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Found 23 results

  1. Just saw advertisement about the 2024 Santa Fe coming up, anyone registered interest for the sneak preview too? On the other hand, heard from KIA SA that the Sorento may be coming out this June/july.
  2. Car debuts later in Paris. Korean automaker KIA has updated its mid-size SUV model, the Sorento. The nameplate is a stalwat among leasing customers because of versatile seatings and a high-riding stance. Engines lined up for the new car are expected to include two gasoline lumps, a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder and a 3.3 V6.
  3. Kia has only begun putting its next-generation Sorento SUV on the road last month, when a heavily camouflaged prototype was spotted testing alongside a BMW X5 – not a bad benchmark vehicle at all. Today, we can show you a considerably less shy prototype, roaming the Nurburgring Nordschleife wearing Recaro racing seats and tighter-fitting foil, allowing us to better gauge its design language and overall dimensions. Less fussy design The 2019 Sorento isn’t exactly the cleanest-looking SUV in its segment. It has a lot of curvy design elements that seem to be squeezed together tightly in order to create a somewhat modern aesthetic. So what does Kia have planned for an encore? Apparently something with a sharper yet simpler design, featuring a more boxy front end plus a very ProCeed-like window line that curves upwards toward the tailgate. As for the rear end, the cutout on this prototype only tells half the story, as the taillights don’t appear to be horizontal anymore. Instead, it almost looks like they feature a boomerang design that extends onto the fenders. Of course, whether or not that’s the case, we still can’t say for certain. Also read: 2020 Kia Seltos Unveiled As The Company’s New Small SUV For Global Markets Meanwhile, we’re still not ready to give up on this render from last month, especially since there are a lot of common front fascia (thin headlights, grille design) and shoulder line features to speak of. As for what the new Sorento will be like to drive, we expect more efficient powertrains and better dynamics, while improved driver assistance and convenience technologies remain a given. Kia will probably launch its next-generation Sorento sometime next year as a 2021 model.
  4. created this thread for Sorento owners to talk shop...me still waiting for my black SX
  5. Hi, I am a new Kia Sorento 2013 owner, 2.2 CRDi model, silver. Formerly driving a Skoda Superb I for the past 7 years, built like a tank, fuel economical and powerful with 1.8T under the hood. Wanted a SUV all along and finally chose the KIA Sorento 2013 model in Singapore due to several reasons. Good: 1. Korean built has improved tremendously, quality and class. 2. Award winning diesel engine. - 436NM Torque, 194HP, Eco-friendly and if you are like me, someone who drives a lot, it is cost savings back to you. 3. Features, FEAtures, FEATURES!! - Tons of it, Bluetooth, Cruise Control, HID, AWD, Park Assist (found in VW range, includes, Skoda, Audi and VW cars), Dual Climate Zone, Reverse Camera, Moon Roof, plus Sunroof...19" wheels...etc. 4. Design - base on the individual, but I really like the design. Former Audi chief designer. What can be improved: 1. Hard plastics - dashboard. This can be improved. 2. Northing else. In summary hope to say hello to fellow KIA folks and a shout out to other Sorento owners out there. Cheers! PS: My first Korean car!
  6. 2020 Kia Sorento just released in Korea this Jan. Kia made few minor updates for 2020 year model update. Could 2020 Kia Sorento be best 7-seater SUV or 7-seater car? Is it any better than Hyundai Santa Fe? Let’s find out. 2020 Kia Sorento 4,800x1,890x1,685x2,780mm 189.0x74.4x66.3x109.4in. 2.2L Diesel 202hp@3,800rpm | 45.0kg.m = 325lb.ft@1,750~2,750rpm AWD+8 Speed Automatic Competition: Hyundai Santa Fe, Ford Explorer, Honda Pilot, Toyota Highlander https://youtu.be/5kDT2fY5If0
  7. I currently own a Chery T11 for 1y3m and have a rather large looking family of four. To tell you the truth, T11 is becoming a backache for my family cause it is quite cramped in the rear. Now, we're looking for a spacious car which needs to look and feel good. So far, our family is impressed with Kia Sorento and Dodge Journey. So, anybody has an idea of what car suits our family? You can suggest new car if you think that it suits our family also...[/size][/size]
  8. for those looking out to buy a 7 seater mid range SUV as an alternative to a 7 seater MPV.....pls share your views and comments
  9. Hi folks, i would like to gather some feedback from you guys who have explored the above 2 cars and what was your final decision?
  10. Hi fellow forumers, wanted to find out if you have any recommendations for Sorento CRDi - Diesel service shops around other then C&C? TIA!!
  11. Helping my father make a decision on his next car. He’s currently driving a Fortuner in its last yr of COE, and would like a 7 seater SUV as replacement. Visited the show rooms last wkend to look see, so considering between these two models: Outlander $129k Sorento SX Diesel ~ $155k (SE quote) He’s the type to use the car up to the 9-10yr mark before changing. Sorento OMV is 33k, PARF is about 4.7k more than outlander. Travels >30k km a yr, so calculated the savings of diesel over the petrol over 10yrs, together with the PARF difference, it will eventually add up to balance the car price as well as road tax difference. So kinda leaning towards the Sorento. Hence would need some input regarding both models and which would you pick over. Are they any hidden cost or details that may help tip the outlander to be of better value or the deciding factor? maintenance, would turbo diesel engine require more maintenance in the long run vs 2.4 NA Engine? Servicing cost wise, are they about the same? What about parts replacement, Kor vs jap parts cheaper? Reliability? Would assume both are equally as good? Is it easy to find Diesel Euro V in Malaysia? (He travels to JB quite frequently, Penang Ipoh maybe once or twice a yr) Many thanks for any input or views.
  12. All new 2013 Sportage and Sorento facelift with upgrade features and specificiations. (based on European specifications) New changes in Sportage 2013 Petrol and Diesel variant MDPS Factory fitted black leather seats with ventilation function. Factory fitted reverse cam Eco mode indicator Privacy glass Speed sensing lock/unlock 4 wheel drive (diesel only) Performance in Diesel variant Horsepower 184bhp @ 4000rpm Torque 40kg.m (392nm) @ 1800-2500rpm Price for Sportage 2013 Petrol: $159999 (estimated OMV: $23k) Diesel: $163999 (estimated OMV: $25k) New changes in Sorento 2013 Petrol and Diesel variant 7" TFT LCD supervision cluster display Factory fitted integrated sound system with LCD display screen Smart parking assist system 19" Sports Rims with temporary mobility kit Bluetooth handsfree with voice activation Rain sensor DRL LED rear combi lamp HID with adaptive front lighting system 1st row illumination Rear door side curtain Front driver (w/memory) and passenger power seat Ventilated seats (cooling) Rear heater function A/B Pillar cloth wrapped Speed sensing lock/unlock Pocket lighting MDPS Factory fitted black/white or brown leather seats with ventilation function. Factory fitted reverse cam Eco mode indicator Privacy glass 4 wheel drive (diesel only) Performance in Petrol GDI variant Horsepower 192bhp @ 6300 rpm Torque 24.7kg.m (242nm) @ 4250rpm Performance in Diesel 2.2 variant Horsepower 197bhp @ 3800rpm Torque 44.5kg.m (437nm) @ 1800-2500rpm Price for Sorento 2013 Petrol: $175999 (estimated OMV: $28k) Diesel: $179999 (estimated OMV: $31k) Prices & specifications are subjected to changes. Estimated arrival end Nov ~ Dec. Official launch 2013 Jan.
  13. I am looking at the new Kia Sorento 2013 model - was wondering any previous generation or Kia owners can shed me some light on the following, 1. Cost of running 2. Fuel consumption 3. Servicing 4. Quality of ride 5. Resale value - Looking at SG Car Mart, the Sorentos are doing quite well in terms of resale value. I test drove the 2013 model and am interested in it, 7 seater, wide body, alot of options, nice styling, good power to weight ratio, good fuel consumption for a vehicle that massive, average torque for the petrol version and massive torque for the turbodiesel version, but heard cant go into malaysia....anyways overall am impressed with it. but never had a Korean make before, previously Japanese and Conti-cars. Any advise would be great. TIA!!
  14. Hi all. this is a group buy for K&N33-2448. Kindly check your alias against below list. Each filter should be below SGD66 when arrive. Cheers. 1. Burpnerry 2. Vipertarius 3. Vt04k5 4. Scott 481 5. Duckling 6. Prince of Darkness 7. Pitdog 8. tayspiderx 9. <avail> 10. <avail>
  15. I went to test drove the KIA Sorento and Hyundai Tucson today.... The followings are my personal views: KIA Sorento 2.4 premium Pro: 1) Lots of features: HID, twin-moonroof, ESP, etc 2) 7 Seaters 3) High OMV (can be confirmed only when registered next Mar) 4) Lower PM Con: 1) Plastic quality somehow inferior 2) Finishing quality lower than Hyundai 3) 2nd row fixed 4) 3rd row rather clamp 5) Backside almost the same as other SUV 6) Lack of built reverse camera with screen in the rearview mirrior Huyndai 2.0 SP Pro: 1) Nice profile 2) High finishing 3) Better grade plastics 4) Quiter Engine 5) Built reverse camera with screen in the rearview mirrior Con: 1) Lower OMV 2) Rather bare features comapred to KIA 3) High PM 4) Manual Aircon control Though Sorento is supposed to be comapred with Sante Fe as they are in the same league.. I am comapring as they are the latest SUV in the market now. Between these 2 SUV, I would choose Sorento if I want to a SUV. Both ADs are offering very low for my ody plus it is only 2.5 yr old so it is too wasteful, right?
  16. between these 7-seater suv which would you choose to own?
  17. So I recently had the chance to take the Dodge Journey for a spin (review here). Nothing exciting I know but it left me slightly impressed with the overall quality of the car. Interior plastics were better than expected and the myriad of storage locales around the car was a delightful addition. So why did we hate American cars again? Bad plastics? Lousy and thirsty engines? Soft suspension setup? Someone needs to refresh my memory cos I've forgotten. The last American car I had the chance to drive was the Hummer H3 and boy did that leave me hugely impressed. So, for me, the Journey has cleanly lacquered and sealed in those sentiments. While driving it I kept comparing it to the Kia Sorento (review here). Although the Kia benefits from a far longer equipment list, leather seats and a much better designed interior, I couldn't help but appreciate how the Journey was a different animal altogether. Seats were good quality fabric seats. Steering was light, which should be the case in such a family mover don't you guys agree? The Sorento had an unnatural mechanical weighted steering which didn't put you in contact with the road at all. You've got so many storage locations and even a air-conditioned compartment above the glove compartment. The rims on the Journey were smaller than the Sorento though, which left an ugly gap between the tyres and the arches. Down to fuel economy though, the Journey does just a little worse than the Korean car. So why so much hate for the American again? Both cars are around the same price anyways. I personally would take the Journey for its far more practical uses...what would you guys take?
  18. Hi, Saw the new KIA Sorento at Kia Sorento Anyone knows when will this be available in Singapore?
  19. Kia Sorento 2010 Colours Do your poll!
  20. i would say pretty good for kia standard. may not appeal to everyone's taste. at least looks unique and original .... unlike..... LOL
  21. Monday 20th December 2004 Double Trouble For Kia... Potential steering and braking faults have forced Kia to recall 3,000 Sorento SUVs. There's a risk that alternator pulleys on affected vehicles could seize, causing the loss of power assistance. A further 1,152 Sorentos are being called back due to problems with their auto boxes.
  22. Just wondering - anyone has or tried a Kia Sorento ? Saw the ads on SCV (ya know - the ones about Grand Slam etc) - looks kinda good - but dunno the build quality, reliability etc.
  23. http://www.kia.com/020702.shtml http://pub88.ezboard.com/fhyundaisantafeme...picID=915.topic Enjoy Lester
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