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  1. Nikelashi

    Accident video

    Happened at BKE exit to Woodlands Ave 3. Heavy truck clearly beat the lights, resulting in an accident with a taxi. Sent video to CDG. Don't know what the hell the truck driver is thinking.
  2. Nikelashi

    3 drivers blind to red light

    Happened in front of Princess Elizabeth Primary, Bt Batok. Truck and taxi conveniently rolled across the red lights... i thought small case never mind, the third one lagi best. almost knock down the indian guy. got all 3 vehicle numbers, sending all to TP! it's the start of the lunar 7th month, whether driver or pedestrian, stay safe and drive safe everyone!
  3. Nikelashi

    Roundabout rules: was NTUC right?

    agree with you if that is a normal roundabout. but the roundabout where the accident happened has clear demarcation of lanes and directional arrows. it is similar to the Suntec roundabout, where you can only exit from the left most lane. all 3 lanes are for going straight, with the 3rd lane (outer most) having a choice to turn left to exit the roundabout. if a car wants to exit from the 2nd lane, the car on the 3rd lane, who is going straight, will have the right of way. i think in this case, there's nothing to do with the rules of a roundabout. it is purely a case on whether TS's wife did follow the direction arrows.
  4. Nikelashi

    Roundabout rules: was NTUC right?

    i used "illegally" because many cars just assume that cars on the left most lane are exiting, so they can also exit safely. but if the cars dont exit and continue the roundabout, accidents as per this case happens. i really hope they would place a TP there to issue summon. pardon me, but i really hate those cars going ahead to "cut the queue." expanding the PIE won't solve the problem effectively. i think the more effective way is like how LTA did to Jurong Town Hall Road, how they filter the cars going into AYE (ECP) and west coast highway. there's no way to cut the queue.
  5. Nikelashi

    Roundabout rules: was NTUC right?

    perhaps, but a double lane exit would definitely aid the flow of the cars exiting, rather than a single lane exit. unless the majority of the cars want to exit to west coast road instead of the highway. i think partially it's because too many cars are exiting illegally from the right lane, which is in this case. LTA may have changed the arrow markings to prevent such accidents from happening again.
  6. Nikelashi

    Roundabout rules: was NTUC right?

    assuming that the accident has occurred a while ago, i think NTUC is right and the red car should assume full liability. i use that roundabout quite often. before LTA made the changes recently and if i remember correctly, the arrow marking on the outer lane of the roundabout is a straight or left turn, i.e. cars on the left most lane can choose to continue around the roundabout or exit it. that being said, cars cannot exit from the right lane. i remember this because it annoys me when cars "cut queue" by exiting the roundabout from the right lane when there is only one legal exiting lane, which is the left lane. it is only the recent changes to the arrows, i noticed that cars on the left lane must exit and cars on the right have the choice of continuing or exiting the roundabout.
  7. Nikelashi

    3 drivers blind to red light

    yea, got the last car's plate number and sent it to TP. that last one really too much. manually recorded them down, not so zai to have those video editing software
  8. Nikelashi

    3 drivers blind to red light

    didn't slow the video down, i was indeed travelling at a very slow speed because of the lorry. 30kmh at the most. cant send the undoctored version too, gmail has attachment size limit.
  9. Nikelashi

    Sonata NF or Cefiro

    yea, nissan's steering is very light. but hyundai's macam no power steering. more feeling but need more strength.
  10. Nikelashi

    Sonata NF or Cefiro

    i have experience driving a 2006 sonata and a 2013 teana, both 2.0 NA, sonata 4-spd while teana cvt. bhp on the sonata wins teana, totally no fight even though it's 7 years older. and teana wins sonata in terms of ride comfort and handling. i think hyundai's power steering still has lots to improve, very very stiff compared to nissan's. cant compare much on their reliability because the sonata is >7-yr-old...
  11. Nikelashi

    Is there a name for these (rear) red lights?

    Switching on of rear fog lights isn't illegal, but there are some regulations from LTA: Fog lights
  12. I just changed to new brake pads, front & rear. After changing, there're 2 new sounds. One is like TS's - very soft, high pitch sound - which goes off after driving for a while. Another sound is low pitch creaking sound, alike to a door hinge that needs oiling. This sound comes on whenever I depress the brakes, and especially when going over bump surface (e.g. humps) with the brakes depressed. What could be the cause of both sounds? Appreciate any advice so that I won't go to the workshop and get chopped. Thanks!
  13. Nikelashi

    Changing tyres

    I agree. I'm now on XM2 and I think it's slippery comparatively. I got not much to compare with, but only Toyo C1S which I was previously using, and Bridgestone ER300 (Nissan stock). Comparing to that 2 tyres, XM2 is really quiet and comfortable. But it doesn't give as much grip, dry or wet. I think it's suitable if you're a slow and relax driver, otherwise I wouldn't recommend XM2. Personal experience: the tyres skidded a little when I braked hard while negotiating a bend. It was a blind spot and there were some obstacles on the other side. ABS wasn't activated though, and there's only less than 20,000km on the tyres. Hope it helps.
  14. Nikelashi

    How to negotiate a blind spot

    I think many of us take it for granted and move off whenever the lights turn amber or red. I remember my driving instructor specifically told me to move off only when the green arrow comes on, which I always do since the muah-chee accident. Must remember there's this lag time when the lights turn red and when the green arrow comes on, some buffer time for air-holes like the one in the video. Drive safe!
  15. Nikelashi

    Asking Auto gear drivers

    You just have to follow the pattern, like in your pic, pull the gear to the right then downwards. I believe in most cars, you need to step on your brakes before you can "release" the gear from P. Otherwise, there's this locking mechanism that prevents you from shifting away from P.
  16. Nikelashi

    Accident video

    I think they do have these speed limiters, not sure about heavy vehicles but I know coaches have them. But I spoke to a few bus drivers before (last time in NS got these coaches to ferry us) and they told me that they will disable the limiters, otherwise they would definitely be unable to meet the timings to pick passengers.
  17. Nikelashi

    New car can anyhow chiong

    To the Honda City driver, justice will be done for you! Video is sent to the TP. To the Mazda driver, there is ample space for you to cut in behind my car, as well as in front. But you chose to cut dangerously in front of the City. Please be safe on the road!
  18. Nikelashi

    New car can anyhow chiong

    yea, probably my in-car camera have been used for more than its intended purpose. But times have changed, the roads have been a lot more dangerous than a decade ago. The police cannot be everywhere every time. I'll leave it the TP to decide whether that act warrants a fine. All I know is, I have done my part as a road user in attempt to make the road a safer place for myself, my loved ones, and all other users. I will not wait till the day when such drivers cause an accident, then complain against them. It will probably be too late, isn't it?
  19. Nikelashi

    New car can anyhow chiong

    Ehhh, maybe I have typed in a way it's easily misinterpreted. I meant that justice will be done for the City driver. The City driver did no wrong, the Mazda did. The Mazda cut in in a very dangerous manner, the City driver had to swerve significantly to avoid an accident.
  20. Nikelashi

    XM2 Michelin

    I changed to XM2 a couple months back, if I remember correctly I got it for $190 for that size. Never tried GR90 before, but XM2 is good so far. Just that I don't think the tyres handle wet surface as well as my previous Toyo Proxy tyres. Somehow it doesn't give me that same level of confidence.
  21. Nikelashi

    SG Navy accident

    I reckon it's way bigger than that...the ropes involved are for securing the ship to the pier, just imagine the diameter of the rope being a few inches thick. I'm sure the SAF will be able to provide him and his family with adequate compensation.
  22. Nikelashi

    Beat red light again!

    Uncle driving an old school dark blue Mercedes beat the red lights at the junction of Bt Batok East Ave 2 and East Ave 3. When the cars horned at him, he showed the finger. I didn't manage to catch his VRN, but I think I saw "SCE..." Anyone out there has some super power video-editing software which can hopefully see his plate number? Otherwise, is there anything I can do to report him?
  23. Nikelashi

    GR90 or CSC5

    Am I right to say that if a set of tyres screech when turning, it probably means that it has lesser traction compared to another set turning at the same speed, same radius and everything else equal?
  24. Nikelashi

    GR90 or CSC5

    I'm staying away from Yokohama. I had bad experience with Yoko tyres, it skids when I brake hard on rainy days (old car, so no ABS ), and it was a rather new set of tyres. After doing some research, I realised that it wasn't only me who thinks Yoko has very bad traction. Well, I might be wrong but I'll not put my life in this gamble anymore!
  25. Nikelashi

    Always be alert when driving.

    Everyone should just give TS a break la. Honestly, we are not all-angel drivers who keep to the speed limit of 50 or 70 kmh on normal roads, keep a distance of 2s on the expressway. While we blame others for all the violations, we know best ourselves whether we violate them or not. There are times where we start to become complacent and overconfidence, and sometimes we need such near-miss incidents, hopefully not accidents, to keep our complacency in check. As for TS, I think what you might have missed or misjudged is the motorcyclist. If I were the Fit driver, I think I would have stopped as well. Have to consider that hard braking for motorbikes is so much more dangerous than cars, the probability of them losing control is higher than in a car.