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  1. Mugen is preparing body kits, new exhausts, and other parts for the latest Honda Civic Type R. Source: https://www.motor1.com/news/703238/honda-civic-type-r-by-mugen-for-2024-tokyo-auto-salon/ Mugen has over 50 years of experience in tuning and motorsport. The company has turned its attention to the Civic Type R by bringing a pair of modified examples to the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon that runs from January 12 through 14. They feature updated body kits and some mild performance tuning. Mugen calls the two flavors of modified Civic Type R the Group A and Group B. For now, there's only a single image of each car, but a video offers some additional details about each trim. Honda Civic Type R Group A by Mugen Honda Civic Type R Group B by Mugen The Group A kit is the milder one of the pair. Mugen adds a more aggressive front splitter and gives the front corner inlets a sharper shape. There are revised side sills and a reshaped wing out back. While not visible in this photo, the back bumper also has some styling changes. In all, it looks like something Honda could come up with for a special edition Type R from the factory. The Group B kit goes much further. It has the same front splitter and side inlets as the Group A, but there's also a carbon-fiber hood with lots of vents and slits. The top of the front fenders have additional openings to vent air from the wheel wells, while broad side sills give the flanks a more muscular appearance. Out back you'll find a tall wing and a modified bumper. The flamboyantly designed pieces give the Civic Type R a more stereotypical "tuner car" look that evokes the modded Civics from the early 2000s. These kits are not purely about aesthetics. Mugen used computational fluid dynamics to tune the pieces to help the Civic Type R's aerodynamic performance. The upgrades aren't limited to looks, either. Mugen is also developing new performance parts for the Type R. New dampers and BBS-sourced forged 19-inch wheels are part of the package. The Group A gets a stainless steel exhaust and new brake pads. The Group B has titanium pipes in addition to new brake calipers and rotors. Inside, the tuned Civic Type Rs feature a new steering wheel with Mugen branding on the bottom, bucket seats, a new shift knob, and carbon-fiber trim on the center console. Mugen will announce pricing for these parts at the Tokyo Auto Salon. We should also get a better look at the cars to see how much the body kits alter the Type R's appearance.
  2. Before there was such a thing as industrial design, there was the Citroen Type H van. Built from 1947 to 1981, the H Van used corrugated body panels to save weight, material, and manufacturing costs. Now, Citroen is revisiting the Type H with the Type Holidays, built on the current Spacetourer platform. The angular corrugated bodywork returns, this time with a pop-up roof. Under the pop-up, the interior sports a two-row bench seat that converts into a bed, along with a double bed for sleeping up to four people. A kitchenette includes a fridge, sink, and cooking area, while the toilet and rear bench can be removed to increase cargo area when not camping. Citroen debuted the Type Holidays at the Dusseldorf Caravan Show earlier in September and announced that it will be taking orders soon.
  3. 'Petite' is the word I have long associated with cars from Lotus stable, so when I first read about the dimensions of this new EV, I thought it was an typo error, but it is not. This SUV is gigantic, even by other auto manufacturers' standards. Length: 5,105 mm Width: 2,131 mm Height: 1,630 mm Wheelbase: 3,019 mm For a better illustration, it is larger than Aston Martin DBX (5.04 m), Audi Q8 (5.01 m), Maserati Levante (5.01 m), Porsche Cayenne (4.92 m), Range Rover Sport (4.88 m) and the same size as Lamborghini Urus (5.11 m) Max. Horsepower: 600 PS (entry level) 0 to 100Km/h: <3.0 sec Top Speed: 257 Km/h Range: ~400 Km Charging Capability: 800V Battery Capacity: >100 KWh
  4. Kudos to Lotus for going against all odds to come out with this proper sedan of its own, no longer just a badge engineered Proton. Lotus Electric Sedan Shows Its Sleek Production Body For First Time Following the unveiling of the Eletre electric performance SUV, Lotus Cars is applying the finishing touches to another all-electric product that takes the sleek shape of a fastback sedan. Internally codenamed Type 133, the Lotus electric sedan may be named Envya or Etude based on earlier trademark filings from China. A prototype has been spotted by one of our photographers undergoing cold weather testing in northern Scandinavia, near the Arctic Circle. Previously shown in shadowy teasers, the Lotus electric sedan makes its first appearance in the wild without bulky disguise in the form of this test prototype, giving us the best look so far at the brand's future Porsche Taycan rival. Despite the livery that pays tribute to Lotus Cars' 75th anniversary, we can draw some conclusions about its styling. The sedan features several common cues with the Lotus Eletre. Those include the split headlights and rear light bar – though the prototype has placeholder lights at the moment – diamond-pattern active lower grille, rising belt line, rearview cameras instead of side mirrors, and pop-out door handles. Other details worth a mention include a roof-mounted LiDAR and massive ventilated brake discs hugged by chunky calipers. Overall, the low-slung fastback sedan looks aggressive and will certainly provide more surprises once the camouflage tape gets removed. Inside, the new Lotus EV is expected to share the seats and steering wheel with the Eletre, as well as other components. It will be a four-seater with a full-length center console, and it will likely offer a full glass roof. Not much else is known about the new model, and that includes the powertrain. However, the automaker doesn't have too look too far for a high-performance dual-motor AWD powertrain as it can borrow the dual-motor AWD setup from the Eletre R that makes 905 horsepower (675 kilowatts) and 985 Newton-meters (726 pound-feet) of torque. The Lotus Eletre R does 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) in just 2.95 seconds and hits a top speed of 165 mph (265 km/h), so you can imagine this powertrain can achieve even superior performance when paired with a more aerodynamic (and possibly lighter) bodywork. Whatever powertrain this Lotus electric sedan prototype has under the skin, it wasn't working properly on that particular day as one of the photos shows it on the back of a tow truck. This is quite common for test prototypes, especially in early development stages. Lotus will reportedly unveil the Type 133 later this year, with sales expected to follow sometime in 2024.
  5. Hi Guru,my good Friend's old Porsche Plastic Fuel Tank is leaking,change a new one costed over $3,000,any idea what Epoxy best for Fuel Tank.?Thanks in advance.
  6. Source: https://www.motor1.com/news/599481/2023-honda-civic-type-r-debut/ It's been over a year since we first saw camouflaged prototypes of the 2023 Honda Civic Type R. An official teaser campaign from Honda began six months ago, featuring everything from auto show appearances to setting lap records, all with cars still wearing a camo wrap. Now, the wait is finally over and all is revealed. Well, except for a few minor details like power, performance, and price. Admittedly, those aren't minor details but Honda promises more information is coming soon. What we can share right now is that the newest Civic is the most powerful Type R ever. In fact, Honda says it's the fastest, most powerful Honda-branded vehicle ever offered for US buyers. The familiar turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder from the outgoing Type R still holds station under the hood, sending its power to the front wheels through a revised six-speed manual transmission. There is no sequential gearbox, no all-wheel drive, and no wild hybrid tech. In terms of powertrain, it's a proper old-school hot hatchback. As with the engine, Honda isn't ready to share details on the Civic Type R's underpinnings save for it being "enhanced." We do know the car is lower, longer, and wider than the previous model. It also wears a wider set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires, all of which surely contributes to the new Type R setting a front-wheel-drive lap record at Suzuka. Visually speaking, we finally get a good look at the Type R's big rear wing in context with the car. It's not the only upgrade – the front clip is a bit more aggressive with a mesh grille and revised corner intakes. Subtle side sills are found on the fenders behind the front wheels that work with the intakes, enhancing airflow efficiency around the car. Type R wheels and tires neatly fill bulged fender flares, and to maintain the sporty look, the hot hatch has wider rear doors versus the standard Civic. A rounded rear fascia with a diffuser and the triple-exit exhaust completes the exterior makeover. Inside, of course there's red mixed with black. You'll find red on the aggressive sport seats, carpeting, badging, and contrast stitching. Black covers the rest, including the Civic's handsome dash which carries over from the standard model. A special +R driving mode adds some visual excitement to the driver display, and an onboard data logger offers real-time information on the car and how it's responding to the driver.
  7. TL;DR – A driver of a cam car (make and model unknown) took their grievances online to shame two Honda Civic Type-R drivers for dangerous driving. Unfortunately, things did not work out as planned. Netizens ended up flaming the driver of the cam car instead. A cam car driver was overtaken by not one but TWO Honda Civic Type-Rs along the CTE and decided to call out the two Type-R drivers for reckless and dangerous driving. In an unexpected twist, netizens started flaming the cam car driver instead. I don’t know how you feel about it, but it’s a great form of amusement to wash away those Monday blues, that’s for sure. Watch the 2min+ video here: An interesting takeaway At the 0.06 mark of the video, you can see the Gold Type-R entering the frame with its right signal on, attempting to cut into the cam car’s lane. But what’s interesting is that you can see cam car speed up to block the Type-R from doing so. Yet, cam car driver calls out the Type-R driver for dangerous driving? Hmmm. The second Type-R Agreeably, the second Type-R (silver) did drive rather dangerously. It squeezed into a tight pocket of space in front of the cam car and weaved through other cars to exit the CTE. It probably deserved the high beam from the cam car in that instance. But, as always, let’s hear what other people have to say. Online Chatter Not even 1 comment supporting cam car! ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  8. There seems to be plenty of talk about COVID-19 and how it's mutating but not much with regards to masking. I have the habit of wearing a mask way before COVID for personal hygiene and masks were straight forward in design. However, I'm beginning to see face masks being integrated into fashion these days and wonder how effective those designs can be. So I started this thread focusing on face masks.
  9. Hi all, a very noob question. My coolant reservoir is running low and I'm not sure which Honda coolant am I using. Can I just add the antifreeze type 2 into the reservoir? If previously my ws is using type 1, can I mix type 1 with type 2? Thank in advance.
  10. cibic ignition so easy to break/hack and drive away? the owner did his best liao ... even turn his front wheel side so that not easy to tow ... good luck to the owner ... probably it's GONE for GOOD liao ...
  11. With the Chinese New Year festivities happening last week, most Singaporeans are sure to be extra cautious during this busy period. Whether it's chauffeuring their loved ones around or going about on their day-to-day tasks, the last thing a driver wants is to be involved in an accident during CNY. Luckily for this Honda Civic Type R driver, the unthinkable almost happened if not for his powerful brakes and short reaction time! The video starts with the cam car slowing down and stopping at a busy junction, just as the traffic lights turn red. On his right, a blue Honda Civic Type R from the opposite direction makes its right turn across the junction. As the vehicle enters the yellow box, a motorcyclist suddenly speeds across the junction as he beats the red light. Luckily, the Type R driver reacts quickly in time, slamming on his brakes and coming to a complete stop. The rider was shocked by the car's presence and swerved slightly to avoid being hit in a head-on collision. If it wasn't for the driver's quick thinking (and his brakes), this rider would not have been able to ride away with his leg sticking out like that. Big brake kit – is it purely for aesthetics? As one of the most popular car modifications, a big brake kit is advertised to drivers as necessary for greater stopping power and better overall handling of their vehicles. Consisting of larger-than-stock brake rotors, upgraded brake pads and rotors, stainless-steel brake lines, and fittings, the kit allows drivers to upgrade their car’s stock brake system for one single price. Even in wet conditions, drivers can enjoy better stopping power and shorter distances. It is also aesthetically more pleasing to look at and is safer to use on track. However, the downside is that installing one can be pretty expensive. Drivers have to upgrade their tyres to a larger size to fit the enormous discs of the kit, which can cost a few thousand dollars. Buuuuut, you can’t put a price on safety right? Netizens’ reactions Maybe AP Racing should contact our Honda Civic driver for a sponsorship? ========= Receive a $10 PayNow for every submission we publish on Facebook! Simply WhatsApp us ➡️https://bit.ly/3c6JERA
  12. Honda wants to electrify two-thirds of its lineup worldwide by 2030, which means that future performance vehicles from the brand could eventually be EVs. Hideki Kakinuma, the Honda Civic Type R project leader, talked to Motor Trend about what might happen: "Yes, of course, an electric Type R is possible." He indicated that the major challenge was offering the necessary performance at a reasonable price. "If all the base concept and philosophy of being a Type R is fulfilled with an electric powertrain … sure, this can happen," Kakinuma told Motor Trend. Before getting too excited about the Type R EV, it's worth reading Kakinuma's statement to Motor1.com about the future of the Type R badge. "The ‘R’ in Civic Type R has always stood for racing, so expanding into something like an SUV or crossover doesn’t make sense," Kakinuma told us. "The Civic is currently the only vehicle in the Honda lineup to meet our requirements of what a Type R needs to be." Rumors suggest that the next-gen Civic Type R could adopt a hybrid powertrain because it offers the expected driving dynamics while improving emissions. Opting for a full EV isn't the plan, yet. If an electric Type R happens, then the new Honda E could be the first to wear the moniker. "Well, this new platform, the motor and tires can all take more," Honda Assistant Large Project Leader Takahiro Shinya told Top Gear in January. "What I can say is we love Type R, it’s such a strong halo brand for us. As engineers, we want to make Type R of every model, but it’s whether the customer wants it that matters." The standard Honda E packs an electric motor powering the rear axle that's available with either 136 horsepower (100 kilowatts) or 154 hp (113 kW), and bother variants make 232 pound-feet (315 Newton-meters) of torque. A 35.5-kilowatt-hour battery offers 137 miles (220 kilometers) on a charge. In Germany, prices start at €33,470 before incentives, and the Advance trim with more power goes for an additional €3,000. Deliveries in Europe start this summer. https://www.motor1.com/news/400319/honda-electric-type-r-rumor/
  13. https://www.autoevolution.com/news/modern-honda-integra-type-r-rendering-joins-n-a-engine-with-manual-transmission-166793.html?fbclid=IwAR07jJkxfEycqWRW84-x3mAScratQnf-Udp5LeDjhzhgR0TONDIIOUpOFwQ# Sold by Acura in the United States, the Integra Type R is considered a driver’s car. Some people describe the DC2 as the best-handling FWD car ever produced, and I can certainly understand their lyrical waxing. Offered with rectangular headlights in Japan and with round headlights outside of the Land of the Rising Sun, the Integra Type R left a lasting impression on a generation of enthusiasts from all over the world. One detail that Honda got perfectly right is the B18C5, a legendary powerplant that revs beyond 8,000 revolutions per minute, even 8,700 for the British spec. The ultra-collectible Type R is rocking a close-ratio manual transmission with five gears rather than six, a helical-type LSD, a strengthened chassis that reduces body roll in the corners, reduced sound insulation, lighter wheels, and a thinner windshield than the Si, GS-R, and SiR-G variants. Capable of anything between 187 to 197 horsepower depending on the market, the DC2 is universally known for punching well above its weight. Offered in four exterior colors over a black interior, the Integra Type R numbers only 3,823 units in the United States of America. To understand just how desirable this fellow is nowadays, let’s just say that a 1997 model has recently sold at auction for $65,000 at no reserve. By comparison, the original window sticker read $24,000 ($40,630 after adjusting for inflation). A huge fan of the Integra Type R, industrial designer Jordan Rubinstein-Towler has taken upon himself to imagine the DC2 for the 2022 model year. The bite-the-back-of-your-hand beautiful rendering is complemented by a 2.4-liter Earth Dreams i-VTEC powerplant, and in the pixel wizard’s vision, the four-pot motor develops 276 horsepower at 8,600 rotations per minute. Pictured on Enkei forged wheels and Bridgestone Potenza semi-slick rubber, the design study is reassuringly minimalistic on the inside. There’s no centrally-mounted touchscreen to distract you from the driving experience, and instead of a fast-shifting DCT, the center console is where you’ll find a close-ratio manual with a billet-looking shifter and six ratios. Don’t get your hopes up for a brand-new Integra Type R, though. Honda is currently working on a compact sedan the size of the ILX, and a Type S performance-oriented variant is coming as well according to a dealership meeting from 2020. Be that as it may, the all-new Civic Type R is more than enough for Honda because go-faster compacts don’t sell well these days.
  14. My car is parked under hot sun daily , tried few types and the aroma very fast finish due to te heat.
  15. The next-gen hot hatch will still stand out in a crowd. The last couple of days have been busy in the Civic Type R world. Honda shared some "spy" photos, and then we caught video of the car in action sporting a single janky exhaust pipe. Not to fear, hot Honda fans – that pipe was just for testing purposes. A new round of decidedly unofficial Type R spy shots feature another red-wrapped prototype with all its production components, including the triple exhaust finishers out the back. Whereas Honda offered up just a pair of photos, our spy photographer grabbed 14 as the prototype went by. We already know the next Type R won't be as flamboyant as the outgoing model, but these shots offer a bit more context as to just what that entails. The front fascia features a large lower intake flanked by a pair of side intakes that look clean and aggressive without being shouty. The theme continues along the sides where we see rocker trim with a winglet in front of the rear wheel, similar to the current model. The biggest difference comes at the rear. Yes, that spoiler is large and in-charge, but barring clever panels hiding vents under the camo wrap (which actually is a menagerie of Rs when you look close), we'll have a modest pair of side vents flanking the center-exit exhaust. It's a far cry from the current Type R with its large corner vents and a plethora of contrasting angles. As for what's under the skin, expect to see a tweaked version of the current 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, turning just the front wheels with a six-speed manual. A slight bump in power is virtually guaranteed, but with front-wheel drive enduring as the order of the day, don't expect much more than the current Type R's 306 hp (228 kilowatts). The wrap should come off sometime next year as a 2023 model. More photos for your imagination.
  16. hi, anyone knows where to buy the above and how much? those made of stainless steel or alumimnum? to be fitted into HDB.
  17. Source: https://mothership.sg/2021/11/no-more-5bx/ The Singapore Army is replacing the current five basic exercises, famously known as 5BX, with "prehabilitation exercises", otherwise known as PX. The army has begun rolling out the PX to the various units and training schools since April 2021. The rollout is expected to be completed by December 2021, it was announced on Nov. 23. No more 5BX ritual This would mean that the Singapore Army is getting rid of the 5BX ritual that consists of jumping jacks, the high jumper, crunches, push ups and running -- a workout routine that has been in place since the 1970s to help soldiers to quickly ready their bodies for the day's activities in the morning. According to Pioneer back in September 2021, PX had a successful two-year trial that started at the Officer Cadet School. The programme was designed by physiotherapists and sports scientists at the Centre of Excellence for Soldier's Performance (CESP). Injuries reduced As a result of undergoing PX, soldiers' physical injuries sustained as a result of strenuous activity were reduced. These injuries usually affect the knees, back and ankles. The figures announced proved promising, as injury rates fell from 6.3 per cent to 2.6 per cent among 1,100 who participated in the experiment. PX is shown to help improve soldiers' flexibility and mobility, as well as strengthen their core. Exercises can be performed anytime To exercise better, units are recommended to perform PX daily, first thing in the morning, allowing soldiers to warm up their bodies before starting the day's training. The exercises can also be done anytime of the day. How are exercises done There are two PX programmes. Army units have a choice of two exercise programmes for variety, one with 14 exercises and the other with 15 exercises. Each exercise is to be done for 30 seconds with a slow tempo. Programme 1: Station 1 — Half squats, mountain climbers Station 2 — Step lunge, static hamstring stretch Station 3 — Single leg bridging, static hip flexor stretch Station 4 — Sit-ups, stretching of iliotibial band (tissue outside of hip, thigh and knee) in side-lying position Station 5 — Spiderman stretch (to stretch hips and back), knee-rolling stretch Station 6 — Alternate arm and leg lifts, buttock stretch in sitting position Station 7 — Stretching of the piriformis (muscle that moves the hip joint), high plank with alternate hip taps Programme 2: Station 1 — Single-leg or double-leg tip-toes on ground, upper calf stretch Station 2 — Wall squats or buddy squats, six-point star hops Station 3 — Burpees, sumo squats (to condition hips, inner thighs and butt) Station 4 — Iliotibial band stretches in side-lying position Station 5 — Clamshell exercise (to strengthen hip abductors), single-leg half squats Station 6 — Static lunges, lower-calf stretch Station 7 — Single-leg deadlift (to strengthen lower back, butt and core), side-plank hold Station 8 — Squat jumps, seated hamstrings stretch Diet also changed The diet of soldiers has also been tweaked to adjust to the day's activities. Pioneer reported that the CESP has introduced nutritional supplements to provide additional carbohydrate or protein-rich snacks to soldiers, depending on their training activities. For instance, if the unit has cardio training that day, such as fast marches or runs, they will be provided with carbohydrate-rich snacks. These could include sandwiches, oatmeal cookies or bananas. Whereas if the unit was preparing for strength or hypertrophy training like combat circuits, they could be given protein-rich snacks. Examples of these are protein bars, soya bean milk and a packet of nuts. More sleep as well The Singapore Army is also introducing a mid-week rest extension by letting soldiers sleep more to promote passive recovery. This means having nine hours of sleep -- two hours more than usual -- after the conduct of strenuous activity mid-week. Top photo via Pioneer
  18. A quicker turbo is expected to bring more low-end torque. Europe’s emissions regulations are some of the strictest in the world, paving the way for a plethora of cars powered by three-cylinder 1.0-liter engines. Aside from having to embrace downsizing, automakers are also heavily investing in electrification to keep the legislators happy and avoid having to pay steep fines related to exceeding average fleet CO2 emissions. Honda is not immune to the changes and has vowed to electrify its entire Euro lineup by 2022, but with one important exception. The Civic Type R will go down in history as the last bastion of gas-only Hondas on the Old Continent, according to a new report from Autocar. While the adjacent rendering from X-Tomi Design illustrates a hypothetical sedan, the Type R formula will once again be applied to the hatchback format. Despite rumors suggesting the next hot hatch would go hybrid with all-wheel drive and around 400 horsepower, the British magazine claims Honda will stick to the tried-and-tested formula. It’ll allegedly retain the turbocharged 2.0-liter gasoline engine, but with a minor bump in horsepower over the current 316 hp. Autocar claims the Civic Type R is unlikely to get a major boost considering its front-wheel-drive nature. The report goes on to specify torque delivery could see an improvement as a result of improving turbocharger response. The outgoing model already excels in that area, offering 295 pound-feet (400 Newton-meters) from 2,500 rpm to 4,500 rpm. To please purists eager to row their own gears, Honda has already confirmed the next Civic Type R will retain the three-pedal setup. source: https://www.motor1.com/news/465426/honda-civic-type-r-europe/
  19. 2021 Honda Ridgeline Type R Will Produce Over 400 HP source: https://japancarsmanufacturer.com/2021-honda-ridgeline-type-r/ High-performance pickup trucks are obviously becoming a trend. One of the models that will draw the biggest attention is the forthcoming 2021 Honda Ridgeline Type R. Besides sporty appearance, this version will get more standard equipment and premium interior design. Many manufacturers are already offering high-performance variants, and Honda is known for its Type R brand. Ridgeline seems to be a perfect candidate for this treatment, and it will look astonishing. According to the latest reports, Ridgeline Type R will hit the dealerships in the second half of 2020. Once it arrives, this truck will offer unique suspension, more power, sportiness, and better comfort. Ridgeline Type R Comes With Impressive Sporty Vibe In terms of design, the new 2021 Honda Ridgeline Type R will look incredibly sporty and attractive. For a start, new aerodynamics are looking impressive. This mid-size pickup truck will also gain a couple of new exterior features. On the other hand, some existing features are enlarged. That includes larger vents and air intakes. Front fascia hosts a blacked-out grille and more aggressive bumpers. Similar styling cues can be found on the Civic Type-R model that comes with a bigger scoop and recognizable three-section grille. Ridgeline Type R will also introduce more carbon fiber materials and plenty of red accents. 19-inch wheels are offered as standard, and the customers can even buy optional 20-inch rims. The rear part will sport a two-way tailgate, reshaped taillights, and the in-bed trunk feature. Upright Interior Design Inside the cabin, 2021 Honda Ridgeline Type R will look amazing. The mid-size pickup truck will offer a lot of premium details and a lot of space. Unlike the base model, the Type R version looks more upright, and it delivers premium stuff. That includes leather upholstery, sportier steering wheel, a lot of red accents and contrast stitching. A flat-bottom steering wheel looks unique and very sporty. The new gauge cluster is available, along with the bigger tachometer. Clutch pedal and new gearshift are also available. The layout of buttons and controls is simple, and the interior is driver-oriented. You won’t have to worry about comfort, longer trips, and ride quality. Potent V6 Gets a Turbocharger Of course, when it comes to Type R models, the engine is the main topic. New 2021 Honda Ridgeline Type R will most likely use a 3.5-liter V6, just like the regular model. However, this engine will get further improvements. For a start, Honda will install a turbocharger. Thanks to that, this engine won’t produce 280 hp and 262 lb-ft of torque. Instead, Type R will generate around 450 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of twists. Furthermore, the direct-injection fuel system and new VTEC system are also available. Thanks to all updates, Ridgeline Type R is ready to conquer. A standard AWD system will help this high-performance pickup to reach its potential. 2021 Honda Ridgeline Type R Price and Release Date The brand-new 2021 Honda Ridgeline Type R will start at around $50,000. That is more than the Ridgeline’s range-topping Black Edition trim level. Ridgeline Type R will become Honda’s first high-performance pickup truck ever built. This model will be released in the second half of 2020. Most likely, competitors are Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro and Ford Ranger Raptor.
  20. It is of utmost importance that we keep our brake systems working and healthy at all times. The following video perfectly illustrates why. Seen on 8th of December is a Honda Vezel exiting onto a busy Dunearn Road from one of the smaller lanes. The law-abiding drivers would know that you should never turn into the middle lane but this Vezel bravely crossed the double white line without hesitation. This caused the Honda Civic Type R camera car that submitted the video to SG Road Vigilante to claim that he had to slam on his brakes real hard, causing the brake hose to erm... break. In our opinion, the Honda Vezel driver is a joke but we must point out that the Type R camera car was also going at a good nick in the drizzle. Thankfully, there was no contact between the cars but the camera car driver made sure to give the Vezel driver a piece of his mind (Watch until the final moments of the video).
  21. Honda Civic Type R gets assortment of Mugen aftermarket parts source: https://uk.motor1.com/news/431165/honda-civic-type-r-mugen/ Fulfill your wildest boy-racer fantasies. The Civic Type R is one of the wildest looking performance hatchbacks on the market today. The polarizing and angular design got some tweaks for 2020, along with a few changes underneath, though it did nothing to dampen the car’s boy-racer aesthetics. However, those wanting an even wilder appearance only have to look to Mugen for an assortment of aftermarket parts that’ll allow someone to turn the Type R’s styling way past 11. Mugen offers several exterior body pieces that enhance the hatchback’s look. At the front, the company offers a front under spoiler, carbon grille garnish, and a carbon fibre hood. At the back, available parts include a tailgate spoiler, a new wing, and a (very) busy rear diffuser. Other exterior upgrades include revised side skirts and carbon side-mirror covers. Mugen packages the front under spoiler, side skirts, and rear diffuser in a Styling Set while the Aero & Wheel Set is the Styling set paired with Mugen’s 20-inch wheels. Inside, customers can change their steering wheel while adding Mugen-branded inner door protectors. The company also offers a racing seat from Recaro with the Mugen logo embroidered in the headrest. There’s also an assortment of shift knobs, an engine start-stop button with the Mugen logo, and scuff plates. Those looking to upgrade the car’s sound can opt for the sport exhaust system. For 2020, Honda engineers kept many of the Type R’s upgrades hidden underneath the sheet metal. The 2020 model received upgraded brakes, a stiffer suspension, and revised steering, along with other updates. The grille grew in size, too, helping feed air to the turbocharged four-cylinder under the bonnet. However, it continues to make the same 306 bhp. If Mugen’s wild look is a bit much, there are plenty of other available upgrades.
  22. Anyone here uses steam iron, the type which doesn't need ironing board? How effective is it? Can it replace those type which needs ironing board? I don't need straight iron lines on my clothes, just need to remove wrinkles.
  23. The Type S concept that Acura is showing off at Monterey Car Week is basically the blueprint for the next-generation TLX sedan in its top-performance trim — minus some of the design flourishes that make it a concept. "The Type S concept sets the stage for re-introducing Type S performance variants to the Acura lineup after a decade hiatus, and will heavily influence the character of the upcoming, second-generation TLX Type S," the company said in a statement. Acura, which is harking back to its performance roots with edgier looks and go-fast parts, released images of the concept prior to its presentation at Monterey Car Week on Thursday. The next-generation TLX is likely to be shown in the coming months for sale as a 2021 model. The production car will have door handles — unlike the concept — along with larger side mirrors and an interior similar to the redesigned RDX crossover, which last year became the brand's first mainstream model under the new design direction. Acura's remake began four years ago with the second-generation NSX supercar. Acura designers say the concept to be shown in Monterey already has many of the engineering details worked out, suggesting the production car won't be far off in terms of overall design. The concept will also heavily influence a second vehicle with the reborn Type S trim, although Acura hasn't said which one. "The return of Type S is instrumental in our mission to return Acura to its performance roots," said Jon Ikeda, Acura brand officer. More recently, Acura brought back A Spec appearance trims, along with a new pentagon grille for all models. It also confirmed a new turbocharged six-cylinder engine is in the works for Type S models, excluding the low-volume NSX, which has a unique powertrain. "I don't have the direct numbers to give you about the exact performance," Ikeda said at an event last week. "I guarantee you that just as exciting as these [Type S] vehicles were in the past, we are definitely going to have the performance upgrade, whether its brakes or handling or performance of the engine." The luxury brand has said it will get down to four core vehicles: two sedans and two crossovers. The RLX full-size sedan is set to be discontinued given its poor sales. Moreover, Acura is refocusing on the NSX as its halo vehicle rather than a big sedan. The Type S trims are seen as the bridge to link the NSX to the brand's more attainable models. The "brand pyramid" consists of the NSX at the top, followed by Type S performance trims, A Spec appearance trims and regular models. Up next for a full redesign after the TLX are the MDX three-row crossover and ILX compact sedan. That will complete Ikeda's promise, in the short term, to bring Acura back to its roots as a brand that is deeply involved in racing and reflects that racing heritage in its vehicles. "What we did promise our dealers and our enthusiast friends is that as we go back [to our roots] you're going to see a transformation happening to their brand through our products and designs, and not only through performance," Ikeda said. He promised that "big changes" in product are coming "very quickly."
  24. 2018 Honda Civic Type R Black EditionThe world has already witnessed the prototype model of 2018 Honda Civic Type R Black Edition as the company unveiled it in Paris at the 2016 Mondial de L’Automobile. This Black Edition model is targeted to bring an enhanced driving spirit and performance with an improved drivetrain. The overall styling of Honda Type R showcases 2 major features – racing performance and modern signature design language. The design of current generation model is a show stopper as it is unique to a great extent. The upcoming 2018 Honda Civic Type R Black Edition will be improved more on aerodynamics for achieving greater stability at higher speeds. This will not just help in bringing out an improved performance but will benefit fuel efficiency as well. The existing model has an aggressive stance as with wide wheel arches. This exterior styling including several others is to be retained in 2018 model. The interior cabin is shout out racing spirit which is characterized by sporty seats and steering wheel. The steering wheel also has controls to the intelligent Multi-Info Display (i-MID). Apart from having a blistering performance, the Black Edition is also likely to get an array of top tech features. Some of the tech features that are present in the current model include: Dual Stage Driver i-SRS Airbag. City-Brake Active System. Brake Assist. Electronic Brakeforce Distribution. Vehicle Stability Assist. Emergency Locking Retractor. 2018 Honda Civic Type R Black Edition – Engine and Performance:The 2018 Honda Civic Type R Black Edition might borrow the same 2.0 liter 4 cylinder turbocharged engine with a single-scroll turbocharger, a direct fuel injection and Honda’s popular VTEC valve train system. Although not confirmed, this engine is likely to be tuned for producing 295 lb-ft of torque at 2,500 RPM and 306 HP at 6,500 RPM. Don’t expect the new Civic Type R to come with an automatic transmission anytime soon as the same 6-speed manual transmission system will be used. If the company plans on adding more power, the output figures might reach and surpass 340 HP. With the update and refinement in the engine, the Type R Black Edition is going to the segment-leading performance. This new model will be able to take a sprint from 0 to 62 mph in less than 6 seconds. The top speed is 167 mph. The fuel economy is 26 mpg in the city, 32 mpg on highways and 30 mpg on a combined basis. http://www.hondacarmodels.com/2018-honda-civic-type-r-black-edition/
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