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  1. Sayang

    Do you give your wife allowances regularly?

    to add, good thing is my partner is more calculative than I am, he handles the finances. I settle my own bills, insurance, my shopping. I dont interfere in what he spends on since he is more NIAO than I am. I trust that he stretches his dollar more.
  2. Sayang

    Do you give your wife allowances regularly?

    When I ws getting married, I ask for allowance from my partner, but he refused stating that since I work, I wouldnt need any. He pays for most if not all the stuff at home. I pay for my own expenditure. I was only earning half of what he earns back then. Additionally, I contributed 800 into our joint account every month. After contribution, I find that I could not save as much as I like to, so I stopped contributing after 2 yrs. Now 7 years later I earn the same as my partner, I dont ask for allowance but neither do I contribute. Stuff I pay for are enrichment and tuiton classes for our children. Everything esle, my partner pays. Not sure if this is fair, of course I hope my partner pays for everything and yet give me an allowance, as a token
  3. Sayang

    Are Singaporean workers... expensive & entitled?

    I hope you are serious about your post, you will teach your kids this? If so, I think many parents will be very happy. One less competitor. On a serious note. My mother is like this.. and did not harbor high expectations on both me and my bro when we were young.. But me and my bro turn out differently. My bro is way laidback and not accomplished much though he is in his 30s. Im better off, though could do better. My partner's family, parents were strict and higher expectations on the children. But turned out.. doing soso.. not high flyer. :P So depends on situation, can't blame parents, though they play some part. I am naturally more competitive and since young, love the smell of $$. So at every school holiday, find chance to take up temp job to earn more. My bro on the other hand, relak.. He does not drive, and not aspiring to own his own property/car/assets. Still staying with parents. Strawberry anot? He is in his early 30s.
  4. Sayang

    Are Singaporean workers... expensive & entitled?

    My FIL (father in law), his father came to SG, worked hard and managed to make enough to have a family of 8. From what I know, back then in the 50s, 60s, he brought his wife over, as a shrewd investor, bought many properties. He had 7 children, mix of boy and girls, when they were adults, before marriage, boys given each a property, girls get over 50k cash. This was in the 60s. Each boy had their own car as well. Since he was not educated himself, he did not stress the importance of education, so most of his children only completed o levels at most. Apparently back then this was enough to secure a decent job. Sadly, non of his children acquired his enterprising spirit, and the $$ lasted barely over 1 generation. After grandparents died, my FIL generation, most if not all lived a middle income life. All did not do well investing and some lost the property given to them. (Some were rentals) Maybe, middle to low, none of them are staying in big hses, driving big cars. I always had this belief that all parents want their children to exceed them.. .. as in my kids should and will do better then myself. But seeing this story just stirs my doubts.
  5. Sayang

    Amazon Free Shipping to SG >$125 & Good buys

    so end up, teh cost of the honeywell purifier, must add another $50 to the price.. :( for the transformer
  6. Sayang

    Amazon Free Shipping to SG >$125 & Good buys

    the wattage used in teh electrical stuff bought from Amazon is diiferent, I have a step up/down converter for only for max 100 watts. I see the higher wattage converter the more exp. anyone bought the honeywell air purifier, pls review and comment what converter u use?
  7. Sayang

    Amazon Free Shipping to SG >$125 & Good buys

    WHich air purifier did you get, pls bear in mind the voltage, you may not be able to use this air purifier in SG I saw this, Honeywell Compact Air Purifier with Permanent HEPA Filter, HHT-011 Price attractive at 48.55 but I remember US is 110v, and a transformer could be costly. Transformer depends on what wattage this unit uses.
  8. Sayang

    Amazon Free Shipping to SG >$125 & Good buys

    checking , good deal to buy Samsung S4 on amazon? Seems cheaper than Samsung store
  9. Sayang

    Parental advice

    You were outstation for a few yrs, and your wife busy with work.. These sound like excuses. You or your wife can get a job which would provide more time to educate/nurture your child. It was your choice to outsource so you have to accept all outcomes. If you want to remedy the situation, change job, change lifestyle.. etc, its your choice to make. Me and my partner made the decision to "outsource" parenting my son, but we make it a point to come home every day to spend time with son. Weekends, he come home with us, and he is close to my PIL and my partner. I am comfortable in my job and have lots of freedom at work , so I can work from home whenever I want to, not everyday. My husband cant work from home, but his job does not require much travelling and overtime, so he is always home for dinner. If I were in your shoes, one parent needs to step back in his career/job, take up a more flexible job which will allow you to spend more time with your child. From what I read, that person has to be you. Your wife is too soft hearted, and she will allow your MIL to creep back in. Take a stand, and stop whining. not much time left. Your child is almost a teen, you dont want developmental problems (social) along the way. You want a happy child, who can grow to lead , high EQ and all. And being surpressed everyday like this, its not going to help.
  10. Sayang

    McD Hello Kitty is back!!!

    I have the red one, will prb sell off, I dun like it. PM me to deal.
  11. Sayang

    City Harvest Church [CHC] Part 2

    an old church I went to, had a sermon, encouraging pple to pawn or sell away stuff they dun use, to donate to building fund. My mother who is still in this church, pawn all her wedding jewellry, given to her by PIL and parents, mostly heavy gold pcs, and donated to the building fund then. super du lan too.
  12. Sayang

    What's wrong with today's new condos?

    I m living in an old condo, over 15yo estate. Building looks dated, 400 units. Full marble floors tiles for living rm, not some homogenous s--t Teak wood for rooms. This is very exp, not the lousy plywood veneers most condos use nowadays. This is seperate teak planks. Why I say this is exp. recently a empty unit was opened by condo management, and its floors and cupboards were stripped by burglars. dunno when it was stolen, apparently thieves sneaked in to a brand new empty unit and took off with all the wood. Air con units was left behind though. Cupboards are wood with inlaid, dun see these nowadays, was told my my ID, its expensive to make. Size of unit 1400 sq with 3 toilets, decent size rms. Small swimming pools, looks like 20m in length, a joke, more like a puddle. lots of room around estate, gardens and a decent playground. Yet whenever I go to new showrooms these days, I love the newness. big swimming pool, nice facilities which I do not have in my estate. My estate also looks so dated, you could mistake it for a flated factory :( I guess the old condos in the area of orchard / holland V will be ideal. Big open spaces, interesting architecture.. Tulip gardens, Condos in Arcadia drive is very nice too, a lot of greenery, nice gardens. Huge units
  13. Sayang

    Discuss: Married and want to have kids?

    well, some MCFer quoted will have kids or more, if not in singapore. So just making a comparison
  14. Sayang

    Discuss: Married and want to have kids?

    That budget is minimum for me, most times, pediatrician services cost over $200 per visit. Also, add in a few enrichment and holidays, my expenses for 1 child far exceed 1k. I have a helper. I use to think in singapore its tough to have more than 2 kids. Now I don't. I have my parents in law and domestic helper to help me raise kid while me and partner work to bring in dough. We make it a point to spend as much time as we can with child. In Aust / US , you dont have a helper, and childcare is very exp. Often, a partner will quit work to become a SAHM, stay at home mother. Then family income is cut in half. Also, in such countries, doc, specialist fees are very exp, so is insurance. So you need to look at overall package. Would be ideal to raise teens in such countries. Education cheap, and less stress. But for the 1st 4 to 5yrs of the child's life, would need help in the family.