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Found 22 results

  1. The new Defender is being featured in more and more teasers by Land Rover to generate more buzz. It’s not your typical shadowy teaser image as the adjacent photo gallery was shot in Africa where a near-production prototype had to go through some serious hurdles in Kenya. Together with British non-profit organization Tusk Trust, the resurrected off-road SUV was used across the 14,000-hectare Borana Conservancy by wildlife managers to support conservation operations. Approximately two and a half years have passed since the last old-school Defender was built at the factory in Solihull, and we’re now just a few months away from its completely new successor. Land Rover will allegedly unveil the next-gen model in September and will have the iconic off-roader on sale soon. Like its predecessor, the revamped Defender will spawn a great variety of derivatives, from barebones off-roaders to luxurious and powerful versions in a bid to lure in a wider clientele. We’ve spotted it multiple times in short- and long-wheelbase configurations, but we’ve also been hearing rumors of a pickup truck with a single cab setup among other versions.
  2. TL;DR – A Land Rover Defender bullies the cam car driver by tailgating, using illegal floodlights to blind the driver and hurling vulgarities when confronted. Who needs fog lights and high beams when you illegally install floodlights in your Land Rover Defender to bully people? A cam car driver was on the receiving end of some serious road bullying at around 6pm on 21st July 2022 at IMM shopping centre. Watch the 4-min ish video of the incident here: Unclear as to what happened prior The footage uploaded did not show what might have triggered the aggression from the Defender driver. But here’s a pretty detailed summary of what went down. Shine bright like a diamond There’s NO WAY those lights are legal. Anything that jeopardises the safety of other road users (in this case, blinding them with 1,000,000 kelvins of light) will not be LTA approved. Yes, it might look cool but installing them in Singapore (where there's no floods, hail, snow, fog) makes zero sense. Image from: Google Images\ Did you catch the ‘pai-seh’ moment? I don’t know whether you missed it, but after all that bullying, the Defender driver couldn’t even make a proper turn at the carpark. It had to do a little three-point-turn to evade scraping the walls. Online Chatter Here are a couple of award-winning comments. Some comments also mentioned the cam car might not be innocent after eliciting such a strong reaction from the Defender driver. While I don’t disagree, I believe we can all agree that the way the Defender driver handled it was inexplicably dumb. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  3. For this video review, we have the Land Rover Defender 110 Mild Hybrid 3.0 P400! Idris breaks it down for us on what the new Land Rover Defender 110 is all about. If anything, you won't be mistaking the Land Rover Defender for anything less than it is, especially given its size. Make a mental note and be a little more careful when you're entering certain car parks with this car. Boot space is generous in the Land Rover Defender, with 857 litres of space for all your bags and such. Also, unlike most cars, the Defender's boot doesn't open upwards, it swings outward towards the right. Unconventional, but keeping with the tradition on how a Defender's boot has always been opened. The Land Rover Defender comes with 4 USB charging ports in the rear alone, on top of the 12V socket. Running out of battery for your precious smartphone is unlikely to happen once you are riding in the Land Rover Defender. Not to mention, rear climate controls, which is a true benefit given Singapore's hot and humid weather. Perhaps one of the coolest features on the new Land Rover Defender is the digital rear view mirror. On top of the traditional rear view mirror, the Defender also comes with a camera mounted on the roof that provides a rear view image to the driver in the cabin. Idris puts it in the best way, that the Land Rover Defender is not meant to be sporty. But take it off-road, and that's where you will see its true prowess shine. Want to find out more about what the Land Rover Defender 110 is like? Watch the review video below!
  4. hi guys quick question for example http://www.sgcarmart.com/new_cars/newcars_...p?CarCode=11374 if were to buy a brand new defender , but register as private car ... will there be a mandatory speed limit imposed for this car ??
  5. Can't stretch to a Mercedes-Benz G-Class? Fret not, you can get a Suzuki Jimny and turn it into one with the help of DAMD's styling kit. Sold as a full bodykit set, it doesn't include any swapping out of the Jimny's little 1.5-litre petrol engine into something more potent. The kit is dubbed 'Little G' and will be ready in 2019. From the photos, we can see the whole kit includes new front grills, bumper headlights, wider fender flares, a new rear bumper, new spare wheel cover and a new bonnet. You probably have to get your larger wheels and tyres... Not a fan of the Mercedes? DAMD can change your Jimny into a Land Rover Defender then. The kit is called 'Little D' and is basically the same in concept as the 'Little G' bodykit. This means that the mini-me Defender look can be achieved with the help of a new front face that includes new lights, front grille, bumper and bonnet while the rear bumper, together with fenders and mud flaps complete the whole kit. DAMD has yet to announce how much the 2 body kits will cost at press time.
  6. Someone has posted an image of the upcoming Land Rover Defender on Instagram. The long-awaited SUV, is seen here free or almost free of any camouflage. According to the Instagram user, the photo was snapped on the film set of the latest James Bond film where the all new Defender is set to star. We are already aware it will look different from the previous-generation Defender thanks to the official teasers from Land Rover but from this photo, the Defender does look a little softer and more of a fashion statement than a proper off roader. Of course, Land Rover will disagree and point us to the impressive amount of ground clearance shown. Set to be launched at the Frankfurt Auto Show next month, the SUV is rumored to be launched in 110 guise first with engine options consisting of three petrol models available, namely a 296bhp 2.0-litre, a 398bhp plug-in hybrid, and a 395bhp 3.0-litre six-cylinder.
  7. We all know the Land Rover Defender is coming and it seems like someone has managed to take a photo of it without camouflage. Leaked online through a number of Land Rover forums before making its way onto Twitter, the photo is actually a photo of the new Defender’s digital gauge cluster. From that digital side view of the new SUV, we can see that it is more modern and rounded than its predecessor. We also noticed that there seem to be a small side window incorporated into the roof much like some of its previous variants. The new Defender will be using a revised version of the MLA platform used by the likes of the Range Rover Sport and Land Rover Discovery, with engines options probably similar to those cars too. The car is expected to be debut globally in September.
  8. Hi people, am looking for something way in advance.. but wondering if there are places that allow rental of some land rover models. like defenders perhaps? hope to hear what you guys think. or know. if there are any goodplaces for rentals etc.
  9. Hi all, I am not sure if this is the right place to post, but admin you can move this post to the appropriate thread topics. but I am looking for Chrysler Jeep Wrangler or Defender for my wedding on 13th November 2016. Just 24 hours, from Saturday(12/11/2016) evening to Sunday(13/11/2016) evening This model is not widely available for rent so I am turning to this forum to hope there is a kind soul willing to rent. Please contact me at 94871986 Thank you!
  10. Interesting device... But think it's very anti social to use it. I would kpkb if I'm in the receiving end. If need the space then spend money to buy Biz class tickets!! http://travel.asiaone.com/article/news/one-mans-right-is-anothers-wrong 1. What is a Knee Defender? A nifty - or annoying, depending on how you see it - pocket-size device, Knee Defenders are basically sturdy plastic clips.Costing US$21.95 (S$27.41), they come in a set of two, and exist to protect the sacred ground that is an airline passenger's leg room.Opinion on the Knee Defender is varied - some, especially tall people, adore it, while others have taken to label it as plain rude. 2. Sounds interesting. How is it used? Preserving your leg room has never been easier.Users first extend the seat table in front of them, before proceeding to clip one Knee Defender onto each of the table's arms.The Knee Defender can then be slid up and down the table arm, effectively allowing the user to "control" how far the seat in front can recline.The closer the Knee Defender is to the seat in front, the less reclining leeway the seat will have.To top it off, the Knee Defender website even has a printable "Courtesy Card", which manufacturers suggest the user passing to the passenger sitting in front, to inform him or her about the upcoming failure of their seat's recline feature. 3. Why would I need such a device? Aside from the obvious comfort of having sufficient leg room, the space that a Knee Defender gives can be used to, according to the product's website, work on one's laptop or engage in anti-deep vein thrombosis (DVT) exercises.Don't miss these... Knee Defender a hit after in-flight spatFlight diverted because of quarrel over legroom DVT, also known as Economy Class Syndrome, is a medical condition whereby a potentially dangerous blood clot develops in a person, as a result of limited space or movement.Of course, whether or not the Knee Defender is the best solution to these problems is another contentious topic 4. Who invented it? Ira Goldman, a 1.93m tall Washington DC resident who wanted to help fellow tall airline passengers deal with the problem of being "bashed in the knees over and over again". He first marketed the product in 2003. 5. What are airlines' policies over its use? News reports regarding the Knee Defender stem mostly from the US, although its manufacturer's website claims to have purchases from the "7 continents". According to an article in the BBC, the US Federal Aviation Administration has yet to ban the gadget, although most major US airlines, such as United Airlines, have. 6. Where can I buy one? Do you think the Knee Defender is for you? Are you ready to accept the death stares or scowls of disapproval that might result from your using it?
  11. Fifth Gear brings Fiat's best off-roader that you can currently buy to prove itself against the iconic Land Rover Defender on an off-road course in Britain. While the Panda Cross only has a little two-cylinder 0.9-litre TwinAir petrol that produces only 85bhp, its light weight and Fiat’s Torque-on-Demand AWD system turns this friendly city car into a very capable off-roading machine. Weighing only 1090kg, the Panda Cross also has an impressive 24 degree approach and 34 degree departure angles. So can the small crossover stay in touch with the Defender? Watch the clip below and find out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgn2AG3WY-8
  12. It looks like the Land Rover Defender will keep soldering on in its current state for another 500 years so at the rate things are going. This to me is not a bad thing as I still think that nothing, other than the Toyota Land Cruiser can go against it in an off-road duel. I truly love the Defender, ridiculous driving position, overall lack of refinement and all. Anyway, Land Rover has more or less decided that the purported replacement for the Defender, the DC100 concept is now a new model that would slot in below the Land Rover Freelander instead of replacing the Defender. Somehow I believe this has happened because the strong positive reaction from the public at the motorshow previews was from the Victoria and David Beckhams instead of Farmer Brown, Bob the Builder, Winnie the Pooh and other citizens of the Thousand Acre Wood. What was thought as a concept car to show off how the future Land Rover Defender is now going to be Land Rover's new entry level road going model. How ironic. Ironic as it was supposed to replace the ultimate off-road vehicle in the eyes of many people. The DC100 could now be based on the Range Rover Evoque platform and become Land Rover's rival to the Mini Countryman and the Nissan Juke
  13. Hi guys, Somehow contemplating getting a brand new Defender by the end of this year. OTR price as for now is 148K. What i heard is 2.88% interest p.a and a maximum of 7 years loan? I calculated with a 20K down payment, monthly is 1.85K....foooo Is it true? If so, any guys out there know where i can get defender for 10 yrs loan? Btw, it needed a company registration. Another question, do you actually need to be employed by the company when you submit the company certificate of registration to the dealer?
  14. The ever reliable old faithful, Land Rover Defender series of 4x4 type vehicle may continue to be sold even after 2015, the year where Land Rover intends to launch its replacement based on the recent Land Rover DC100 Concept vehicle. Autocar magazine was informed by an inside source that the current Land Rover Defender may soldier on until 2017 or even later as it may be made exempt from current (and the near future) pedestrian impact regulation. This is very good news as I somehow fail to see why anyone would want to stand in the way of a moving Land Rover Defender. One should add that the Defender is pretty noisy even when you
  15. These have been around for years. Way before I was born and probably have seen much more of Singapore than I ever have. They are the land rovers of the SAF and I think they are awesome. I'm sure many of you blokes out there who have served NS have sat in the rover at least once. Whether you were "genging" during an exercise or you were a safety officer or a medic. These rovers have survived for over 20 years and they're still going strong. The distinctive revving of the diesel powered engine and the unforgettable rattle within the cabin and that musky smell of the outfield environment lingers on the PVC seats and the interior floor. All this has added to the character of the old horse. The thing I like about it most is the 'jump starter' port like thingy where the drivers can attach the jump leads to start up another one of it's comrades.. It looks like the people who brought the Rover to life knew that one day it's definitely going to need a jump start so they made it more convenient! These rovers deserve the recognition of the public after the many years that they have powered our radio sets, transported injured soldiers, provided a haven for drivers who needed much needed rest outfield and slowly, they will be retired along with all the memories within them. And now they're being replaced with the new Ford Everest which is undoubtedly cool but I think it has yet to explore the 'far ends' of our island before they can attain the soul and character that the Land Rover did.
  16. Door Defender I cracked myself up on the security cable.. secondary car lock?
  17. If you got extra $$ to give away, you might wanna consider this http://motoring.asiaone.com/Motoring/Owner...220-123479.html
  18. Hi, anyone know what is the latest price for Defender 90 now tat COE price is so low? The last time I checked was about $60k (a year ago). It's quite ex for just a 2-seater but this is my 2nd luv after Jeep Wrangler!
  19. Ok here am I just driving into the loading/unloading bay of my block. Then in front of me racing towards my car was a cat, pursued by 3 stray dogs. They zipped past me. I got out of the car and saw the dogs cornered the cat at a tree and were attacking it with ferocity of wild animals. I popped the boot and took out my steering wheel lock. I charged at the animals besieging the stray cat. and they fled. The cat was growling. Pupils dilated (in shock). A motorist stopped his car and ran across the road as well to stop this carnage. I prodded the cat with my weapon to ascertain if it can be hauled to a safer place. Woah! It was aggressive as I expected. The adrenalin has not subsided. The motorist have to run off to work. There I stood with my weapon guarding the wounded animal. Then the 3 dogs returned. Very obvious they were out to get the cat as food. They came in quite close as I stood my gound. I imagined myself with a blood dripping katana standing off against mystical rabid mutant hyenas. Then of all things my 3yo daughter shows up! ARGH! Now I must fend for the cat and my daughter! "Call mommy to get a box from home!" This made her run off easing my worries. The dogs stared while I continually drew a bead on each on of them. (sound of spaghetti western soundtrack buzzed through my head). They got fed up and left just like their ancestors before when my ancestors stole prey from them to eat. My wife brought the box and I lift the cat. It is no longer agressive and put it into the box. Took it to a safe place in the 3rd floor lift landing and placed it there. All this in a morning when I decided to wear my favorite expensive shirt and now I'm drenched in sweat to drive the girls to school.
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