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    Found 14 results

    1. Davidklt

      Honda Grace

      Just launched. Looks like Honda has really lost their way in the design. This looks like a Sonata or Elantra.
    2. StreetFight3r

      Ms Grace Fu & her Anti-Chope Movement

      Minister of Culture, Community and Youth Grace Fu, who was the guest-of-honor, felt that such events are great in promoting a more gracious Singapore. She said, “It is not just limited to an event, but it is for us to bring this energy that can be put to great use in shaping the kind of society we would like to see.” At the Kindness Carnival, Ms Fu stood by one of the new Ground-Up Movements (GUMs) called Anti-Chope Movement supported by SKM. The founders of the Anti-Chope Movement said, “What an honour to stand with Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports Ms Grace Fu. While she holds up one of our cards with the #antichopemovement message! – ‘Please don’t chope!’.” On their Facebook page, one of the founders explained why the movement was started, “What started out as a pet peeve, I have decided to take action and make a difference in hope to change social behavior, dissuading ‘chope-rs’ from ‘chope-ing’.” “To ‘chope’ is not a life hack. In my opinion, it is an ungracious act carried out by individuals who are conforming to what everyone else is doing and taking to this advantage ‘ Singaporean-tradition’ of reserving a seat for selfish reasons… Seats at hawker centres, food courts, coffee shops, cafes and fast food restaurants are meant to be FREE-SEATING, free-for-all, it is a first-come-first get a seat (butt seated) basis; that is why you pay an economical price dining in places like that as opposed to dining in a restaurant,” it added. “Please don’t ‘chope’. It is ungracious.” Grace Fu caught ‘chope-ing’ public carpark lot with the help of a police officer It’s strange that the founders of Anti-Chope Movement felt honored to have stood next to Minister Fu, the guest-of-honour at the SKM event, when Ms Fu herself was caught ‘chope-ing’ a public car park lot a couple of years ago with the help of a police officer. In 2016, a resident while waiting for his wife at a public car park in Jurong, saw a man standing at a red season parking lot, reserving the season parking slot. The resident went up to ask the person what he was doing. The person identified himself as a policeman and explained that he was reserving the parking lot for a “VIP”. The resident went back to his car to continue waiting for his wife. When the VIP arrived at the lot in a Mercedes, it turned out that the VIP was Minister Fu. Like seats at hawker centres, food courts, coffee shops, cafes and fast food restaurants, the parking lots at any public carparks are meant to be parked on a “first-come-first-get” basis. That is why one pays an “economical price” parking at public carparks as opposed to parking in office lots with specially assigned car plate numbers. When the news broke, many netizens did not approve having a policeman wasting his time ‘chope-ing’ a public carpark lot for Ms Fu. In any case, since Ms Fu has sided with Anti-Chope Movement, she seems to be sending a message that ‘chope-ing’ seats in public eating places is ungracious but having a public servant to ‘chope’ a public carpark lot for her is ok.
    3. Fascinating piece I saw in my Facebook feed. It's written by the Brits. The Westerners have generally lauded ASSK for her fight for her country's freedom but I have not read a single western piece which single her out for her political ambitions. If you want me to sum up this piece diplomatically - "She is a politician". http://blogs.channel4.com/world-news-blog/aung-san-suu-kyi-falling-grace/26332 As political heroes go, few rank higher that Burmese opposition leader, Aung San Suu Kyi. Most people know her as a modern-day saint – the diminutive democrat who defied Burma’s ruthless military leaders. Yet an increasing number are beginning to question Ms Suu Kyi’s judgement. Remarks made in a BBC television interview this week in relation to that country’s brutal ethnic conflict between Buddhists and the minority Muslims have earned particular criticism. Observers and activists have accused Burma’s “icon of democracy” of factual inaccuracies and a surprising shortage of compassion. Ethnic violence erupted last year in Sittwe, the capital of Burma’s Rakhine state. Rohingya Muslims bore the brunt of the violence with an estimated 142,000 now living in a series of squalid camps. In April, Human Rights Watch accused government and military officials, as well as local extremist groups, of ethnic cleansing. When asked about HRW’s findings by the BBC, Ms Suu Kyi dismissed them out of hand. “It’s not ethnic cleansing,” she said. “What the world needs to understand (is) that the fear is not just on the side of the Muslims, but on the side of the Buddhists as well.” This is her standard response to questions about the violence. Nobody bears responsibility. Instead, “fear” is blamed. Everyone suffers “equally”. In Ms Suu Kyi’s world, victims and offenders are the same. Unfortunately, it’s not true. The vast majority of Muslim Rohingya residents in Sittwe have been cleared out while Buddhists (for the most part) remain in their homes. Furthermore, the Rohingya are politically powerless. They are denied citizenship in Burma and face a wide range of draconian restrictions on healthcare, schooling, travel – even their ability to have children. The Buddhist population on the other hand face no comparable restrictions – and why would they? They control the local and state government. Muslims in Burma were troubled by several other references in her BBC interview. First, a reference to those Muslims who had “managed to integrate” has made many feel uncomfortable. Here’s what she said: “I would like to make the point that there are many moderate Muslims in Burma who have been well integrated into our society….” That’s got many people asking whether she thinks Muslims have to acquire some sort of “Burmeseness” in order to be “accepted”. There is, of course, no such thing as a national identity in Burma. The constitution recognises 135 different ethnic groups Secondly, Ms Suu Kyi seems to suggest that the violence was caused by Buddhists’ fear of what she calls “global Muslim power”, saying: “You, I think, will accept that there is a perception that Muslim power, global Muslim power, is very great and certainly that is the perception in many parts of the world, and in our country too.” This is dangerous territory for the Nobel Prize winner. The Rohingya have not been linked with any acts of violence – or pan-Arab extremist groups like al-Qaeda – despite the desperate situation they find themselves in. If Burmese Buddhists perceive Muslim groups like the Rohingya to be part of a “global Muslim power movement”, it is incumbent on her, as a person with real moral authority, to correct that misconception. Despite her comments, Ms Suu Kyi finds herself very much in demand. She has been in the UK this week visiting a long list of dignitaries, like the Prime Minister David Cameron and former leader Gordon Brown, as well as Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall. Today, Ms Suu Kyi travelled to Sandhurst military academy (see picture above) to “deliver a speech and see the cadets training,” according to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Interestingly, Ms Suu Kyi won’t be visiting any civil rights groups in London – the organisations who supported her vigorously when she spent nearly two decades under house arrest. Nor is she expected to drop in on members of the sizeable Burmese community in the UK. To do so would lead to the sort of robust exchange of views that our modern-day saint now seems keen to avoid.
    4. Little_prince

      Grace Fu so Kinky....

    5. Sibei Drama!!!! While opening new browser and I come across this on homepage, dunno share before but..... Look at those pics!!!!!!!!! http://entertainment.xin.msn.com/en/celebr...-at-awards-show
    6. Dinosaka

      Grace Fu is right la...PM say so!

      http://m.yahoo.com/w/news_asia/grace-fu-wa...amp;.lang=en-sg Grace Fu was completely right: PM Lee By Fann Sim | Yahoo! Newsroom - 18 hours ago Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong defended Member of Parliament (MP) Grace Fu on Tuesday, noting that Fu was right in saying that further pay cuts will make it more difficult to get anyone to consider joining politics. "If the pay is not competitive, then it's just another obstacle to people who have got something valuable to add to Singapore,
    7. Unidentified


      "PAP Member of Parliament and former senior minister of state Grace Fu wrote about her feelings online. Her decision to join politics in 2006, she said, was not based on pay. "The disruption to my career was also an important consideration," she added." if not based on $$$$, then why are you making so much noise now with PAY CUTS!!!!!!?!??!?!??? SOUNDS VERY CONTRADICTING, PLEASE STEP DOWN AND CRAWL BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM AND SEE WHETHER THEY CAN PAY YOU SO MUCH!!!!!
    8. Recently been given a 1 min expired coupon summons. Well I was actually late for 5 mins. Just wondering, is there any grace period??
    9. one biggy on 2 lots... he parked there prolly more than 2 hrs.... who can i complain to? :angry:
    10. Im sure most of u kena before. No parking lots available, or the shop u wanna go is closed, etc etc. This is purely meant as a guide, so that other bros/sis can be prepared of non-grace timing/period carparks and to keep a lookout for better parking places. Don't come in here with your "can buy car but cannot pay parking". Thanks! :) Start the ball rolling: 1) Vivocity
    11. Suntec City parking got grace(free) period of 10mins or 15mins?
    12. let say if a carpark charges $1/hr before 6pm, then $2/entry after 6pm and there is grace period of 10mins, so if i enter between 5.50pm-6pm, will i be charged the per hr parking fee in additon to the per entry fee or i will be charged only per entry from 6pm onwards?
    13. Hi All. I parked at HDB MSCP using cashcard & noticed that sometimes for short periods there is no deduction to my cashcard. Anybody knows what is the official "grace period" when parking there? Also several private carparks using cashcard also has a grace period. Can we state down those we know for benefit of forumers here? My contribution: 1. Thomson Plaza - 15 mins.