .. please advise
  8. Winning

    Michelin Pilot Sport 4

    I go south east tyre . U can call and ask . Very good services . Explain to me too
  9. Winning

    Petrol Price Movement in Singapore

    This is the reason they increase the price to justify the increase
  10. Winning

    Petrol Price Movement in Singapore

    If everyone can Boycott the petrol kiosks islandwide for 1 week, price should drop . Tough to make it happens
  11. Winning

    Peugeot Owner please come in..

    The servicing is expensive , and I always need to send in twice after servicing with AD . They tell me wear and tear right after their servicing so guys do take note of this ... So any recommendations which workshop you send for servicing outside ?
  12. Winning

    Any lifespan for tyres?

    Thanks for the advice, I just change to PS4 last sat. Much smoother compare to my previous ride on PS3
  13. Winning

    Any lifespan for tyres?

    Ya , time to change Loh...
  14. Winning

    Any lifespan for tyres?

    I realised my tyres are 5212 . So now is 2017, must change my tyres soon .... . I change in 2014. Did not check when buying .... Life span of tyres using is 6 years for Michelin ?