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    Found 17 results

    1. Carbon82

      New Honda Shuttle 2015

      Replacement for the Fit Shuttle, but I guess Honda decision to drop the "Fit" moniker in attempt to make the new model a class above the Fit. IMO, this is a decent model (in look and size) comparable to the Airwave.
    2. Hi All,already on the way to be the owner of Brand new Honda Shuttle 2021.. anything to diacuss under the cloud?..Your concerns will be my best appreciation..thanks🤗
    3. Ceribro101

      2019 facelift Honda Shuttle

      Hi all, since this car was release on May 2019, would like to start a thread on the facelift model. As 2019 model all comes with standard Honda sensing, maybe we can share ideas and mods?
    4. Now this is a good one for debating. Do you think the lady in the Honda Shuttle is wrong, or its just the taxi driver being difficult? As shown on SG Road Vigilante's page, a clip shot by a Premier taxi driver, shows a lady in her Honda Shuttle blocking the drop off/pickup point of Katong Shopping Center on 7th of Aug 2020. The reason she is blocking everyone is that she wanted to reverse into the parallel lot beside the taxi but in order for her to do so, all the cars, including the taxi behind, her has to reverse. Now that can be quite a hassle to everyone... So without seeing the first part of this incident, could it be that the taxi driver was being difficult from the start and could have just reversed for her to go into the lot? Or do you guys reckoned that the Honda driver was just a little bit too self-entitled?
    5. this is how to do daily training for shuttle run ! https://www.facebook.com/2168769103406297/videos/395073887919365/?t=1
    6. Within its first few hours of operation in Las Vegas yesterday (Wednesday), an autonomous shuttle bus that is part of a ballyhooed study of driverless vehicles on public roads was involved in a collision with a truck. No injuries were reported. Details from the incident are still emerging. Members of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department have not commented on the collision or issued a report. Nor have officials from Navya, the French company that manufactures the shuttles. There were passengers on the shuttle when the crash took place, according to reports from KSNV-TV. A spokesperson for AAA, which is a sponsor of the study, says the shuttle was stationary when the truck struck the left-front side of the vehicle. The shuttle, which is the first to carry members of the public, has no traditional vehicle controls such as a steering wheel or a brake pedal. But a human safety steward is aboard the shuttle and can stop operations with the push of an emergency button. During regular operations, the eight-passenger shuttle is expected to run on a fixed 0.6-mile loop in the Fremont section of the city, making three stops along the route. The shuttle will be taken out of service for the remainder of the day, but organizers expect to restart operations Thursday, according to city officials, who also stated that the driver of the truck was cited by police in a post on the city’s Tumblr page. The incident turned a celebratory atmosphere sour. Only hours earlier, Las Vegas had hosted a welcome party for the shuttle, with appearances from Las Vegas mayor Carolyn Goodman, comedians/magicians Penn & Teller, and race-car driver Danica Patrick. The electric shuttle, owned by mass-transit company Keolis, is touted as the first to integrate with traffic lights, which could help transportation officials learn ways to improve traffic flow.
    7. Colin03

      Honda Fit Shuttle Hybrid

      Looking through the models of Hybrid car , does anyone has the comment on this : Honda Fit Shuttle Hybrid ? thank you.
    8. chitchatboy

      Honda Shuttle gets slight facelift

      The popular Honda Shuttle, which is based on the Jazz, has been given a slight facelift even though the car is only a few years old. Sold only via parallel importers here, the car is one of the Singapore's favourite choice for a wagon-sized Category A COE car. Revisions to the new model are only a handful and are largely centered around its suite of Honda Sensing systems. Now standard across the whole range regardless of trim or spec, the car will have radar and camera sensors for scanning the road ahead, automatic avoidance braking, lane departure, adaptive cruiser control, and the likes. Elsewhere, the car features an upgraded infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support. It also gets new LED fog lights too.
    9. The new facelift quite nice Front bumper quite chio 7 speed some more and has auto cruise Need help from any bros who can show the pics
    10. Andyngps

      Honda Shuttle

      Any review? Almost same eng as vezel but seems to have better FC despite 200kg heavier!
    11. I'm interested..further discussion can be arrange from here..
    12. current ride airwave luv the airwave very much CRUZE is about 10k more based on current price (current promo) turbo charge 140hp HF quite bare which 1 better HF is 90% similar to AW with a more powerful engine any Cruze Turbo owner mind sharing
    13. Usually, when a vehicle breaks down on the road, we would see it being towed by a normal tow truck or placed on a truck with a flat bed at the back. And when you need to tow big and heavy vehicle, you would need a heavy duty tow truck, probably, one with a hook and chain that could winch it. But what if the vehicle is a space shuttle and it weighs around 300,000 pounds (136077 kilograms)? You might think that a special type of tow truck is needed to pull all those extra weight. But, the answer is no. You just need a pick-up and Toyota will prove that its Tundra pick-up is possible in doing that. A Toyota Tundra is to tow the space shuttle Endeavour on its last leg of journey to the California Science Centre. It is slated to tow the gigantic machine on October 13, 2012 and the Endeavour will be permanently displayed at the above mentioned venue. The Endeavour is said to travel a total of 12 miles (around 19 kilometres) from the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on city streets to the Science Centre, with the Tundra pick-up towing the Endeavour for the last quarter mile. Before Toyota Motor Sales USA (TMS) made the announcement, tests were done extensively on the Tundra to see if it is capable of pulling such heavy weight. The Endeavour will be pulled by a stock 2012 Toyota Tundra CrewMax
    14. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1080401/1/.html IRs told to stop free shuttle services immediately By Dylan Loh | Posted: 10 September 2010 1747 hrs SINGAPORE: The Casino Regulatory Authority has issued directives to the integrated resorts to stop their free shuttle bus services with immediate effect. Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) said at a media briefing that it received the directive at noon Friday. RWS had originally planned to stop its bus services plying housing estates on Sunday night in response to concerns that these may entice more to visit its casino. RWS said its priority now is to inform the public there will no longer be free shuttle services. Visitors to RWS were surprised by the sudden move. Speaking to Channel NewsAsia, many like Serene Tan said they were upset as they had to get home by other means of transport. The 53-year-old retiree, who was hoping to enjoy herself with her family at the RWS this Hari Raya holiday, said: "We were very shocked....What happen to those old folks who came together with us by the (free shuttle) bus? They'll be very shocked and surprised too, right, very disappointed. For those who come here and gamble, they'll feel that (there's) more reason for them to stay behind and gamble since there are no more free shuttle (buses) back." There is, however, another dimension to this issue. Some have said that it is alright to have free shuttle bus services to the integrated resorts as long as people are brought to the entertainment outlets and not the casino. But take a look at the layout of Resorts World Sentosa, for example. The entertainment outlets are situated all around the casino. So even if a visitor does drop at the resort to catch a show, the gambling tables are not too far away. When asked about potential losses, RWS said about 5 per cent of the casino's daily visitors travel there by the free shuttle services, so the Casino Regulatory Authority's move will not have great impact on its business. But things are different for the bus operators. Channel NewsAsia understands the RWS dealt with five bus operators and awarded monthly contracts for their services. One of the bus operators estimated potential losses of S$1.5 million. A Transit Network Consortium spokesperson said the company might even have to retrench staff. Separately, the Marina Bay Sands integrated resort has also stopped its free shuttles which service certain hotels. - CNA/ir
    15. Rigval

      Honda announces the Fit/Jazz Shuttle

      [extract] Honda has just announced a larger Fit a.k.a Jazz hatchback called the Fit Shuttle after brochure pictures of it were leaked. Somehow there is a demand for a more practical version of this car, which in my opinion is already a very practical car indeed. How much more practical can the Fit Shuttle be? Well, imagine a Fit/Jazz with a bigger hatch/rear load space and that
    16. F1f2

      Shuttle car

      Hi.., saw nice shuttle car from mazda, merc, very tall, maybe vito too? then honda use merc vito too.
    17. Anybody knw where to take the free shuttle bus from Seng Kang MRT side back to Punggol Plaza? Today, I've been trying to search for the free shuttle bus back to Punggol Plaza from Seng Kang MRT (along the taxi stand) but waited nothing except that the bus stop got the free shuttle bus to PP (Parkway Parade). Everybody was queuing there for the bus to go Parkway Parade. When I've tried to ask & check with the ppls there, seems like nobody can ans me this Q.