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  1. Toovo1985

    Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads in the World

    If you don't pay attention in Tarogo Gorge you'll fall down very easily!!!
  2. Toovo1985

    Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads in the World

    Glad you liked. I also thought they were awesome that's why I decided to share it with everyone here at the forum! :)
  3. For some a road-trip adventure, for others their daily - but risky - way home. Autoviva found the ten most dangerous roads on this planet that pose a true challenge to any driver. Would you dare to drive here? I think everyone will like this top 10 list. Great images. Go here to see it: http://www.autoviva.com/news/top_10_most_d...rous_roads/3464
  4. Thanks for the info ;)
  5. Is this car only sold in China?
  6. Toovo1985

    Small Pagani Documentary - Video

    Yes it's not affordable for the regular car fan, but it sure makes it a better start of the day! At least to the eyes!!! :P ur welcome :)
  7. Certainly!!! I don't know if I would have the guts of doing such a stunt!!!
  8. A driver in China has taken the Guinness World Record for successfully driving through the largest loop-the-loop. Li Yatao drove a Youngman Lotus L5 around a loop with a diameter of 42 feet, 2.69 inches. I honestly think the announcer is significantly more excited about the accomplishment than the driver. She is screaming with excitement, but the driver gets out of the car with a detachment that communicates 'Well, that just happened.' Check the video
  9. Toovo1985

    Small Pagani Documentary - Video

    My pleasure! Just love to share these things find on the internet. And about affording it...I think most of us dream about it
  10. Horacio Pagani follows the legacy of Ferrucio Lamborghini of creating an alternative to Ferrari in the world of super cars. Pagani worked for Lamborghini during the 80s and worked on the development of the Countach and the earliest portions of Diablo development. To celebrate the introduction of its second, completely new model, the Huarya, Pagani has produced a 15 minute documentary examining the car's development. Very interesting documentary. Worth to watch and lose fifteen minutes of your day to see the construction of a sccessful supercar brand that maintaining its status has been able to keep itself in a very tough market. To see the video follow the link
  11. Toovo1985

    SLS AMG Crash Test video

    I would be happy just to know that I will always have the wings to go and meet with angels :P
  12. Toovo1985

    SLS AMG Crash Test video

    I think one thing is granted...safety
  13. Looks like we will get news and video from you soon Fireball
  14. But normally we don't get to see the crashes...
  15. That is an art that I had never seen before! Incredible