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Found 23 results

  1. Can Anyone VW car owners, advise if u had such experience code? The code came out but it goes away after some distance. But this had been coming back a few time already. As no error code when I drive to workshop. They can’t check for me!!! Don’t feel comfortable. Thanks
  2. Surely these young punks have better things to do than to draw on a car with markers? A recent video posted by Sgfollowsall has netizens wondering if this was simply an act of vandalism or if there was more than meets the eye. The video opens with what sounds like a few teenagers talking loudly and using markers to draw vulgarities on a grey Volkswagen Touran. The location appears to be an open carpark along East Coast Park. The person filming walks around the vehicle to show the various doodles made by his friends. He then proceeds to pick up a marker to make his mark on the car with an offensive comment to LTA. The clip ends with a picture of the finished product – the SGD $197,900 vehicle completely covered in doodles. Is this vandalism? At first glance, one would assume that these punks were vandalising a stranger’s car with malicious intent. However, several comments under the post highlighted the possibility of these boys playing a prank on a friend. A commenter also added that the vehicle owner had intended to respray his car and encouraged his friends to draw on it before doing so. While we are unsure of the actual scenario, let’s discuss the possible consequences of vandalism and what constitutes vandalism in Singapore. According to the Vandalism Act, writing, drawing, painting, marking or inscribing on any public property or private property any word, slogan, caricature, drawing, mark, or symbol without the written consent of the owner counts as vandalism. Offenders found guilty will be fined up to $2,000 and an imprisonment term of up to 3 years. Additionally, they will be given up to 8 strokes of the cane. Netizens’ reactions It is important for everyone to note that acts of vandalism are not taken lightly in Singapore. Even if this incident was done as a prank or with the owner's consent, it definitely hurts my heart to see these kids doodle on such an expensive canvas. -------- Witnessed an accident? See something interesting on the roads? Submit your image/video/news via MyCarForum's WhatsApp. We'll pay you $10 per post!
  3. Hi bros, anyone any comments on this car? Quite a good proposition (at least for my needs)... Worry about FC and maintenance. OMV= $25-26k Selling= $95.8k or $96.6k http://www.vwasia.com/publish/vwasia/singa...els/touran.html
  4. Getting an MPV for ferrying kids and parents. Narrowed down to the above 2 but quite split between both. Any thoughts on which is better in terms of reliability and space?
  5. Well, some of my insider sources suggest that the pricing of the Toyota Avanza 1.5 which they will be bringing in within this year is benchmarked against the VW Touran 1.4 TSI. Considering that the likelihood of the Avanza's OMV to be less than $20k is very high, it is quite laughable that Borneo Motors' & Toyota's head are still up in the clouds to conceptualize such a pricing, especially in today's COE climate. Its seriously a no-brainer to choose the Touran over the Avanza. The Avanza has the virtues for being a very simple vehicle, armed with a primitive 4-speeder auto-box with an equally anemic 1.5 litre engine. The Touran on the other hand is much more well-built with up-to-date drivetrain (7 DSG), engine (1.4 twincharged) and safety equipment. Even the curb weight difference is telling (1410 kg vs 1095kg)... The question is will you buy a $100k+++ mini-MPV meant for developing markets such as Indonesia and Philippines? For sure i won't...
  6. May want to upgrade to a MPV for my next ride and am considering this 4 mid-size conti diesel-powered Cat A MPV which I have viewed them all but couldnt made up my mind. Reason for going Diesel is because I figured out over a distance of 100k km, the saving in pump cost is much greater as compared to the higher road tax which I may have to pay for a diesel-powered 1.6L MPV (making comparison with mid-size petrol powered MPV like Wish/Mazda 5). Furthermore, driving up North is something which i seldom do. Based on personal observation, Touran is the one which i spotted most often on the roads (though they may be the petrol variant and not neccessary the diesel variant) Any views from current owners or anyone who has an opinion? I'm trying to guess which MPV is the best value for money or best bang for bucks over a period of say 8yrs.
  7. guys, saw front page of new paper this morning, VW diesel 28K repair bill.. wonder what is wrong
  8. I read this morning's papers about the new VW Touran. I'm utterly impressed with VW! priced below 100k with such ridiculous COE price, i have to say that VW is doing the best job currently in the market. not only the price, consider the features packed in the touran. 7 speed DSG. 1.4 TURBO. 0-100 under 10sec. 7 seater audio controls on steering wheels blah blah This is a winner. road tax cheap. FC friendly. 7 seater Continental cheap price high COE, HIGH paper value. to be frank, if i had not purchased my odyssey last year at 96k (low COE)..... this is the one i'm definitely getting.
  9. For the second time since its introduction in 2003 and four years after the presentation of the revised model in 2006, the Volkswagen Touran 7-seater MPV has been facelifted again. Due to make its world premiere at this month's Auto Mobil International (AMI) motor show, which runs from 10 to 18 April in Leipzig, Germany, the 2011 Touran features a refreshed styling inspired by the new Polo, Golf and Touareg models. At the front, the Touran gets VW's latest corporate grille along with new headlamp and bumper designs. The rear section of the Touran is also restyled, featuring two-piece tail lamps that extend from the wing into the tailgate. Completing the revisions are a set of new alloy wheels and chrome-edged rubbing strips running down the side of the vehicle as well as new exterior mirrors. On the inside, we get to see the familiar three-spoke steering wheel and a new set of dials featuring white backlighting, which are shared with the 2010 Jetta. A revised centre console with chrome highlights houses the new controls for the ventilation system. For the drivetrains, the new entry-level 1.2-liter TSI gasoline unit with 105HP is joined by a 1.4-liter TSI offered in 140HP and 170HP configurations. These engines are mated to the seven-speed Direct Shift Gearbox.
  10. I am currently driving an 07 honday odyssey. Seems like the new touran is a good proposition to replace my 3 year old odyssey. Any one having the same thoughts can share some insights?
  11. The next Volkswagen Touran has been spied testing on the streets with a trailer in tow. Though the mule uses the current Touran facelift for its body, underneath there lies the next-generation model. The Touran will take on the brand's new face which can already be seen on the Scirocco, the Golf VI and the new Polo. VW's versatile vehicle has been in the market since 2003 and it received a facelift in 2007. Speculation is that because the current car, which is based on the expensive to build Golf V platform, VW is moving the next one's release date up in order to take advantage of the cheaper Golf VI platform. Engines expected include the 1.4-litre TSI and the 1.6-litre. Turbo diesels are also popular in this segment so the 1.9 TDI as well as the 2.0 TDI will form the lineup. Mated to these engines are two gearboxes, the familiar 6-speed manual and the new 7-speed DSG. Gadgets on the menu would be things like the self-park function, touch screen satellite navigation and lane assist. It would not be a surprise to see the Touran at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September. Spy shots.
  12. Shortlisted a few compact MPVs and narrowed down to these 2. Appreciate any constructive input.
  13. any good reputable shops that can tune the above car engine to its original high performannce ??
  14. Leech

    WTB: Touran

    Bros, pls may I request that bros keep me posted if they come across anyone whom they know wants to let go of their Touran 1.4TSI. Thanks
  15. Renegade


    Volkswagen has released the first official photo of their Golf V based MPV due to be released next spring. The press release doesn't reveal a lot about the Golf V platform, but it does show a few important things: four-link fully independent rear suspension, electromechanical power steering, six-speed manual standard and a new six-speed automatic/double-clutch sequential transmission in the near future, and new levels of fit and finish (look at those shut lines). The Touran is an addition to the Sharan lineup of people movers and is not part of the actual Golf V lineup, so don't look to the Touran as any indication of Golf V styling. The Touran is designed to compete with the Renault Scenic and other mini-minivans in the very popular small people-mover segment in Europe. The Touran is almost 8 inches longer, 2.2 inches wider and 7.5 inches taller than the current Golf IV. The second multipurpose vehicle (MPV) from Volkswagen following the larger Sharan is a strong, individual design. Notable features of the Touran, which is 4.39 m (172.8 in.) long, 1.79 m (70.5 in.) wide and 1.63 m (64.2 in.) high, include a highly versatile interior layout and ample space, equivalent to many a vehicle with significantly larger overall dimensions. The interior, which can be equipped with up to seven separate seats, has the versatility in use and extensive safety features expected by customers with high mobility needs. Combined with a choice of powerful engines and a rigid bodyshell, the suspension makes the Touran a dynamic performer on the road. Touran is a name formed from the term 'Tour' and the name 'Sharan'. 'Tour' symbolizes travel in comfort over long distances, and the ending '-an' is used to indicate Volkswagen's multipurpose vehicles. The complete name is representative of the leisure-oriented target group with its multitude of activities to whom this new compact midsize-class Volkswagen MPV will appeal. The Touran will be available in three equipment and trim versions, and sales will start with a choice of three FSI and TDI engines, as dynamic as they are economical, developing between 74 kW (100 bhp) and 100 kW (136 bhp). During the year, further engine options will be offered. A unique feature in this market segment so far: all FSI-and TDI-engined models will have a standard six-speed gearbox. As an optional extra, a new, innovative six-speed automatic transmission will be available, and will combine the advantages of a manual gearbox with those of an automatic transmission in an entirely new way. The Touran has five seats as standard equipment, and a well-planned, versatile interior layout. The three individual seats in the second row can be easily repositioned, folded or removed entirely. The two full-size seats in the third row can be folded down into the floor, so that the Touran can carry seven people; this feature is an optional extra. The Volkswagen Touran's seat concept permits more than 500 different positions and layouts, and is therefore unsurpassed in its versatility. With five seats in use, the load area has a capacity of more than 600 liters (21.2 cu/ft.); the maximum payload limit is above 650 kilograms (1,433 lbs.).
  16. Am looking at my option to upgrade to a 7 seater in the next 6 months or so... Test drove and like the Stream RSZ and Touran... Cannot decide... Car will occasionally travel into Msia for trips from 400~1400+km road trip (4~5times per year) Most of the time will be me, wife and 2 kids. Weekend will see 2~3 more adults. The OMV is almost similar at 25~26k and pricing is 77~81k. Expect pricing to drop further down the road... FC is also similiar at 10~12km/l. Will like to hear some opinions...
  17. http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/review.php?AID=50 One MPV with a hell lots of torque...hahaha
  18. Dear all i am lost between VW Touran Sport and Subaru Exiga Both about same price, 95K one is continental super and turbo charge 1.4TSI. 0-100, abt 8.3Sec Test drove it, have great performance but look square. Subara Exiga GT cannot test drive but can look sporty and have great BPH an Torque Anyone who have the exiga GT can advise on the performance. Please help advice which one shall i choose.
  19. Anyone following this contest? Starting from today till 15th~ Only a 'Q' in today's papers right?
  20. Mtoh

    Touran TSI 1.4 !

    AT A GLANCE The heart of the Touran TSI is its supercharged, turbocharged direct-injection engine. This unit is so advanced that it meets every emission standard in the world. It
  21. Saw one white example at Simei today. Looks cool Too bad I was driving, could not take a pix to post here. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vehicle Registration Number: SH36xxU Intended Date of Transfer of Ownership: 30/03/2006 Make: VOLKSWAGEN Model: TOURAN TDI Number of Transfers: 0 Open Market Value (OMV): $21,583.00 Road Tax Expiry Date: 22/06/2006 Non-user/Lay Up Expiry Date: Not Applicable PARF Status: Yes PARF Status Expiry Date: 22/12/2013 COE Expiry Date: 22/12/2013 Life Span Expiry Date: 22/12/2013 Special Remark: Lifespan expires on 22/12/2013. No further COE renewal is allowed.
  22. so they've launched their touran. anyone been to the showroom? care to share with us the experience? how much is the car cost?
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