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    Found 149 results

    1. inlinesix

      8th Gen Toyota Camry (XV70)

      ASEAN version will be launched in Thailand next Monday https://paultan.org/2018/10/22/2018-toyota-camry-launching-in-thailand-on-oct-29
    2. Any opinions on the 2.5 camry hybrid vs 2.5 mazda 6? both priced quite similarly....which is a better buy?
    3. Wish1719

      Toyota Camry

      Hi, just to check, if i buy the Toyota Camry 2.0 (A) Understand it does not come with HID Headlights, Is it an offence if installed? Kam sia
    4. Hi guys. I'm planning to buy this car soon. Wanted to get some feedback about this car. Here's the info I digged up so far. 1) Fuel Consumption about 23km/l consider good for a 2.5CC car 2) Made In Australia, I think that's fine 3) PI generally selling the car now at around 110-120K. I do find the pricing quite reasonable. 4) PI offer battery hybrid warranty either 5 or 10 years. Reliability wise, I think being a Toyota should not have issues. How about the comfort? Driving experience? Handling? Acceleration? Braking? Features? Kindly share if you are driving one now.
    5. Soya

      Get rich & drive a Camry?

      What say u? https://medium.com/the-ascent/get-rich-and-drive-a-toyota-camry-3acb4288a5b6
    6. A friend of mine is currently looking at getting a Camry. Would like to seek some comments. Thanks.
    7. its a 2011 toyota camry currently on Michelin Energy XM2. 215/60R16 95H. need to change all 4 tyres since its been like 4 years already. not sure what tyres to change to so just here to get some recommendations. Thanks!
    8. I was at Expo last Wednesday (6/1) and left at 6:20pm. This Camry (attached) tailgate my back at the exit gantry and gotten his free parking. To test if the parking mgt really chap about these act, I wrote to the Expo mgt. Below is the extract of their repy: Thank you for sending us the details of the tailgating incident at Singapore Expo. We regret that we are unable to pursue this with the errant driver as our system needs his IU number to check if he had paid or not paid carpark charges. It is also not in our jurisdiction to pursue charges against this deliberate act. We are glad that this incident did not cause you any harm and we hope this will not deter you from visiting Singapore Expo in the future. So my question is, are those ERP carpark exit signs saying tailgater will be handed over to the police for real?
    9. gemmoglock

      2017 Toyota Camry

      New Camry with Dynamic Force 2.5l engine and TNGA architecture http://pressroom.toyota.com/article_display.cfm?article_id=5868 Press Release_2017naiasdetroittoyotacamry.pdf
    10. Hi there, i'm having terrible fuel consumption with my toyota camry. even when i drive "conservatively", it is doing about 7-8km/litre. completely horrible. what are your experiences?
    11. Anyone knows where i can get the touchscreen of the toyota camry tomtom gps repaired? am unable to press anything now and so the screen is stuck cant use the gps now even after updating the firmware and resetting.
    12. Toyota has presented a Lego-made Camry that took over 900 hours to assemble. It will be displayed at the Melbourne Museum Plaza from 21st March to 29th April. Made from more than 500,000 Lego bricks, the life-size car took more than 8 weeks to build and is said to weigh around two tons, or some 400kg more than the actual car. The life-size Lego car features a lot of interesting gizmos, like headlights, indicators and brake lights that actually work, hybrid lettering and Toyota logos on the alloy wheels. The Camry was designed by Ryan ‘The Brickman’ McNaught who is a Lego-certified professional and is one of the 14 worldwide.
    13. According to the BM SE, the FL 2015 Asian Camry is coming in about Jun this year. Saw the Thai version brochure below: http://www.toyota.co.th/models/camry/pdf/camry_brochure_2015.pdf The 2.0L has a new VVTI-W engine with 6 speed GB. Although the design of the Asian camry still not so sporty like the US version but I think this new FL looks good!
    14. Deeq

      New 2018 Toyota Camry teased

      The redesigned 2018 Camry will make its debut at the 2017 Detroit auto show next month. Based on some sources, it’ll ride on the TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) modular platform that thus far is found under the Prius hybrid and the C-HR crossover, and the car will adopt a slightly wider and lower stance. The traditional three-box sedan shape won’t be drastically altered, however, as Toyota can’t afford to offend those hundreds of thousands of customers who flock to their showrooms each year to pick up the latest version of the Camry. If any real excitement is in store for the 2018 Camry, it will come in the form of a new TRD-tuned version, which was spied testing recently. With quad exhaust tips and aggressive-looking wheels and tires, this hotted-up Camry could use a version of Toyota’s 3.5-liter V-6 engine making upward of 300 horsepower. The standard Camry likely will make do with four-cylinder engines, including an updated version of the current car’s 2.5-liter naturally aspirated unit and a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder taken from Lexus models such as the NX and the IS.
    15. Toyota has previewed its all new Camry in Japanese guise and along with the preview, some available dress-up options from TRD and Modellista. According to Carscoops, these bodykit packages are only available in Japan for now but other markets in other parts of the world will get a full-blown TRD variant in the not too distant future. The new large sedan is said to only offered in Japan as a hybrid. The powertrain consists of a 2.5-litre petrol engine, a small electric motor and will be paired to a CVT.
    16. Darn i d i o t driver... the car on the left most lane already stopped for me and I was already crossing half way to the middle of the road yet u speed up and dashed across me. If I have not stopped in time, I'll would have be older by 3yrs now Such driver should be taken of the road ! :angry:
    17. Shouyi

      2006 Toyota Camry

      To be launched in Japan in Jan 06. Stay tuned!
    18. Theatreofdreams

      Toyota Camry 2.0L (2007) Braking Issue

      Hi need you guys' inputs. Car in issue here is the 2007 model 2.0L Camry, basically the current model minus the minor facelift. Sometime back while on the road the traffic light turned red at a not-here-not-there point (you know la) and I had to brake hard to a stop. Travelling speed was probably around 60-70km/h. Note: hard braking, but surely not sharp emergency braking. Road condition was dry but slightly bumpy. What I experienced was a rather violent vibration from the brake pedal and steering wheel, or basically the whole car. It did not happen immediately when I applied the brakes, but midway through the braking. Whether braking ability was still present or not I can't recall, as I was kinda shocked momentarilty (luckily there was no other vehicle in front). I remember instinctively stepping in more and the vibration went away, and everything went back to normal. Following so I was wondering whether it was ABS. However in this scenario the road was dry and there wasn't any loss of traction. I've experienced ABS on another car before and I don't remember it to be as 'violent' as this. Furthermore, it wasn't as it was sharp emergency braking. Eventually I gathered it could be the road bumps that 'confused' some sensor or whatever during the hard braking. Just recently, my dad seemed to have experienced the same issue. This time he was on expressway around 100+. I don't know how hard he braked this time relative to my experience, but his description of the vibration was similar to mine. I am planning to go to Borneo Motors for this. But before that I'd like to consult you guys on what could be the problem, and if there has been any similar experience. As you know, it may not be possible to emulate the same thing to the Toyota guys. Not saying that they will not believe, but it's also hard for them to diagnose without a first-hand experience. Hence I thought it might be helpful for me to gather some intelligence from you all first. Thank you, and may all drive safe.
    19. chitchatboy

      Will we be getting this facelifted Camry?

      The Toyota Camry has just been facelifted and Thailand is the first country to receive it. The biggest news for this mid-life update is the debut of the new 2.0-litre VVT-iW & D-4S engine which will be paired to a six-speed automatic transmission. Previously, the Camry 2.0 features an ancient four-speed automatic. While not much is known about the six-speed automatic, we do know the new 2.0-litre engine is a pretty advance unit which will be running a high compression ratio of 12.7:1 versus the 9.8:1 of the old. Toyota's latest VVTi-W(Variable Valve Timing-intelligent Wide) technology which is first seen on the Lexus NX200t is present too. Outputting a decent 164bhp and 199Nm, it gains a useful 17bhp over the old engine. With the help of the six-speed automatic, it is claimed to deliver a 13 percent improvement in terms of fuel consumption. The thais will also be getting a good-looking Camry Extremo sports variant which we guess is unlikely to come to our shores. Interesting features that the updated Camry will feature includes full LED headlamps with auto high beam, Qi wireless charger, radar cruise control and lane departure warning.
    20. HI all Can any Toyota Camry JDM owners ACV40 confirm if the location of the oil filter is at the front of the Engine bay as shown in this image below (see attachment). I've seen that in that the US Camry the oil filter is at the bottom. Do you need specialise tools to remove the oil filter?
    21. Just curious... above affordable Jap luxurious sedan I vote Teana
    22. Hi Any bro can advise where to get a used jdm Camry headlight at good price?
    23. Hi I expericnced this at low rpm. Car vibrates at low rpm and accelerats with a judder after 2k rpm seems fine. Sent to mechanic and realised one of the ignition cool went dead. I'm driving a Toyota Camry acv40 2007 I still have 3 spare ignition coil that is still of good working condition that we can trade or exchange for fee. Toyota Part Number: 90919-T2005 COIL ASSY, IGNITION Pm me. Thanks.