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Found 22 results

  1. Will be available in Japan from June 2024. Honda Freed Air Honda Freed Crosstar Quick Spec Dimensions: 4,310 mm (L) x 1,695 mm (W) x 1,755 mm (H) Wheelbase: 2,740 mm Engine: 1.5L Petrol and Hybrid (e:HEV) Transmission: CVT Drivetrain: 2WD and 4WD
  2. I own a Honda Freed Hybrid 2019 model and this happen to me twice. When going to Malaysia at Woodlands causeway, sometimes it's a long wait. But there are times where it's 1 hour+ at the causeway. The strange thing is that my hybrid battery will go dead, and then the car doesn't seem to move. When I press on the accelerator, the car jerks and has no power moving forward. There is multiple reminder to me that the battery will be dead soon and performance will degrade. Only when the car clears the customs, I drive for about 1km+ then the car goes back to normal. The last time it happens, I have to stop the car, turn off and on, and I see the car charging. So the question is: 1) Why isn't my Freed charging when stationary? Is there a configuration that I need to do in order to enable that? The car instructions are all in Japanese. 2) Will this situation damage the battery life?
  3. Hi all , I would like to made a check on the above 2 mentioned Hybrid Compact MPV . Any comments on the findings I have made, is it correct or not? The findings as follow: 1.BHP: Honda Freed Hybrid 131bhp vs Toyota Sienta Hybrid 72bhp ( I believed Sienta Hybrid BHP should be higher, anyone can clarify ?) 2. COE : Honda Freed Hybrid is CAT B vs Toyota Sienta Hybrid is CAT A ? 3. OMV : Honda Freed Hybrid more than 20k vs Toyota SientaHybrid less than 20k? 4. Downpayment Honda Freed Hybrid 40% vs Toyota Sienta Hybrid 30%? 5. Overall Size: Honda Freed Hybrid vs Toyota Sienta Hybrid, which is bigger? 6.3rd Row spacing: Honda Freed Hybrid average 1.75 m sitting still have 4-5 fingers spacing vs Toyota Sienta Hybrid 72bhp is touching the 2nd row seat? 7.Safety Features: Honda Freed Hybrid vs Toyota Sienta Hybrid ? Anyone can comment pls? 8. Pricing : Honda Freed Hybrid 113k -116k vs Toyota Sienta Hybrid is 106k to 110k 9. Which one is more worth to but for a compact MPV? 10. Will it be another hit after Toyota Sienta Hybrid?
  4. Honda has revealed its new Honda Freed Modulo X in Japan. Like the rest of the Modulo X models, the Freed Modulo X also receives the same exterior and interior upgrades. Upgrades of the car include a set of more aggressive bodykit that changes the whole outlook of the MPV. Along with the bodykit are new side mirrors, new 15-inch wheels and a lowered suspension. Elsewhere, special seats with the 'Modulo X' badge can be found inside, reminding owners that their cars aren't the run of the mill variant. Complementing the seats are new piano black trim, leather steering wheel and matching floor mats. Powertrain wise, the car can be had with either the Sport Hybrid i-DCD or the non-hybrid 1.5-litre four-cylinder. Buyers can also choose to get the car in a six or seven seater seating arrangement.
  5. The all new Honda Freed has gone on sale in Japan and is available in hybrid and normal petrol variants. For the Japanese market, buyers can choose from 16 different variants of the car, with choices of it being a normal five seater or a six/seven seater. There is also a special-needs version of the Freed for those who have passengers who are wheelchair bound. You can also have your car with all-wheel drive if you wish. The normal Freed is 4,265mm in length with some models of the Freed+ a further 30mm longer to allow for more cargo space. Interestingly, the Freed+ only comes in five seater guise while the normal Freed can be had in six or seven seater guise. Elsewhere, rear sliding doors now open 665mm (an increase of 20mm) for easier entry. A 15mm lower ground height helps too. Once inside, passengers will find it easier to move around the car as the walk-through width increases by 50mm in the first row and 25 mm in the second row. The new Freed also gets a cleaner-looking dashboard design with a total of three interior colours (black, beige and mocha). Since the freed is based on the Honda Fit/Jazz, it's no surprise the powertrains available are largely similar. Buyers will have a choice of a 129bhp 1.5-litre four-cylinder DOHC i-VTEC petrol that is mated to a CVT or a hybrid i-DCD powertrain that makes use of a 108bhp 1.5-litre Atkinson cycle four-cylinder DOHC i-VTEC engine that is paired with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and an 29bhp electric motor. The front-wheel drive versions of the Hybrid can return up to 27.2km/L while the petrol variant will achieve 19km/L. The Honda Freed is expected to be slightly more expensive than the Toyota Sienta if it does reach our shores.
  6. Anyone here have lobang for rear spolier for Freed (2017) model please? side bodykit? thank you
  7. The all-new 2016 Honda Freed has been revealed recently on its official website. Looking very much different from its predecessor at the front, the MPV does retain a similar profile if viewed from the side. Like the rest of its Honda family, it receives the 'Solid Wing face that makes the car look wider than it actually is. On that note, the Freed is larger and taller than before. For those curious about how the rear look, Honda did not release any photos of the showing the back of the car at press time. Likely to be based on the Honda Fit/Jazz's platform, the Freed will be available with a 1.5-litre i-VTEC DOHC engine or a Sport Hybrid i-DCD powertrain that also sees action in the Fit/Jazz and Vezel/HR-V For those in the market looking for a small MPV, the Freed can be a good alternative to the Toyota Sienta.
  8. What will be next model from Indonesia? Kijang? (SINGAPORE) The first Indonesian-built Honda will be launched in Singapore this weekend by authorised distributor Kah Motor. The Freed is a compact seven-seat MPV, and the cars headed here will be produced outside Jakarta, at Kawarang. But the Made-in-Indonesia label is not new to the local automotive market - Suzuki introduced its APV multi-purpose vehicle here in mid-2005. Other Japanese models are also sourced from Asean countries, such as Thailand (Toyota Vios, Corolla Altis and Camry, as well as Honda City and Accord) and Malaysia (Proton and Perodua). For a while, starting in mid-2004, there was also a Ford Laser from the Philippines. Because of its large manufacturing footprint, Honda has production facilities worldwide. Japan's second-biggest auto-maker began exporting cars to Singapore from other than its home base when the first Thai-made City sedan arrived here in 1996. This was followed by an Ohio, US-sourced Accord in 1998. Then in 2003, an Accord began arriving here from Thailand. In 2007, the sporty Civic Type R from the Swindon plant in the UK made its maiden appearance in Singapore. The Freed is a 1.5-litre mini-MPV that debuted in Japan in May 2008. A month later it became available here through parallel importers. It is based on the Jazz Hatchback platform, but with a longer 2,795 mm wheelbase and, of course, a third row of seats. Thanks to the tall roof and low cabin floor, the last row can accommodate two average-size adults in relative comfort. The Freed also has dual rear sliding doors. On the Kah Motor model, these are electrically powered. Kah Motor reckons the car will be a winner. 'If you look at the success of the Jazz, with all its desirable qualities like fuel economy and manoeuvrability, then it follows that the Freed, with its convenience of a third row of seats, will also be popular,' said Kah Motor's product manager Vincent Ng. Prices will only be announced on Friday, but the Freed is likely to cost more than the most expensive Jazz - currently the Jazz 1.5, which is priced from around $75,000. The authorised Freed will also be dearer than the $70,000 or so that parallel importers are asking for. In the 12 months since the Freed has been available here, about 600 units have been registered.
  9. [shakehead] Overlooked? Shouldnt this be put up firstly... [confused]
  10. looks pretty cute
  11. Anybody ordered this car ? Look very attractive. PI quoted $71k+
  12. Thinking of changing to either Freed or Stream, need advice from owners, pros & cons (mod friendly ), many thanks in advance
  13. As topic above. No news from Kah Motor also it seems. :( With the high COE, this seems like a good logical ride for people looking for MPVs.
  14. I just can't understand why the Scottish Justice minister has allowed the terrorist to be freed back to his country. It seems like something is wrong here unless there is something happening under the table which is not published.
  15. Need help here,My 2nd bro wanna find a compact 7 seater MPV due to expand of his family(6 peeps).Stream and Wish is out of question as the road tax and Ins alone is too expensive even for OPC.His father in-law just bought the Exora.Anyone here knows the pros and cons of both cars?Ie insurance,performance,FC,Price,Comfort etc?He plan to trade in his 4 years old Gen2 1.6 later this year end.
  16. Hi all, any idea which PI still selling this car or come by anyone wanna to sell theirs? Hoping coe will drop since erp increasing on 1 nov!!!
  17. Respect the Chile authorites and their ppl there trying all means to rescue the miners, and they never give up. I hope Singapore will learn a lesson from them... we must never give up & avoid covering "big hole" with cement and pushing blames. currently how many holes???
  18. Hi to all, We, Cars & Stars are having a promotion on the Honda Freed this period and all customers still get to enjoy free coverage by our Retrenchment Protection Plan. Do check out the offer on our website. Cheers!
  19. anybody own honda freed? i sit in pi showroom car and the 3rd row is really cramped. my knees rub against the seats in front. head room is ok tho. i am about 1.7 m. 3rd row is like meant for kids, dog and maid only. if adult sit in 3rd row go up to genting come out of car sure cannot unbend the knees and straighten the legs. stuck to walk like sitting position for one hour man.
  20. Come across this interesting 5/7/8 Seater from bro Carbon82 at SHC: http://www.shc-forum.com/viewtopic.php?t=1...der=asc&start=0 Look like it will be a competitor to Toyota Sienta. Launch Date: 29 May 2008 (in Japan) Available with 3 seating configuration: 5 pax (2 row) / 7 pax (3 row with captain seat on 2nd row) / 8 pax (3 row with bench seat on 2nd & 3rd row) Price: 5 seat version to be price around that of entry level Airwave, while 7 / seat version around that of entry level Stream External Dimension: 4,215mm (L) x 1,695mm (W) x 1,715mm (H) Wheelbase: 2,700mm Engine Type: 1.5L SOHC i-VTEC (L15A) Engine Capacity: 1,496cc Max. Horsepower: 118ps / 6,600rpm Max. Torque: 142Nm (14.4Kgm) / 4,800rpm Transmission: Auto - CVT Fuel Consumption (Japan 10-15 Mode): 16.4Km/L (Base model)
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