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  1. So you spotted one of the spandex ang mo i was talking about. Muah hahaha
  2. Sad day for MCF hahaha So many were happy with the escooter ban Now Government taking tax money to buy all of them ebikes And now just waiting for 10,000 ebikes to flood the roads Spandex ang mo was a problem on the road, i wonder how these ebikes will be like on the roads
  3. With almost 100,000 PMD, it was a correct decision to ensure the safety of pedestrians but it was not handled properly from the lead up to the sudden ban More concerning to me is the lack of empathy towards the lower income users that the ban affects. (of course there are some law breaking users, but there were many that were not) This new technology provided them a chance to have a personal motorised vehicle, as they will never in their life be able to afford a car and perhaps a motorbike. And they used it to improve their lives by saving time through faster transport, or earning a small income by doing deliveries. It is a feeling that they had some control over their own lives that we car owners enjoy but don't think too much about I pity those affected and feel sad with some of the reactions to the ban, with some Singaporeans even laughing at them
  4. Aventador

    Missing Primary School Girls Seletar Mall

    maybe birthday not yet? nov/dec baby? now all hearsay only, hope it is run away rather than anything else
  5. Aventador

    Missing Primary School Girls Seletar Mall

    some unverified messages claiming they planned with other classmates to hide to avoid the PSLE... well if it is true, that will be another whole saga, but at least nothing bad happened. Keeping fingers crossed
  6. Aventador

    Missing Primary School Girls Seletar Mall

    I hope they just play punk and go to friends/relative house or something
  7. SINGAPORE: Two 11-year-old girls have gone missing since Monday (Sep 30) morning, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) said in an appeal for information on Twitter. The girls were last seen at Seletar Mall at 7am, police added in the tweet. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/girls-missing-police-appeal-seletar-mall-11958584
  8. BKK trains are quite crowded, so even if they want to give you a seat, they cannot see you solution would be not to take during peak hours there are old people in HCM, it is not a land of eternal youth, so if they can cross the roads, you can too HCM is a more relaxed place than BKK, and less crowded for me i like BKK more, but you should research if HCM suits your mom more
  9. Bangkok is the best tourist destination, but can your parents take the MRT and stand during the journey? forget about taxis in BKK, the traffic is terrible. And BKK actually requires quite a lot of walking if trains are not good for your parents, you can consider Ho Chi Minh it is like Bangkok 15 years before. Shopping and food is cheap, and the city sights are all very close together and you can go everywhere by Grab i got a feeling it might suit your parents more if they have mobility issues
  10. Aventador

    DFS to leave Changi Airport

    Sales revenue drop approximately 30% due to new law and I am sure CAG trying to increase their rentals for the new lease I am sure they have the figures to make their decisions All the REITs and Government bodies always factor in X% increase in charges every year. To show they are "growing" the business what happens when the music stops?
  11. Aventador

    Preeti/Subhas Nair 'offensive' music video saga.

    New to this saga, is Preeti the lady that fight and broke the car side mirror?
  12. Schooling coming back to Singapore to train is a big mistake. Singapore sports ecosystem very hard to train a World Champion In the USA he will compete all the time with people better than him, in school , in regional and national meets Here in Singapore he is the fastest, who is going to push him?
  13. Fragrance Hotel owner did that, and lost the case ordered to pay both side legal fee came up to $800,000 (later reduced to $300,000 on appeal) loser had to pay winner lawyer airfare and hotel to Europe to 'investigate the case', and 'travel expenses' (Judge reduced this saying why send 2 lawyers to Europe when 1 will do) There are very few cases with 100% sure win results, so both sides take a risk going to court
  14. Btw don't waste money going down the legal route, it is not worth it the lawyers enjoy your misfortune instead the Fragrance boss also went the legal route but I guess he has money and time to spare I also get a feeling that your SA is part of the issue. Sometimes a good SA can really work magic for you behind the scenes compared to you banging the table
  15. Aventador

    37 flights delayed, one runway closed for 10 hours

    I see..so some guy could actually pre program a GPS co-ordinate like say Raffles place during lunch time. Strap a home made bomb. Launch the drone and run away? He no need to hang around to pilot the drone? That's not good isn't it. Like pre program guided bomb? Or am i watching too many action movies?