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  1. Anyone can advice. Asking for friend. The Kia Seltos and price is similar to Citroen C4 yet comes with no safety tech. May i know why is people still choosing Kia Seltos? For a similar price and car size segment, is there something similar with comprehensive safety tech and value for money for us to consider?
  2. Following on from its successful SUV offensive with the launch of C3 Aircross SUV and C5 Aircross SUV - 300,000 and 200,000 sales respectively - Citroën is ready for the next stage in the rollout of its product strategy, focusing firmly on the hatchback market. Compact hatchbacks remain an important part of the European car market, accounting for nearly 28% of C-segment sales in 2019. New ë-C4 and New C4 tick all the boxes in this competitive segment, while offering a modern and characterful new design concept as an integral part of the product offering. Citroën's new-generation comp
  3. Hello, I have some struggle with an ABS wheel speed sensor, the old sensor has been replaced plus we have replaced the ABS module (w/brakelines) The scanner says that there is short or a no ground to the sensor. My question is how does the ABS wheel speed sensor circiutry look like. We have tried to clean the plugs going into the BCM and the ECU with no luck aswell. Best regards and happy new year 😉
  4. Finally a new flagship by Citroën worth looking forward to? The new shape somewhat reminds me of unconventional looking Renault Vel Satis... Approximately three years ago, Citroen said the successor of the C5 will have an unconventional shape and will basically “reinvent” the traditional sedan. At the time, the automaker didn’t share much but said the production model will draw inspiration from the fabulous Cxperience Concept. Today, finally, we can share the first spy photos of the next-generation C5, showing what Citroen had in mind.
  5. Folks would like to know more info about this car. Those who own it or test driv before, care to share? 1) reliability. As tis is a Citroën which I ve heard a lot of negative news about it before (NOTE: in the past) thus would like to know is this a problematic car? Issues like gear issue, engine etc. 2) if I dun go back to agt for servicing, are there a lot of werkshop outside who can service tis car? 3) generally is this a good car to drive? I'm currently driving a forestor. I'm impressed by the interior but have yet to test drive as would like to gather more info first. 4) not sure if t
  6. High five for Citroen's new medium SUVhttps://www.stuff.co.nz/motoring/road-tests/109909709/high-five-for-citroens-new-medium-suv Citroen has always been more keen on quirky people movers than high-riding SUVs. It's a very Continental thing. Except that it's becoming less of thing as time goes on, which is why the French brand has finally created something that competes in New Zealand's most popular single new-vehicle segment: medium SUVs. So say "salut/gidday" to the new C5 Aircross, a European Car of the Year nominee that's heading here in September. Perhaps because it's come so late
  7. Any owner of Citroen car here? Can you share your experience on Drive comfort Interior quality and durability Car operational durability And C&C service level? TIA
  8. MCF XMAS HangOut With CITROËN Gift yourself a reason to celebrate this Christmas. 22 Dec 2018, Saturday, 1130am Brunch @ Masons: 8 Lock Rd, Gillman Barracks, S108936. Test Drive and Enjoy Brunch On Us, Plus Stand A Chance To Win Attractive Prizes. HO HO HO It's almost Christmas! It is my favourite festive season of the year! Christmas is a joyous occasion, and we have partnered with Citroën this year to bring you this Xmas HangOut. Come join us for this MCF Xmas Hangout; test drive your favourite Citroën. Citroën is a constant innovator and newsmaker.
  9. 80 MyCarForum (MCF) members and their loved ones gathered at Masons at Gillman Barracks on Saturday afternoon to celebrate Christmas with Citroen Singapore. Aside from a sumptuous brunch, the event was an opportunity for MCF members to learn more about the Citroen brand and its latest range, in particular its C3 Aircross, which is in the running for sgCarMart's Compact Crossover of the Year 2018. During the event, sgCarMart's Deputy Editor Nigel Yong shared his experience driving the C3 Aircross, which he describes as 'a quirky-looking compact crossover that's highly practical'. "The
  10. The new high-tech Skoda Kamiq compact SUV has arrived ahead of Geneva, promising class-leading space Skoda is one of the last mainstream brands to enter the hugely competitive and popular compact SUV sector, but the brand has finally arrived with this, the new Skoda Kamiq. The newcomer looks set to become one of the most practical and tech-laden offerings in the class. The Kamiq’s shape takes inspiration from both the rest of Skoda’s SUV family and the recently revealed Scala hatchback. Its front puts a twist on the ‘four-eye’ lighting arrangement seen on the Karoq and Kodiaq; slim top
  11. New all-electric two-seater Citroen AMI ONE concept to be officially revealed at Geneva with a 60-mile range This is the Citroen AMI ONE, probably the slowest concept car to be revealed by a major manufacturer at the Geneva Motor Show, and certainly one of the smallest. It’s a pure-electric two-seater that can, in theory, be driven by young people aged 16 and above. That’s because it fits into quadricycle regulations – the same formula used by several small-scale French manufacturers, plus Renault with its Twizy. The AMI ONE – so called because it references classic Citroens of old, i
  12. Can't create a new topic, so will write a question here. I have Citroen Grand C4 Picasso with BluHDI 200. Recently I've got a message that Ureal level is low and I need to refill it, otherwise I can't start engine in 1100km. I went to official service (Sing Huat Premium), they topped up Adblue tank, but the message still remain. They don't know what to do with it and advised me to go to official Citroen dealer. Reading Internet I found out that this can be a real problem and the best solution is probably to remove Adblue system at all. Can someone advise a technical servic
  13. Is the new belingo a van or mpv? It looks amazing. https://www.citroen.co.uk/about-citroen/news/new-citroen-berlingo-the-story-continues-with-even-more-style-practicality-and-comfort
  14. A Citroen Berlingo driver has been filmed doing a crazy jump by vaulting him at speed into a roundabout edge. Shot by someone else's dashcam, the scary incident happened in Norfolk, United Kingdom. In the video, the silver Berlingo appeared to have cut into the camera vehicle's lane at high speed. Probably blocked by the other van before cutting into the other lane, the Berlingo driver failed to notice the sign that there was a roundabout coming up. Failing to react in time, all the van could do was to go head on into the incline, throwing the whole vehicle pretty high up in the air.
  15. Hi all, between opel zafira and citroen grand c4, which one you think give 'more' of everything? the price -+ is same. zafira and grand c4 owner, please comment about your vehicle :) thanks for any comment/ reply
  16. Citroën C3 Aircross Compact SUV http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/event/article-5238487/The-funky-Citro-n-C3-Aircross-Compact-SUV-Flair.html One week into 2018 and early surprise developments have already begun to unfold. Without any prior planning, having woken up particularly blurry-eyed last Monday morning, Mrs Evans and I decided to become part of the Dry January abstemious collective. Subconsciously on my part, this may also have been largely down to the shock I experienced on New Year’s Eve when I went online to download my regular 17-week training schedule, in preparation for the
  17. Could this be Citroen's all new C3 Aircross? Thanks to Autoweek.nl, the exterior design of the car has been leaked via a scale model. Set to take over the old C3 Picasso, the new model looks more like a crossover than a MPV and is likely to based on the same platform as the recently launched Opel Crossland X and Peugeot's upcoming 2008. Looking very similar to the latest C3 supermini, the new Aircross is expected to feature similar three- and four-cylinder engines and drivetrains as the ones in the C3. An all wheel drive option is unlikely to appear in the car. It is said that Ci
  18. Eyke

    Citroen DS4

    Real nice, dunno if will come here? http://www.ds4.citroen.com/uk
  19. Citroen C4 Cactus unveiled with roof-mounted airbag Citroens have always been a little bit different, and perhaps this new one is even more unique than others. Full official details of the radical Citroen C4 Cactus have been released over yesterday’s leaked images, giving us insights of the brand’s, say, unique take on a C-segment vehicle. This is a “real alternative” to compact hatchbacks, according to Citroen. Its approach is an original one, especially when it comes to appearance. The earlier Cactus Concept’s split headlamps, ‘floating’ roof, upswept C-pillar, flat-dish wheels and 3D-eff
  20. Char

    Citroen Berlingo

    Hi , can anyone share some opinion for this Citroen Berlingo ? Currently I am looking for front 3 seaters small van and is there any other model got similar 3 front seaters ? C & C offer $53800 non gtd 6 bids must loan 5 years 70% , rebate $10,000 and will bid 12-15k .
  21. Hi bros, These 2 niche market models competing in the 1.6 Cat A category. At under 130,000 about the same price as a Kia K5, I think it's worth a good look. I'm keen for one. Any comments?
  22. 508 Mondeo C5 CC Which alternative continental sedan will you pick?I take the new Mondeo though I have some reservations about its blatant Aston Martin copied front grille.
  23. Citroen’s supermini, the C3 has been leaked online ahead of its official debut. Spotting many styling cues from its siblings, it looks refreshingly funky. The stand out air bump body cladding also looks much more cohesive in design here than its C4 Cactus brother. Taken from Autodato, the photos reveal that the car can be had with a two-tone color scheme and according to the site, the car is available from a mix of nine colours for the bodywork and three for the roof. Inside, the car gets a brand new dashboard that also reminds one of the C4 cactus's dashoard. One of the more interes
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