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    Found 61 results

    1. TL;DR – A stationary Prius at a set of traffic lights in Woodlands suddenly changes to the right lane. The driver then opens his door to reveal a phone in his hand and points the middle finger at cam car. What bizarre behaviour Watch this minute-long video to understand just how bizarre. The exciting bits are in the first 12-seconds (if you have no time to watch the whole thing). Did you spot something? But, because he decided to do something so foolish, cam car caught something interesting. This mofo was using his handphone while driving! Watched the whole video? Naturally, I watched the whole video to see if cam car had done something to ignite the hellfire within the Prius driver. But, there was nothing to support that fact. Cam car did not even sound the horn when the incident occurred. Online Chatter Not just Lalamove. BlueXX also. --------- Witnessed an accident? See something interesting on the roads? Submit your image/video/news via MyCarForum's WhatsApp. We'll pay you $10 per post!
    2. Sometimes it is better to miss a left turn than to risk damaging your car. While most drivers end up staying in their lanes after missing a turn, this stubborn Toyota Prius driver takes it to the next level. The video starts with the camcar approaching a busy road intersection as he drives down Yishun Avenue 6. At this moment, he notices the silver Toyota Prius up ahead, travelling dangerously close to a green SBS bus. The car is situated between both lanes, making it hard for the camcar to move forward in the right-turning lane. It is evident here that the silver car wanted to turn left but had failed to form up properly earlier on. Instead of letting it go and staying on the right lane, the stubborn Prius decides to sandwich itself in an attempt to make the turn. Puzzled by the driver's behaviour, the camcar inches forward as the light turns green. The bus proceeds to make its intended left turn, which ends with the silver car receiving a slight hit on its side. Unfazed, the driver tilts his vehicle towards the right. Thinking that the Prius finally is willing to make a right turn, the camcar driver slowly forms up behind the vehicle. Just as the right-turning arrow shines green, the camcar prepares himself to take his turn behind the silver car - only to be met with more bewilderment as the vehicle suddenly turns left. Is this considered an offence? While I am shocked and puzzled as to why the Prius didn't just proceed to the right, I have to say that the driver's behaviour is hazardous and inconsiderate to other road users. According to the Driver Improvement Points System (DIPS), forming up incorrectly when turning left or right is considered an offence and results in 4 demerit points and a fine of up to $150. Additionally, failing to give way to oncoming vehicles at a controlled or uncontrolled junction merits another 4 demerit points and a fine of up to $150. Driving or riding against the traffic flow as indicated by traffic signs is also another offence, and the penalty for it is 6 demerit points and a fine of up to $250. Regardless of how many offences this Prius driver has committed over this stubborn stunt, it is safe to say that he probably will be summoned to a kopi session very soon. Netizens' reactions ---------- Witnessed an accident? See something interesting on the roads? Submit your image/video/news via MyCarForum's WhatsApp. We'll pay you $10 per post!
    3. https://jalopnik.com/check-out-what-a-toyota-prius-engine-looks-like-after-3-1848018980 <Check Out What A Toyota Prius Engine Looks Like After 303,000 Miles This Prius engine was neglected, but it was still alive and kicking. Screenshot: Speedkar99 / YouTube (Other) A Toyota Prius has joined my shared fleet in what so far is a positive Carvana experience. Since I love knowing all I can about every vehicle in the fleet I’ve been binging all sorts of Prius videos. One of the ones that I’ve come across is a detailed teardown of a high-mileage 2004 Prius engine that looks good, even after some neglect. A few readers have expressed concerns about picking up a Prius with 90,000 miles and expecting to run it 30,000 miles a year. That kind of driving can be hard on a car. Yet, I’ve seen plenty of second and third-generation Prii driving around in taxi service with more than 300,000 miles and still kicking. If, like me, you wonder what the engine of a high-mileage Prius looks like, YouTuber Speedkar99 tore one down and examined its wear. The engine here is a 1.5-liter 1NZ-FXE inline-four from a second-generation Prius with 303,561 miles. This engine uses a low compression ratio and a high expansion ratio. This works by holding the intake valve open longer for a reverse flow of intake air into the intake manifold, simulating an Atkinson-cycle engine. The result is less power but more efficiency, perfect for a hybrid. The 2ZR-FXE uses a similar system. Screenshot: Speedkar99 / YouTube (Other) The YouTuber informs us at the beginning of the video that the engine was running fine without issues before the teardown. The Prius the engine was taken out of was a parts vehicle. Our host tears through the engine, giving us a thorough explanation of how everything works. But we’re here to see how this engine has fared over 17 years, and the video certainly delivers. First up is a tour through the positive crankcase ventilation system and even the throttle body, which presents some dirty build-up and could use some good cleaning. Screenshot: Speedkar99 / YouTube (Other) But the valves appear to be clean thanks to the injectors. Next, we take a peek under the timing chain cover, where things look a little discolored. The YouTuber says that this is likely because the car may have not gotten timely oil changes but even then, there isn’t a lot of wear. Screenshot: Speedkar99 / YouTube (Other) The camshafts and the head also look clean for the mileage they’ve gone through. Screenshot: Speedkar99 / YouTube (Other) Further in the teardown, the YouTuber cracked open the oil pan to reveal a sad sight. Screenshot: Speedkar99 / YouTube (Other) Yep, that’s sludge. They blame the sludge on cheap oil, the cheap oil filter and deferred oil changes. The filter in the oil pump pickup tube appeared to be pretty gunked up and the pistons have some carbon buildup on them. The bigger point of concern for the YouTuber was clogged-up oil control rings on the pistons. Screenshot: Speedkar99 / YouTube (Other) The host explains that this could mean that the engine might not have been getting proper lubrication there. Overall, the engine looks pretty good despite some neglect. It’s no wonder why Prii are able to rack up so many miles on their odometers when they appear to be so durable. Still, the sludge build-up is a perfect example of why you should always keep up on your maintenance.>
    4. Yongwd

      Toyota Prius Alpha/Plus

      The New Toyota Prius Alpha Available in 5 seater configuration of 7 seater MPV configuration. http://toyota.jp/priusalpha/index.html
    5. This is simple, beautiful and practical. 2022 Toyota Aqua revealed with hybrid powertrain, bidirectional charging After 10 years on the market, during which 1.87 million units have been sold, the Toyota Aqua is transitioning to the second generation. It exited the North American market where it was known as the Prius C a few years ago, but it continues in its domestic market Japan with a fresh look, a different platform, and some clever features. Featuring a far more modern design than its predecessor, the 2022 Aqua has been fitted with a one-pedal operation mode as regenerative braking kicks in the moment the driver eases the pressure on the accelerator pedal. Offered as standard with front-wheel drive, the small electrified hatchback can be ordered with an E-Four system for better traction courtesy of AWD. Toyota claims it’s the first automaker to install a high-output bipolar nickel-hydrogen in a road-going hybrid. Compared to the battery pack used by the first-gen Aqua, the new cells offer better, smoother acceleration at low speeds while featuring double the output over the original model’s pack. At the same time, the hatchback can travel at higher speeds than before when the internal combustion engine is turned off. Interestingly, the vehicle comes equipped as standard with support for bidirectional charging courtesy of a power outlet (1,500W / AC100 V) which incorporates an emergency power supply mode. This will come in handy in a blackout as the energy stored in the car’s batteries can be used to power various household appliances. Riding on the TNGA-B platform, the 2022 Aqua has a 50-mm longer wheelbase than before and boasts a large 10.5-inch touchscreen for the infotainment system. The driver’s seat rotates and there are plenty of storage spaces throughout the cabin, giving the hatchback impressive practicality for such a small car. The greater distance between the axles has generated additional legroom for rear passengers along with a more spacious cargo area.
    6. A Toyota Prius was seen parked in an open-air carpark with a bamboo pole sticking out of its windshield. It looks like the bamboo pole, used for hanging wet laundry, fell from an apartment located in the block behind the parked vehicle. This led to the pole 'impaling' the car's windshield, resulting in a rather large (and heartbreaking) crack. While the identity of the pole's owner is still unknown, many have speculated that it must have fallen from a unit located on a high level. The definition of 'killer litter' refers to articles or things that are thrown from high-rise buildings that may cause death. According to the Housing Development Board (HDB), if found guilty of killer litter, there's a maximum jail term of 5 years or a fine, or both. Netizens' reactions Appalled by this peculiar incident, netizens tried to stay positive and console the owner of the Toyota Prius. Some even called for the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to start implementing shelters for open-air carparks in HDB estates. All I can say is that the owner of the Prius is just 'sibei suay' and chose the wrong parking lot at the wrong time. With any luck, hopefully, his car insurance is able to cover this unforeseen damage! --- Thinking of selling your car? sgCarMart Quotz guarantees the highest selling price for your car. We’ll even give you $100 cash if you find a better offer elsewhere! Get a free quote to find out how much your car is worth today!
    7. Good morning everyone! Singapore may be small, but we are never short of exciting incidents. Let's take this battle between a Toyota Prius and a Toyota Dyna for example. Resembles a Beyblade* battle to be honest (minus the spinning). *Beyblade is a Japanese anime about spinning top toy battles If you watch the video, you'll notice that the Prius was not on the first lane initially because there were two large trucks obstructing traffic. The Prius obviously did not want to give way to the lorry and charged forward. A normal person would hit the brakes upon impact, but not this Prius. The lorry and the Prius continue scratching each other's paintwork for at least a good three to four seconds! What was the lorry doing though? Crazy driving by the Prius aside, the lorry, being a goods and commercial vehicle with a speed limit of 70km/hr should not be on the fast lane. So, what happens when it comes to insurance claims? Here's what some had to say: Here's the video
    8. minion

      2016 Toyota Prius

      http://www.edmunds.com/toyota/prius/2016/#fullreview A new platform, revamped interior and 55 mpg should make the 2016 Toyota Prius the iconic gas-electric, go-to choice among hybrids. Prius is an interesting car but not popular in SG. Would the 2016 iteration attract more buyers? Of course, the AD may need to trim down the margin a bit. The margin is > 25k for the previous current version? http://www.autocar.co.uk/car-review/toyota/first-drives/2016-toyota-prius-review The new Prius is the first model to be based upon the Japanese manufacturer’s new TNGA modular architecture, said to bring advantages in terms of interior space, mechanical packaging and chassis sophistication. In turn, that should mean a car that offers a more involving driving experience than the outgoing model. However, the emphasis is still on remarkable fuel economy and low CO2 emissions, and in that respect the new Prius has taken a significant step forward. According to Toyota’s own figures, it emits an impressively low 70g/km of CO2 and is capable of 94.1mpg. At 4540mm, the new car is 60mm longer than the Prius Mk3. It is also 15mm wider and 20mm lower, while retaining the same wheelbase of 2700mm, and has a more slippery shape than of old. The now more compact powertrain components in the front of the car have been positioned 10mm lower than before. Toyota claims the new platform helps to lower the centre of gravity and that, allied with a 60% increase in body rigidity and revised front and rear suspension, gives the Prius improved handling response and agility.
    9. In this footage uploaded by SG Road Vigilante, a speeding Kia Cerato lost control and collided with a Blue Toyota Prius along CTE (Before Yio Chu Kang Exit). LATEST UPDATE : According to TNP, two men were arrested for suspected drink driving. Meanwhile, the driver of the car that flipped over looked to be in a bad condition. The SCDF said the driver & his passenger were taken to Sengkang General Hospital. Both were conscious. (Source) Here's the video: Here's the unfortunate Prius, driving patiently on a relatively empty CTE: After the Cerato collided, it sent both cars crashing into the railing, and the poor Prius was flipped over. We're not sure why the Cerato lost control, because it's a relatively straight road. We're also not sure how fast the Cerato was going, but it looked like it was speeding. Here's the reaction between the passenger and driver of the cam car: Cam Car Driver: Why are they speeding, for what??? Cam Car Passenger (Man) A: Maybe drunk? *after driving off* Cam Car Passenger (Lady): Thank you so much for being alert! Cam Car Driver: I wasn't being alert - we are lucky! We are f***ing lucky man!!! The video also sparked some reactions by fellow netizens: We hope the drivers and passengers in involved in the accident are okay, and will post an update here once we receive the latest news.
    10. Fi5hbone

      Prius+ vs Touran

      Getting an MPV for ferrying kids and parents. Narrowed down to the above 2 but quite split between both. Any thoughts on which is better in terms of reliability and space?
    11. TOKYO: Toyota Motor Corp said on Wednesday (Sep 5) it planned to recall around 1.03 million vehicles, including its gasoline-hybrid Prius model, in Japan, North America, Europe and other regions due to an issue with the engine wire harness which can pose a fire risk. Following a domestic recall announcement by Japan's transport ministry, Toyota said that in affected vehicles, the wire harness which connects to the hybrid power control unit can come into contact with the covering at the connection point. If dust accumulates on the wire harness or the cover, the insulation on the wires could wear down over time due to vehicle vibrations. This could cause an electrical short circuit, which could generate heat and lead to a risk of fire, Toyota said. The issue affects vehicles produced in Japan between June 2015 and May 2018, and includes the plug-in version of the Prius and the C-HR compact crossover SUV sold in Japan, Europe, Australia and other countries. Roughly half of the recalls would take place in Japan, Toyota spokesman Jean-Yves Jault said. Only the Prius model would be recalled in the United States, where around 192,000 vehicles were affected, he said. Jault added that the issue had led to one incident of a short circuit in Japan, which produced smoke from the vehicle. In Singapore, a total of 4,115 Toyota Prius cars are affected by the recall. Borneo Motors, the authorised distributor for Toyota in Singapore, said it will reach out to Prius customers to check their vehicles, and if necessary, conduct repairs at no cost. Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/world/toyota-recall-1-million-prius-c-hr-cars-over-wiring-issue-10686252
    12. Rumors of the refreshed Toyota Prius has surfaced and we hear that Toyota wants to make the car less awkward to look at so that sales can improve. According to an article from CarSensor, the Japanese publication reported that the facelifted Prius will get a mild styling update for 2019, with the changes focused on the front and rear ends. In doing so, the Prius will look more in line with its sibling, the Plug-in Hybrid Prius. This comes as a surprise as Toyota has been blamed by the media for having designs that are too bland. American Prius sales have dropped and market analysts believe that its futuristic design might be the cause of it. Along with the design change, the Prius's powertrain could also get a refresh too with gains in its fuel economy numbers. The new car will debut by end of the year.
    13. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/business/744-toyota-prius-cars-recall-singapore-fault-crash-risk-10795656?cid=fbcna Wow, I wonder who kana the recall
    14. Ronnieseah

      Toyota prius servicing

      anyone know where can i bring prius hybrid for servicing, dont intend to continue maintenance with broneo motor
    15. Goldenvodka

      Prius C @ $79888

      http://www.sgcarmart.com/new_cars/newcars_PIdealer.php?dcode=1291 Has been eyeing on this for a couple of months. Considering to replace my Hyundai Avante to Prius C Borneo currently listed price is @ 102,888
    16. chitchatboy

      Toyota Prius GT300 race car debuts

      The all new Prius GT300 has just been revealed at the Tokyo Auto Salon, following the recent reveal of the fourth-generation Prius. Developed by APR Racing, the new race car adopts Toyota’s Keen Look design language and has similar looking high-mounted arrow-shaped headlights and full-length tail lights as the road legal version. Of course, like most race cars, a massive rear wing and rear diffuser is included to improve aerodynamics. Official details have not been released as of now but it is safe to guess that the new Prius GT300 will run the same naturally-aspirated 3.5-litre V6 that many other Toyota racing cars run too. Interestingly, the racing Prius will use the same electric motor, battery as the standard car to retain its 'hybrid' status.
    17. Obscurest

      Hybrid - Toyota prius

      Hi, Yesterday I got a chance to sit in Toyota hybrid Prius and im surprise by its spaciousness and the quietness and smoothness of this 3 yr old taxi given that the cab travelled everyday. I need more info of hybrid car and Maintenance especially this model. 1) cost of changing the batteries 2) lifespan of the batteries 3) reliability of this model 4) any other alternative to look out for (preferably with huge boot - hatchback) 5) beside power, what are the pros and cons? 6) any other info to share?
    18. chitchatboy

      TRD dresses up the new Prius

      Think the Prius looks too futuristic? TRD is now offering bodykits that can make your new car look more sporty while maintaining its aero efficiency. Offered in two distinctive variants, the bodykits are designed and built based on a CFD analysis (Computational fluid dynamics) which allows the designers to control the airflow around the car to improve straight line stability and increased downforce. Both kits include a front spoiler, side skirts, boot spoiler, rear bumper and a new set of 18-inch TRD rims. Both bodykits looks a bit too similar to us though. The changes aren't all cosmetics-related only as TRD is also offering a few handling upgrades too. Stuff that you can upgrade include high flow mufflers, member brace sets, motion control beams and suspension set.
    19. chitchatboy

      Another photo leak - Toyota's all new Prius!

      The next generation 2016 Toyota Prius has been caught totally undisguised ahead of its planned reveal on 8th of September. Premiering worldwide at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week, the styling looks like it has been inspired by its own hydrogen model, the Mirai. With this new striking design, we don't think you can ever accuse Toyota of producing bland-looking cars again. According to Worldcarfans, the new Prius will be using the brand's new Toyota New Global Architecture (TGNA) platform which is lighter, stiffer, and gives the car a lower center of gravity. Said to be using an improved version of the current 1.8-liter 134bhp petrol hybrid powertrain that is paired with a CVT driving the front wheels, expect a 10 percent improvement on its fuel economy.
    20. According to ABC7 News, there has been a wave Toyota Prius battery pack thefts in the San Francisco area recently. And it seems like the thieves are not deterred by the weight of each pack of battery which weighs around 70kg. It is said that the time to extract one pack only costs 20 minutes. So where do all these stolen batteries go to? eBay, it seems and they are going for around half the price of brand new unit that Toyota offers at around $3,300. If you are a Prius owner, don't worry. There are 12mm bolts in the market that are meant to replace the original ones in your car which would require a special wrench to undo. Hopefully no one in Singapore has to resort to this!
    21. I recently found myself sitting inside a Toyota Prius C. As some of you would know, the Toyota Prius C is supposedly a shortened Toyota Prius hybrid car and it is another one of those cars that Toyota would want us to believe can save the world. Saving the world by consuming less petrol is a very good thing. It is a good thing because it allows those who just want to use cars as transport to use less of the stuff and leave the remaining for proper petrolheads to guzzle. But this article isn't about how little fuel the Toyota Prius C sips. This article is actually how ghastly the cabin of the Prius C is. It is absolutely shocking. When I first got into the Prius C I was expecting typical Toyota build and material quality. I got Toyota build quality but it must have been from a 1970s Toyota Corolla. Yes you get to see a funky blue gearknob and a decently leather (or leatherette) steering wheel but the rest of the stuff looked like it came from the old 1973 Toyota Corolla that your 75 year old grand-uncle who lives in Kluang, Johor drives. While I am aware that a hybrid car needs to show efficiency in all aspects - from its batteries, its electric motor, its petrol engine and in this case, the lightness of the materials used so that the car is efficiently light, I believe that Toyota has taken a step too far, or a step backwards when it comes to car interiors with the Prius C. It has thin and hard plastics used in way too many places. Aside from that, the overall design of the dashboard also reminds me of a 1970s Corolla instead of being cutting edge. Try driving a Honda CRZ hybrid coupe and then get into a Prius C and you'll instantly understand what I am getting at. The material used and the overall interior design cheapens the interior of the car so much that I feel that aside from the drivetrain, the Prius C is not a worthwhile purchase. If you wanted a Prius, save a bit more and buy the full sized version or any Honda hybrid out there on sale instead. At least you can save the world and feel good at the same time. But it actually is sadder if you were a Malaysian and you wanted to buy the Prius C, it does not even have that leather wrapped steering wheel. This makes the Malaysian specced Prius C feel even more nostalgic. But nostalgia in this case isn't a good thing.
    22. This Prius gets modified and Matt Farah from the /Drive youtube channel finds out whether it is any good. This particular one has the full kit of suspension upgrades, a drive control module, and some JDM accessories. The owner even has a set of steps to do in order to make the car go into maintenance mode. Why so? Because its the only way to turn off its stability control system. So is it any good? Watch the video to find out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPrIYKk3bAo
    23. Ssbcc

      Toyota Prius

      On a recent trip to Japan, noticed a lot of Prius on the roads. Anybody has experience driving one, or owns one? What's the drive like? Is it a practical car? ie. interior space/ safety/ reliability Thanks
    24. Japanese auto giant Toyota said Wednesday it was recalling 1.9 million of its Prius hybrid cars around the world because of a fault that might cause the vehicle to slow down suddenly. PHOTOS File photo: A customer looks at Toyota Motor's hybrid vehicle "Prius" at a showroom in Tokyo, Japan. (AFP/Yoshikazu Tsuno) ENLARGE CAPTION TOKYO: Japanese auto giant Toyota said Wednesday it was recalling 1.9 million of its Prius hybrid cars around the world because of a fault that might cause the vehicle to slow down suddenly. The company said there was a problem with software used to control a power converter. "In limited cases, the hybrid system might shut down and the vehicle will stop, perhaps while being driven," it said in a statement. The world's biggest automaker added that the most likely scenario is that the defect could set off a vehicle's warning lights and "probably" cause it to enter "failsafe mode", in which the car can still be driven but with reduced power. "The car may stop while driving, but not suddenly," said a Tokyo-based company spokeswoman. "It would slow down, eventually to stop." Toyota was aware of more than 400 cases of the problem, including 300 in Japan and 90 in North America, she said, adding that no accidents had been reported due to the defect. Toyota and other Japanese automakers have been hit by a series of mass recalls in recent years that damaged their long-held reputation for quality and safety. - AFP/xq
    25. Kerwen

      2012 Prius C

      35.4 km/l achievable? Normal sedan 20000 km @ 12km/l @ $2 per lit = $3333/yr 3G Prius 20000 km @ 24km/l @ $2 per lit = $1666/yr Prius C 20000 km @ 35km/l @ $2 per lit = $1142/yr Savings ~2k/yr or 20k for 10yr Specs Now ~$108k @ 57k coe, who go test drive liao?