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    Tires for avante in JB

    try tyrepac, they have lots of promotions lately. Just got 2 from them recently.
  2. Scorpico

    Kumho dealers

    go check binter site. i think www.binter.com.sg. They are the master agent for Kumho
  3. Already planned a family trip up the highland going from 19 - 22 Nov. We are probably going to start driving early morning of 19 Nov 9 (ard 3 am) reach KL around morning, stop for makan, then proceed on to Cameron. Booked the Hilltop bungalow at Tanah Ratah. Anyone interested to join the driving?
  4. Scorpico

    Hows the new Shell petrol?

    Driving a Wish, used to be able to achieve 11+ KM/L. Now with almost half tank of Fuelsave 98, the mileage dropped to 10+ only, power wise, almost the same as SPC or bolehland petrol (Petronas or Esso)
  5. Scorpico

    Is it just my luck?

    Unfortunately most agents always sign an "exclusive sell" clause with the sellers which lock them in to the transaction, whether or not the agent provided the services leading to the successful transaction. So even if you look up the owner separately, there is no guarantee that the owner wants to deal with you. For owners who do not sign an exclusive sell agreement, agents normally gloss over them or use their units to highlight others which they have an agreement with. Sometimes even providing unrealistic market prices to these owners so that their units seem unattractive and pricey compared to those who have signed up with the agent. Getting a place is all hard work really. When I was looking for a place years back, I actually went to the particular neighborhood I wanted and talked to the everyone I see there if they/their friends are interested to sell (it helped that I was originally staying nearby too). This is perhaps the only way to really bypass agents. As for paperwork and process, its really nothing. HDB procedures are mostly online today, getting Q number is no longer a prerogative with the agencies and HDB even conduct monthly resale seminars to teach potential buyers/sellers.
  6. Scorpico

    Car Curtains

    try Mustafa - they have a lot of ready made curtains for cars; just use 3M tape to stick