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Found 22 results

  1. M’sia Petrol Kiosk Now Has KitKat Maggi & We’re All Wondering How This Bizarre Combo Tastes Like source: https://mustsharenews.com/petron-kitkat-maggi/ KitKat Dipped In Curry Maggi Instant Noodles Gets Malaysians Into A Frenzy KitKat chocolate wafer and Maggi instant noodles are common items that you’ll find in the pantry. But combining them together? That sounds like a supremely bizarre combination comparable to having tapioca pearls with crab — oh wait, that actually happened, but you get what we mean. On Wednesday (8 Jan), Petron – a chain of petrol kiosk in Malaysia – tweeted the unimaginable. Yes, your eyes aren’t deceiving you — that’s 4 slabs of Kitkat wafer dipped in what looks like a curry-flavoured Maggi instant noodle. KitKat soaked in curry Maggi noodles going for S$1.40 The poster came with a caption which roughly translates to “It’s delicious to eat it piping hot during rainy weather. Fuhh, so enjoy”. The sweet and savoury combination costs around S$1.40 (RM4.30). According to SAYS, the aforementioned tweet has since been taken down and replaced by another poster, which shows the 2 offerings, separated. Perhaps it was meant to be consumed separately all along. Hmm. Malaysians are actually interested to try While some of us – or maybe just me – may find the combination vile, some Malaysians are actually rather keen to try it. Here’s are some tweets courtesy of Malaysian online news site SAYS. Try it at Petron petrol kiosks in Malaysia Despite the favourable response, we’ve not managed to find an actual picture of the dish or review about it. So if you’d like to find out how it tastes, you’d have to head to a recreate it yourself, or head to a Petron petrol kiosk in Malaysia yourself.
  2. Looking to acquire this OSRAM Fog / DRL LED lamp kit to replace my existing stock lighting in the Nissan Pulsar. Part number is OSRAM LEDriving LEDFOG101. Has anyone seen it available locally And know of a workshop that is familiar in installing it? Apppreciate any help from the bros here.
  3. Continental has released details about its latest brake and wheel combination concept for EVs (Electric Vehicle). It is said to reduce weight and improve braking performance. The parts manufacturer came up with the idea as more and more EVs are hitting the market. And because these vehicles tend to make use of regenerative braking as much as they can via mechanical braking, the physical disc brake system will be used less frequently, increasing the chances of the the standard cast iron brake disc to rust. Needless to say, a rusty brake disc will definitely affect braking performance when some real braking power is needed in an emergency situation. To prevent this, Continental has invented an aluminium brake disc that resists corrosion while improving braking performance. Much larger than the normal discs seen on EVs today, the star-shaped disc is mounted to the wheels while the calipers are upside down and clamps onto the inner edge of the disc. Not only does the larger disc diameter allows for better braking results, it is also said to make the changing of brake pads easier. Meanwhile being aluminium allows heat generated under braking to quickly dissipate while keeping the overall mass in check. Continental also claims that the discs do not wear out, with abrasion only happening on the pads. “Because the brake disk is fixed on the outside and the brake engages from the inside, the brake caliper can be designed particularly light and stiff. The force is transmitted largely symmetrically into the center of the axle, and this has a favorable effect on the noise behavior of the brake,” said Continental brake pre-development boss Paul Linhoff.
  4. Can I know where is the showroom to view the above. Thansks
  5. Jap cars on right, is opel combo on right or left side for signal?
  6. i've been looking for auto vans and would like to find which one has the lowest running cost (depreciation + maintenance + fuel costs), it seems the combo 1.3 is that van. anyone one has any opinion on another better van? is the combo 1.3 going to be a maintenance nightmare?
  7. my Opel combo 2007 1.3 Auto when idling has vibrations. when i accelerate abover 2k rpm, the vibrations is very serious and the worst is the loud grinding noise. but once i reach desired speeds and releases the trottle, the vibrations and sound subsides. is this a clutch or engine mounting problem?
  8. Hi bros, any advise on this car? How to mod, change what kind of in take or exhaust. DECAT? ECU? Thanks www.kiddom.com.sg
  9. Dear Bros/Sis. Just to check if anyone knows whether changing the timing belt helps in reducing the FC cos I am currently on a 2006 combo 1.7m (approx 78XXXkm) and the FC is about 13-14km/l.... Not sure if my FC is reasonable cos I've heard from some of my friends that my FC is pretty high and I've just collected my van a month ago? Please advise... PS. I will be changing it this weekend le... Please pardon me as I am being curious.... Many thanks...
  10. Hi, Need some advice for amp+speaker combo for wide sound-staging, above average clarity and sweet mid-tones for vocals. Need Mary Black to sound like Mary Black and not Barry White. Damage hopefully below $1K. Cheer !
  11. As usual, only managed to do the combo of 521 and AW to the Latio, only just now. Comments anyone? Sorry for bad quality, my camera went dead, no batt, due to excessive photo taking overseas=] Had to rely on my N95... now i know why people find n95 camera not so good. ANYWAY, OT liao ! Overall, Kudos to MD for coming out with this wonderful combo, SHINE HAPPENS AT DURAGLOSS!
  12. Was really a great weekend for me as I finally received the long awaited Jetseal 109 and Wet mirror finish. The autopians had pretty positive feedbacks on both products and I had to pester Paul quite some time before he finally sent some to me. some reviews from autopia: http://autopia.org/forum/detailing-product...ghlight=jetseal http://autopia.org/forum/detailing-product...ghlight=jetseal Car used for testing is my black colt, condition pretty well maintained, and my patner's 6mths old silver coloured Impreza TS which is rather neglected. Colt: 1) Wash n clay 2) Rotary with white Hi-gloss LC pad and PO106ff 3) PC with grey LC pad to apply WMF 4) PC with blue LC pad for Jetseal TS: 1) Wash n clay 2) PC with orange LC pad and IP 3) PC with grey LC pad to apply WMF 4) PC with blue LC pad for Jetseal Personal feeling: The WMF and Jetseal combo looks better on a light coloured or strong metallic based paintwork as it products a clean, wet, crisp and shiny look. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, esp for solid colours like ferrari reds or blacks where a darkening of the colours will improve the depth and gloss. That said, both cars had only one layer over them and I intend to apply the WMF and Smart ONE over the colt while the TS will get a 2nd and 3rd coating of the WMF and JS, just for the fun of it and see where it leads to. Enuf of talk, pics coming up shortly.....
  13. That day i saw this food variety show, show-casing a food stall somewhere near botanical garden food court. Unfortunately forget the address liao. Any bros here knows where is this stall har ? Please advise. Thanks a million.
  14. Hi Bro, I was involved in a minor accident today... My Opel Combo was left undamaged except for 1 of my plastic rim cover is cracked and spoilt... Anybody knows where can i get the cover to replace it?
  15. Saw this 2 DIN DVD player with 24bit DVD/CD/MP3 player with very nice LCD display. Thought it'll be a great combo for those with 2 DIN. Coupled with PXA-H701 Multimedia Manager (31 band graphic equaliser) with TA, and it should be like a premium Pioneer P90 set with DVD! Of course, I heard Pioneer's coming up with a P80 HU that should be cheaper than a P90 but with ability to play MP3/WMA whilst using Burr Brown D/A convertor. That may be a good option too.... http://www.alpine-usa.com/en/products/prod...0&lang=en&tab=F Upcoming Pioneer P80:
  16. Polished my ride b4 CNY and layered Blackfire's Wet Diamond (5 layers) and CG's 5050 concourse paste wax (2 layers). Below is the process and the after pics taken on a bright sunny day 1) Wash n Clay 2) Rotary with Orange LC pad and mixture of IP and PO106FF 3) PC with CG EZ creme glaze and grey LC pad 4) PC with Blue LC pad and BF Wet diamond (3 layers) 2 days later 1) Hose down and dry 2) PC with Blue LC pad and BF Wet diamond (2 layers) 3) CG 5050 paste wax - 2 layers Fav: Roof: Its a bright sunny day:
  17. Hi Bro. I just got my van from my company whom ima working part time with now. There are some minor dents on the back of the door. Is there any places that i can go touch up on the doors to remove the dent and touch up of the paint?
  18. wanna ask the opinions of some of the pros at detailing here. used to be an autoglym supporter, but now that my supply is running out, im tempted to try something else. After much surfing around and reading, im thinking of trying this combination: 1) Menzerna FPII 2) 1Z Glanz Wax 3) Soft99's Authentic Wax Excellent would it prove to be a good combination? or will anyone of them negate the effects of another? looking for all opinions/feedback.
  19. Broky88

    Opel Combo

    Dear all I am thinking of getting the latest Opel Combo 1.7L for my business. It will also be used as a family weekend getaway vehicle. I wish to seek your opinions about this vehicle as to its fuel consumption, maintainance, performances etc. This is my first time getting a vehicle. Thanks. Regards Broky88
  20. Comments pls... This machine ever tracked 160km/h on TPE
  21. Hi Guys, I would like to get a setup which is able to watch DVD, play MP3 on CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, etc... What are the additional components which I would need to get? Assuming that I do not want to upgrade the existing stock audio system I already have. 1) DVD HU 2) LCD How about those HU that comes with hidden LCD? Are they good & expensive? My budget is less than $1k and driving a Sonata. Thanks in advance.
  22. Talking about the Sachs kit, how much are they?
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