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    Found 65 results

    1. Stratovarius

      Toyota Corolla Cross

      https://electricvehicleweb.in/toyota-corolla-cross-preliminary-details/amp/ https://www.carsguide.com.au/car-news/toyota-corolla-cross-2021-rendered-new-mini-rav4-hybrid-coming-to-lure-you-out-of-a-kia Baby RAV4? Looks like Toyota will be releasing a new CUV in thailand and I think likely to come to sg. But really, too many CUVs on the road and no characteristics. This model likely to take over the CHR to be the next popular phv vehicle.
    2. Stratovarius

      2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

      Remember the eclipse? His SUV brother is born. Front foggies seems too big though. Remember Mit used to say they may evo their SUVs (somehow they retracted that statement recently). Maybe this is the model they are referring to. Wonder if this will arrive in SG. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g79iujwY930
    3. Urban life presents particular challenges. When it comes to driving, it's an environment where motorists increasingly appreciate the robust, high-riding qualities of an SUV, but on a scale tailored to suit urban streets and with a genuine emphasis on environmental performance. At the same time, drivers want a vehicle that's distinctive and stylish, and which has all the flexibility they need for an active lifestyle. These are exactly the qualities Toyota has instilled in the all-new Toyota Yaris Cross. The new Toyota Yaris Cross has been designed and developed for Europe, specifically to meet the requirements and preferences of the region's B-SUV market. It will be made in Europe too, at Toyota Motor Manufacturing France (TMMF), alongside the new generation Yaris hatchback, from 2021. True hybrid, true SUV The new Yaris Cross draws on Toyota's strong heritage of advanced hybrid technology, small car design and SUV engineering. Toyota's world leadership in hybrid vehicle technology includes the first use of a hybrid system in a B-segment car with the original Yaris Hybrid in 2012. The unmatched experience it has gained ensures that Toyota Yaris Cross's new fourth generation hybrid powertrain delivers exceptional performance and efficiency. As a member of the Yaris family, Yaris Cross is constructed on Toyota's new GA-B compact car platform. It also shares the "big-small" design and packaging concept that characterised the original Yaris, and presents a roomy interior within compact exterior dimensions. Toyota Yaris Cross is also a genuine SUV, benefiting from Toyota's experience in originating the concept of the recreational SUV 25 years ago with the RAV4 - today the world's best-selling SUV - and more recently in producing the stylish and highly efficient C-HR. A raised ride height and the availability of AWD-i intelligent all-wheel drive reinforce its authentic SUV credentials. Adding Yaris Cross to the line-up will give Toyota an SUV range that spans the B, C and D segments. New hybrid powertrain Yaris Cross benefits from Toyota's fourth generation hybrid technology. Toyota successfully pioneered the use of full hybrid technology in B-segment cars with the introduction of the first Yaris Hybrid hatchback in 2012. Since then, more than half a million have been sold in Europe, making it a powerful tool in building public awareness and appreciation of the technology. The Yaris and Yaris Cross are the first models to use Toyota's latest 1.5 hybrid system, developed directly from the larger 2.0 and 2.5-litre powertrains used by recent new models such as the Corolla, C-HR, RAV4 and Camry. This features a new 1.5-litre, three-cylinder Atkinson-cycle petrol engine, precision-engineered to reduce friction and mechanical losses and optimise combustion speed. The result is high torque at low engine speeds and excellent fuel efficiency. The engine's thermal efficiency is rated at 40%, which is greater than comparable diesel engines and ensures strong fuel economy and low CO2 emissions. The new hybrid system has a maximum output of 116 DIN hp. Special attention has been given to power delivery, making the system very responsive to drive. In terms of emissions efficiency, the front-wheel drive model starts from below 90 g/km CO2 and the AWD-i version from below 100 g/km. Toyota GA-B platform Toyota Yaris Cross follows its sibling hatchback model in adopting Toyota's new GA-B vehicle platform. This ensures a high level of body rigidity and a well-balanced chassis, making the car responsive and agile. All urban. All SUV With the Yaris Cross, Toyota has produced an authentic SUV on a smaller scale, giving customers the higher driving position, practicality and interior spaciousness, they desire in a car with compact dimensions that make it well-suited to urban driving. The design evokes the classic qualities of SUVs, with a higher body and larger wheels/tyres communicating strength and purpose. Toyota Yaris Cross has the same 2,560 mm wheelbase as the new Yaris hatchback, but is 240 mm longer overall, with 60 mm added to the front overhang and 180 mm to the rear, securing more interior space. The ground clearance is 30 mm higher and the vehicle is taller and wider overall - by 90 and 20 mm respectively. Practical and Versatile Being a true SUV, special attention has been given to practicality and versatility. There's a power back door for when your hands are full. And an adjustable deck height to give the flexibility of either a secure underfloor compartment or increased trunk space for larger loads. In addition, the deck board itself can be split in two, giving customers both increased space and an underfloor storage area. The trunk is also equipped with a new flex belt system to secure items and stop them shifting during driving. Yaris Cross is just as spacious as it is practical. With all seats up and tonneau cover in place it delivers a large trunk volume. However, if more load capacity is needed, then there's a 40:20:40 foldable rear seat system to balance rear passenger space with cargo needs. Intelligent all-wheel drive One of the features that defines the new Toyota Yaris Cross as an authentic SUV is the availability of an intelligent all-wheel drive system - a unique feature in its class for a hybrid model. AWD-i provides extra stability and traction in everyday driving, in poor conditions and on low-grip surfaces. An electric system, it is more compact and weighs less than mechanical AWD units, helping the Yaris Cross Hybrid AWD-i achieve lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions than any of its all-wheel drive B-SUV competitors. The system directs drive torque to the rear axle when pulling away and when accelerating. In normal driving, the Toyota Yaris Cross operates with front-wheel drive, but when low-grip conditions are detected, all-wheel drive is engaged automatically. This can be, for example, on wet cobblestones, in heavy rain, on wet or packed snow, or on sand. Advanced Driver Assistance System The foundation of the new Yaris Cross's safety performance is its GA-B platform, giving the car an exceptionally rigid body. With the intention of meeting the highest and most rigorous independent test standards, it will further benefit from Toyota Safety Sense active safety systems and advanced driver assistance functions, helping to avoid a wide range of common accident risks through driver information, early warnings and, when necessary, automatic braking and steering intervention. Design The design process of Toyota Yaris Cross brought together a wide team from studios in both Europe and Japan. To describe their ideas and inspiration in more detail, please find below the words of one member of the team - Lance Scott, Design General Manager at Toyota's EDD studio in Nice, France. "When we started this process, we understood that whilst style is the number one purchase reason in the B-SUV segment, customers were also keen to have a high level of practicality. Not easy things to reconcile, especially in a compact package. From the very beginnings of the design concept, we had the European customer in mind, but needed to understand more about them. So we went out and interviewed real customers to understand their lifestyle, what they liked, what their daily activities were and how they enjoyed themselves. After an enjoyable and enlightening process, we came back enthusiastic to design a car that would mirror their personality and deliver a vibrant combination of being both sophisticated and energetic. As a team, we came up with the key words 'Robust' and 'Minimalistic', which we felt would express both compactness and agility, as well as the robustness and strength of an SUV. When we started to sketch ideas for the exterior, the iconic image of a diamond consistently came to mind. Subsequently we coined the phrase 'nimble diamond' to express the hard, strong and premium image of the gemstone combined with the agile and fun to drive personality we felt the car needed to convey. From the top view, or plan view as we call it, we 'cut', or 'shaved' the body to give us a diamond shape that allowed us the space to emphasise the fenders. This diamond body shape combined with the 4 bold fenders gave us an energetic shape which was both strong and sophisticated. Clearly, we want the car to be immediately perceived as a SUV, so we emphasised a higher ground clearance, a strong horizontal axis giving a great balance and poise, big squared wheel arches and of course big wheels ... up to 18"! The face was also a very important aspect for us. We wanted to keep the strong DNA of Toyota's SUV line-up but at the same time give Yaris Cross an identity of its own. At the rear, we again focused on giving the car a good stance with the wide fenders illustrating how it looks planted on its wheels. Combining the horizontal rear tail lamps and rear screen clearly shows family identity with Yaris, yet the wider and more squared tailgate hints at the luggage space's larger flexibility for daily usage. For the exterior colour, we started to think about something that could express an active and high-quality image that our target customers would really appreciate. Looking at future colour trends we can see that there is a growing tendency for gold and other precious metals, but we wanted to offer something a bit more natural and urban. Adding a subtle hint of green to the gold direction, whilst also de-saturating the colour to emphasis the metal like appearance, gave us this fresh urban yet active appeal that highlighted the surface form of the exterior. The final result is a colour we call Brass Gold" Toyota expects to produce more than 150,000 Yaris Cross a year at the TMMF Onnaing factory, near Valenciennes in France, and achieve a B-SUV segment share of more than 8%.
    4. 2021 Volvo V60 B5 CROSS COUNTRY MHEV Specifications https://www.carexpert.com.au/volvo/v60/2021-b5-cross-country-mhev-1e31476f The 2021 Volvo V60 B5 CROSS COUNTRY MHEV is an all-wheel drive four-door wagon that was released to the Australian market on 01/03/2021 classified as a 227 MY22. The V60 is regarded as a medium from 60k built in Sweden with prices starting at A$64,990 before on-road costs. The V60 is an all-wheel drive 4 door with 5 seats, powered by a 2.0L TURBO 4 engine that has 183 kW of power (at 5400 rpm) and 350 Nm of torque (at 1800 rpm) via an Eight-speed Automatic. VOLVO claims the V60 B5 CROSS COUNTRY MHEV uses 7.4L/100km of Premium Unleaded Petrol in the combined city and highway cycle while putting out 168g of CO2. It has a 60L fuel tank, meaning it should be able to travel 811km per full tank. The V60 measures 1432mm (56.4 inches) in height, 4761mm (187.4 inches) in length, 1850mm (72.8 inches) in width with a 2872mm (113.1 inches) wheelbase that brings about a total of 1808kg (3986.0 lbs) of unladen weight. The V60 B5 CROSS COUNTRY MHEV comes standard with 235/40 R19 front tyres and 235/40 R19 rear tyres. It requires a service every 12 months or 15,000 km, whichever comes first. The 2021 Volvo V60 B5 CROSS COUNTRY MHEV has a 210mm ground clearance with a 1800kg braked and 750kg unbraked towing capacity.
    5. jadesun

      2020 Volkswagen T Cross

      Just saw the T cross launched at the SG Motorshow. Anyone considering / shortlisting the Volkswagen T cross for their next car? Though it's on the Polo platform but reviews are claiming it's interior space is pretty decent! Wanted to hear opinions and gather pple who are considering this model as well! https://youtu.be/SELq4bRaUCc
    6. Looking for something different in your sub-compact crossover? Lucky you, we are looking at the Volkswagen T-Cross in this video review! We take a look at the aggressive furnishes the T-Cross is graced with thanks to the fact that all cars here are the R-line variant! And the crossover also get some interesting touches at the rear, including its centrally-mounted badging, the new Volkswagen logo, as well as those taillights that run across the width of the car! Watch the full video to see what's what! This T-Cross also has a sliding rear bench, which means that passenger space can be sacrificed if you need more boot space. Talk about practical! And what about on the go? Once again I'm gonna leave you with this simple teaser... Watch the full video to see how the T-Cross fairs in our latest video review!
    7. Got a text message from Champion Motors today saying that they are showing 2 news cars off at the Pandan showroom this Saturday. The Solio and S-Cross. This is from Suzuki HK The Suzuki Solio is a wagon that gives great fuel economy, has a tall, roomy cabin within a compact body, and offers the user-friendliness of left- and right-hand remote control electric sliding doors. The new Solio reflects a concept of developing a tall, compact wagon thats fun to drive, user-friendly, and outstandingly fuel-efficient. Its body is compact enough for great maneuverability on city streets but contains a roomy cabin. Convenient left- and right-hand rear sliding doors are complemented by a one-touch double-folding rear seat that permits a variety of seat arrangements. And a 1.2-litre engine delivers smooth, fuel-efficient performance. By being easy to drive, easy to use, and economical, the new Solio delivers everything expected of a compact car. Suzuki created the new Solio to be an ideal choice for customers looking to move upscale from minicars and for those looking to downsize to a more compact model. Suzuki expects the new Solio to join the Swift as a pillar of its sales growth in the compact category. Type K12B No. of cylinders 4 No. of valves V V T DOHC 16 Piston Displacement (cc) 1242 Bore x Stroke (mm) 73.0 x 74.2 Compression Ratio 9.5 : 1 Maximum Output (PS/rpm) 67 (91) / 6000 Maximum Torque (kg-m/rpm) 118 (12.0) / 4800 Fuel Consumption (km/L) 20.6 And the S-Cross 1.6 CVT tranny Dunno if manuals and 4WD versions coming in.
    8. Essential cross-border travel targeted to start from 10 August source: https://www.sgcarmart.com/news/article.php?AID=23422 Officials in Malaysia and Singapore are working towards allowing essential travel across the border by 10 August 2020. Officials in Malaysia and Singapore are working towards the targeted implementation of the Reciprocal Green Lane (RGL) and Periodic Commuting Arrangement (PCA) by 10 August 2020. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on 14 July 2020 that both countries have come to a mutual agreement to implement the arrangements in order to address the needs of the different groups of cross-border travellers between both countries. The implementation of the RGL means that cross-border travel for essential business and official purposes between both countries will be resumed. Meanwhile, the PCA is designed to allow both Singapore and Malaysia residents, who hold long-term immigration passes for business and work purposes in the other country, to enter that country for work. Eligible travellers utilising the RGL will have to abide by the prevailing COVID-19 prevention and public health measures mutually agreed upon by both countries, which include undergoing swab tests. Travellers will also be expected to submit to the relevant authorities of the receiving country a controlled itinerary and adhere to this controlled itinerary during their visit. Those travelling across the border under the PCA meanwhile, may return to their home country for a short-term home leave, after at least three consecutive months in their country of work, and may thereafter re-enter their country of work to continue work for at least another three consecutive months. These travellers will also have to abide by the prevailing COVID-19 prevention and public health measures mutually agreed by both countries. The statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that the targeted implementation date is designed to give time for the relevant agencies of both Governments to continue their consultation and to finalise the standard operating procedures. The Governments of Malaysia and Singapore have agreed to publish the requirements, health protocols, and application process involved for entry and exit into Malaysia and Singapore, 10 days prior to their implementation of the RGL and PCA.
    9. Been encountering alot of these 'blind' pedestrians. Walk across road, nvr look out for traffic, like grandfather's road. Yesterday encounter 1, dash across road without checking for cars, gimme a scare.....
    10. Sighting of endangered monkeys using rope bridge to cross road gives hope their numbers will expand source: https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/environment/sighting-of-endangered-monkeys-using-rope-bridge-to-cross-road-gives-hope?utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=STFB&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR3cd-kcvJC_x9f7Sc3nukYUQNCuQofc9sFre84MHu6n0eXfzxf_nR03LpY#Echobox=1587123524 SINGAPORE - The sight of a monkey climbing a rope bridge to cross a road may not be noteworthy to most people. Most would not have noticed the bridge across Old Upper Thomson Road, which was built by the National Parks Board (NParks) in October 2019 to help animals cross from the vegetation in Thomson Nature Park to the forests in the neighbouring Central Catchment Nature Reserve. But a new video showing three critically endangered Raffles' banded langurs using the rope bridge has excited conservationists here. The video was posted by NParks on Thursday night (April 16) on its social media channels. It shows the shy, black-and-white monkeys using the bridge to cross the dual-lane road. As they make their way from one end to the other, a car drives by under them. Primate scientist Andie Ang, who has been studying the langurs for about a decade, said the footage from the camera trap marked the first time she saw the shy langurs using a crossing aid to move across two forests. The langur, found only in a cluster of forests in the Central Catchment Nature Reserve and a number of surrounding buffer forests, is one of two monkey species in Singapore. The other is the brown-furred long-tailed macaque, which is more commonly seen in parks. Dr Adrian Loo, NParks’ group director for conservation, said langurs have been spotted using the rope ladder bridge on multiple occasions since last August. The most recent sighting, which comprised a troop of langurs crossing the bridge from Thomson Nature Park to Central Catchment Nature Reserve, was observed on April 6, said Dr Loo. Dr Ang, a Wildlife Reserves Singapore Conservation Fund (WRSCF) research scientist, said the sighting is significant as it shows that the arboreal bridge is useful in allowing wildlife to cross safely. This connectivity is crucial for this species as it could expand the forested areas the langurs can access to find food and mates, she added. There are only 63 Raffles' banded langurs left in Singapore. Earlier research by Dr Ang and five other scientists from the National University of Singapore and Andalas University in Indonesia showed that the genetic make-up of this species - which can also be found in southern Peninsular Malaysia - is distinct enough to be considered a species of its own. There are two other langur species in the region. Second Minister for National Development Desmond Lee shared the video in a Facebook post on Thursday evening and said that Thomson Nature Park is a key conservation site for Singapore's rare native biodiversity, including the langur. "The habitats and ecological connectivity of the area had been enhanced for the langurs," he explained. "Rope bridges between the nature park and the adjacent Central Catchment Nature Reserve act as canopy linkages to keep them safe from traffic." MONKEYS CROSSING Thomson Nature Park is home to about three troops of langurs, including one comprising five bachelors, said Dr Ang. The other two are family units comprising an alpha male, females and their young. Previously, the langurs had used the natural canopy of the trees on both sides of Old Upper Thomson Road to cross. But tree pruning in 2017 had disrupted this connectivity, she noted. "After that, volunteers saw the langurs descending to the ground to make the crossing. "But unlike macaques, langurs are arboreal animals and are uncomfortable travelling on the ground," she said. It took consistent monitoring over the years by Dr Ang and Ms Sabrina Jabbar, a WRSCF project assistant, as well as volunteers who had joined a citizen science survey, to narrow down the most likely location along the 3km-long Old Upper Thomson Road that the langurs were likely to use again. "Based on the observations, we recommended the location for the bridge to NParks," said Dr Ang, who chairs the Raffles' banded langur working group, comprising representatives from NParks, WRS, the Nature Society (Singapore) as well as volunteers. She added that more rope bridges or other artificial crossing aids could be used to facilitate the movement of wildlife in Singapore's fragmented forest landscape. But such bridges need to be regularly maintained to ensure the safety of animals using them, as well as that of pedestrians and vehicles below, she said. "Such devices should not be seen as an alternative to preserving habitat and maintaining natural canopy connectivity," she said. "After all, it also takes time before animals begin to use them." NParks’ Dr Loo said the Board will be installing more rope ladder bridges to enhance connectivity for arboreal animals. Giving an update on the first single-rope bridge that NParks installed in February 2018 across Upper Seletar Reservoir, Dr Loo said it has been removed with the conclusion of a trial, as there is currently no need for enhanced aerial connectivity at this site. The trial had looked at different forms of aerial connectivity and tested the feasibility of the single rope bridge design. Single-rope bridges were found to require higher maintenance and to not be as animal-friendly as rope ladders, Dr Loo said. He added: “As a result of the trial, a second rope ladder bridge has been installed earlier this year across Old Upper Thomson Road at a spot in the canopy that is frequented by the langurs. This complements the original rope ladder bridge that was installed last year.” Dr Loo said NParks will continue to work with the Raffles’ Banded Langur working group to identify new crossing sites. In his Facebook post on Thursday, Mr Lee urged people to remain indoors during the current circuit breaker period, saying that Singapore's wildlife will still be around for people to admire after the crisis. He said: "During this critical period, it is important that all of us stay home and keep ourselves and our families safe from the threat of Covid-19. "Our biodiversity is keeping well, and will still be around for us to visit and admire, after we have overcome this pandemic."
    11. Cross Island Line to take direct route under Central Catchment Nature Reserve https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/cross-island-line-mrt-crl-direct-route-central-nature-reserve-12152290
    12. Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo Spotted, Brings Wagons Into The Electric Era Porsche is continuing the development of the Taycan Cross Turismo, the electric model’s upcoming wagon variant, at the Nurburgring. The long-roof version of the electric Porsche Taycan was seen being driven quite hard on the German track, with the test car said to be the range-topping Turbo S model because of the characteristic wheel design. Despite Porsche having already revealed the Taycan in full production guise, the Cross Turismo model still retains most of the plastic cladding on its body, including the fake headlight and roof line covers. Porsche’s intentions of adding a second bodystyle to the Taycan range became official back in 2018 with the reveal of the Cross Turismo concept, which posed as a crossover-styled wagon featuring extra body cladding and a raised ground clearance. Customers will be offered pretty much the same powertrain options with the regular Taycan, which as of now starts from the base 4S, the 4S Performance Battery Plus, the Turbo and the Turbo S models. All versions feature two electric motors, one per axle, for all-wheel drive and a two-speed transmission mounted at the back. Performance should be on par with the regular Taycan, which on the range-topping Turbo S version offers up to 750 HP (761 PS) and 774 lb-ft (1,050 Nm) of torque on overboost, along with a neck-snapping 0-60 mph in 2.6 seconds (0-100km/h in 2.8) and a top speed of 161 mph (260 km/h). As with almost every wagon variant available in the market, the upcoming Taycan Cross Turismo is expected to offer a much more practical (and larger) luggage space, together with slightly more room for the heads of rear passengers. The Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo is expected to launch in the end of 2020, and if you find yourself wondering how the final product will look like, just take a look at the 2018 concept.
    13. DACH

      2019 Volkswagen T-Cross

      New 2019 Volkswagen T-Cross joins brand’s SUV range https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/volkswagen/t-cross/94502/new-2019-volkswagen-t-cross-joins-brand-s-suv-range The all-new VW T-Cross SUV sits below the larger T-Roc, rivalling the SEAT Arona and Kia Stonic This is the all-new Volkswagen T-Cross, the latest and smallest SUV from the German brand. It’s a rival for the likes of the Nissan Juke, Citroen C3 Aircross and SEAT Arona and due to go on sale in the UK early next year priced from around £16,500. It sits beneath the T-Roc in Volkswagen’s lineup and shares a lot of its mechanical running gear with the Polo supermini. It’s based on the same MQB A0 platform and measures in at 4,107mm long and 1,558mm tall, which makes it 54mm longer and 97mm wider than the Polo. Drivers also sit 100mm higher in the T-Cross than they would in the hatchback. • New Volkswagen T-Cross prototype review In the flesh its chunky wheel arches, boxy profile and tall bonnet give the T-Cross a more prominent SUV look than any of its rivals. On paper, at least, it’s also more practical; the 385-litre boot – larger than a VW Golf’s – can expand to 455 litres with the rear bench slid forward, while dropping the bench completely frees up 1,281 litres of luggage space. “The T-Cross is about versatility – that’s its number one focus,” Felix Kaschutzke, T-Cross project for manager sales & marketing, told Auto Express. “This car is built for young, small families, the car is very versatile for these types of customers.” To keep costs down, four-wheel drive will not be offered; all T-Cross models will be front-wheel drive. In the UK, buyers will get the option of a 94bhp or 113bhp 1.0-litre three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine. Both use a six-speed manual as standard, while a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic is available as an option. While a 1.6-litre TDI engine is available to buyers on the continent, Volkswagen UK has decided against selling it over here due to the market’s shift way from diesel-powered cars. However, it could be offered later down the line if there is demand – along with the possibility of mild-hybrid technology, too. • Best small SUVs and crossovers on sale Inside, the overall design is recognisable from the Polo; a central touchscreen on the dashboard gives access to all of the car’s functions and is offered in two sizes: 6.5 and 8.0 inches. VW’s digital instrument cluster, called Active Info Display, is also available and will be standard on higher-spec models. VW’s usual array of specs will make up the range in the UK, starting with entry-level S models and moving up through SE, SEL and R-Line trims. As standard all models will feature alloy wheels (sizes range from 16 -18 inches), blind spot monitoring, Bluetooth, air-con and four USB charging ports. Options include wireless phone charging, adaptive cruise control, keyless go and a sunroof. VW is one of the last big car makers to add a compact SUV to its model range. Asked why it had taken so long for the German firm to develop the T-Cross, Kaschutzke cited production constraints and wanting to get the model set-up exactly how customers expect it to be: “It’s clear we are late with this car,” he said. “But this something we have done before. Usually we are not the first in the segment but we are usually the best,” Kaschutzke explained. “What we made sure with the T-Cross is to make it a true SUV, with SUV characteristics such as the seating position and versatility, this is the number one priority we have with the car,” he added. “This is the difference between this car and other competitors – we are doing it differently.”
    14. One owe us money but drive in and out: I stayed overnight in the outskirts of JB last month. Saw locals (Malaysians) being loaded into a half-dozen Hyundai Starex and similar vehicles at one location next to a large kopitiam one morning at about 9:30am. The 'tourists' had breakfast in the kopitiam, then were ushered into the vehicles by the drivers. Whole lot then left in the direction of Tuas. Didn't look like tourists: most were couples in the late 50s and 60s, with no luggage, shopping bags and no kids. None in office wear so not foreigners or Singaporeans living in JB and working in Singapore. For all we know, they are money-laundering mules paid by a syndicate to clean up illicit funds at the casinos here. Say, give each S$9,900 (no need to declare), change into chips at the casinos, let them keep $400 (and whatever winnings), and you get $9,500 in clean money at end of casino visit.
    15. Scion

      Cross Island Line??

      is this a joke? whose brilliant idea is it?? <_<
    16. The video below sadden me more than a bit: It just does not feel right about what we have been doing. But what to do? We need all the resources to build our infrastructures and buildings. But lets be mindful of the costs to other countries, whether we pay them fairly or not is another matter altogether. Our action is causing other people hardship, and that just feel terrible.
    17. Hi all, New here. Would like some feedback on the suzuki vitara compared to the subaru forester and mitsubishi eclipse cross. Appreciate any help on this. Thanks in advance! Regards astc
    18. Mitsubishi recently unveiled its new SUV, the Eclipse Cross and is also taking this chance to try and reposition itself as an SUV specialist. With that in mind, will Mitsubishi fans ever have any hope of seeing an Eclipse Cross Evolution? Unfortunately, the answer is no. According to CarAdvice, Project Leader Hiroshi Yamauchi told the Australian publication at Geneva that adding that an Evolution variant would be one step too far. As a company that wants to concentrate its efforts more on SUVs, an Evolution variant is just too sporty. "[Ralliart would be] one option. But we want to get market feedback, then I will decide which direction it should be. I can do that [Ralliart], but it depends on the market feedback," he said, adding that an Evo would be one step too far. "Ralliart version is one option, but the Evolution [there] is no plan, because Evolution is completely different from sporty - it’s sports, not just sporty," he added. When asked on whether how the Ralliart version would improve on the current car, Yamauchi said that he would like to give the car more torque but with fuel economy also playing an important of the car, he isn't sure which direction is appropriate for new Eclipse Cross. Either way, chances of ever seeing an Evolution variant is getting thinner by the day. Until Mitsubishi have a sustainable future with a very strong and robust model line up then will the hopes of reviving an Evolution model come true.
    19. Fifth Gear brings Fiat's best off-roader that you can currently buy to prove itself against the iconic Land Rover Defender on an off-road course in Britain. While the Panda Cross only has a little two-cylinder 0.9-litre TwinAir petrol that produces only 85bhp, its light weight and Fiat’s Torque-on-Demand AWD system turns this friendly city car into a very capable off-roading machine. Weighing only 1090kg, the Panda Cross also has an impressive 24 degree approach and 34 degree departure angles. So can the small crossover stay in touch with the Defender? Watch the clip below and find out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgn2AG3WY-8
    20. Deeq

      New Suzuki S-Cross images leaked

      Images of updated Nissan Qashqai rival surface online showing newly designed front-end and interior Images of what appears to be a facelifted Suzuki SX4 S-Cross have surfaced online. The pictures were reportedly grabbed from a presentation to French Suzuki dealers and give our first look at the revised crossover. Personally, we think the front grill reveals a slight resemblance to the 2014 Jeep Cherokee, with the rear end reminding us of the Volkswagen Cross-Polo. The grainy pictures show a significantly restyled front end for the S-Cross, featuring a more prominent chrome grille that’s been moved further up the bonnet. The headlamps have also been completely restyled, and the bonnet itself gains pronounced lines moving down towards the grille.
    21. What is the correct way to do so? I normally wait for the people to cross then I go, but so long as the people have not crossed the Center divider on a dual carriage way, I will turn.is that the right way? Or do I have to wait for them to cross completely regardless of where they are? Reason for asking is that I see enforcement officers taking a video camera on a tripod pointing at the crossings twice in a week.
    22. Designed for rough Russian roads, Russia's Ural Motorcycles are one of the best bikes with sidecars to off road with. Cross a raging river? Easy! Watch these riders filmed their attempt to cross a fast-flowing river in Russia on their very tough Ural bikes and we have say its is pretty darn impressive. I mean how is it possible for a motorcycle to get almost completely under water and still function? Bike experts do enlighten us if you can! FYI, Ural motorcycles uses a 749cc air-cooled 2 cylinder 'boxer' engine which produces 41bhp. Top speed is a recommended 112km/h and a fully-filled example will be able to do 250km in one tank. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zb3wPm2kWl8
    23. Hi guys! Seeking young female Suzuki Swift drivers aged between 25 to 35, and married male S-Cross drivers aged between 35 to 45 for a video shoot. Compensation will be given for the shoot to be held this weekend or next. Drop me a message if interested or you know someone who fits our profiles!
    24. I just realize that many home electrical appliances can be cross used, or they share many common functions. Just to share some of the functions i happen to know, come on in and share what you use your home appliances for beside the original function. Rice cooker, not only for cooking rice, many rice cooker can be used to cook porridge, soup steam food as well. I used my to cook porridge, green bean soup, red bean soup, cook soup and keep food warm. Best part is no need to look after the fire, just drop into pot, close and on power. Convention Oven ( the one with a fan), this one is solid, use it to grill, bake, toast, and it even works like an air fryer. Now I even use it to toast bread, toast 9-12 pieces at one go, no need to wait. Even use it to air fried chicken wings. Steamer, this one not only for steaming food, use it to heat up food without getting the food dry up. Use lesser water than steaming over fire, faster and no need to watch fire. I even tried steaming rice and it worked just fine. LOL anyone got any experience to add on and share?
    25. 2 HOURS 3 MIN AGO SINGAPORE - The Media Development Authority (MDA) has directed SingNet Pte Ltd (SingNet) to cross-carry the Barclays Premier League "live" matches over the next three seasons, starting from the 2013-14 season. Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel) had announced back in Oct 2012 that it had acquired non-exclusive broadcast rights to all BPL "live" games for the next three seasons from Aug 2013 from the Football Association Premier League Limited (FAPL) for Mio TV, its subscription TV platform. However, after studying the agreement between SingTel and FAPL, the MDA found that it contained certain clauses that can prevent or restrict the same content from being acquired for transmission by other pay-TV retailers in Singapore. The MDA said that it would not be disclosing further details of these restrictions. What is clear, however, is that the restrictions trigger the Cross-Carriage Measure. According to this measure, which kicked in on Aug 1 2011, pay-TV retailers who have acquired any exclusive content on or after March 12, 2010, must widen the distribution of such content by offering it to subscribers of other pay-TV retailers. As such, SingNet must now begin the process of enabling the cross-carriage of the BPL programme on rival pay-TV retailer StarHub's platform. When contacted, StarHub welcomed the latest development. Said Jeannie Ong, its Head of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations in a statement: "We welcome the decision of the Media Development Authority (MDA) to make the Barclays Premier League (BPL) subject to the cross-carriage measure. "Singapore viewers are the biggest beneficiaries of this decision and we are excited to be able to bring the BPL to our customers on our reliable network once again." The telco, which announced last month that it was finally able to open negotiations with the FAPL, five months after SingTel's announcement in Oct 2012, added that "in light of MDA's decision, there is no longer a necessity for us to acquire the broadcast rights directly from FAPL." SingTel, however, expressed its disappointment at the decision, and said that it would be making an appeal. Said Allen Lew, Chief Executive Officer of Singapore Telecommunications for its 'Digital L!fe' division in a statement: "We are gravely disappointed with MDA's decision requiring SingNet to cross carry BPL content as it disadvantages both the consumers and the industry. "We fully intend to appeal this decision and seek legal recourse if necessary. We assure football fans that we will fight hard so they can continue to enjoy the content that they love at reasonable prices." He warned too that football fans who want to watch the BPL on its own, without subscribing to Mio TV, will probably have to pay "significantly higher fees". "We will ensure that existing SingTel customers who are on contracts will not be affected," he said. "However, those who wish to watch BPL on its own will most likely have to pay significantly higher monthly fees. "This is because it will become untenable for SingTel to subsidise the cost of BPL for such customers." http://www.todayonline.com/sports/mda-orde...-league-matches