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    Found 38 results

    1. Urban life presents particular challenges. When it comes to driving, it's an environment where motorists increasingly appreciate the robust, high-riding qualities of an SUV, but on a scale tailored to suit urban streets and with a genuine emphasis on environmental performance. At the same time, drivers want a vehicle that's distinctive and stylish, and which has all the flexibility they need for an active lifestyle. These are exactly the qualities Toyota has instilled in the all-new Toyota Yaris Cross. The new Toyota Yaris Cross has been designed and developed for Europe, specifically to meet the requirements and preferences of the region's B-SUV market. It will be made in Europe too, at Toyota Motor Manufacturing France (TMMF), alongside the new generation Yaris hatchback, from 2021. True hybrid, true SUV The new Yaris Cross draws on Toyota's strong heritage of advanced hybrid technology, small car design and SUV engineering. Toyota's world leadership in hybrid vehicle technology includes the first use of a hybrid system in a B-segment car with the original Yaris Hybrid in 2012. The unmatched experience it has gained ensures that Toyota Yaris Cross's new fourth generation hybrid powertrain delivers exceptional performance and efficiency. As a member of the Yaris family, Yaris Cross is constructed on Toyota's new GA-B compact car platform. It also shares the "big-small" design and packaging concept that characterised the original Yaris, and presents a roomy interior within compact exterior dimensions. Toyota Yaris Cross is also a genuine SUV, benefiting from Toyota's experience in originating the concept of the recreational SUV 25 years ago with the RAV4 - today the world's best-selling SUV - and more recently in producing the stylish and highly efficient C-HR. A raised ride height and the availability of AWD-i intelligent all-wheel drive reinforce its authentic SUV credentials. Adding Yaris Cross to the line-up will give Toyota an SUV range that spans the B, C and D segments. New hybrid powertrain Yaris Cross benefits from Toyota's fourth generation hybrid technology. Toyota successfully pioneered the use of full hybrid technology in B-segment cars with the introduction of the first Yaris Hybrid hatchback in 2012. Since then, more than half a million have been sold in Europe, making it a powerful tool in building public awareness and appreciation of the technology. The Yaris and Yaris Cross are the first models to use Toyota's latest 1.5 hybrid system, developed directly from the larger 2.0 and 2.5-litre powertrains used by recent new models such as the Corolla, C-HR, RAV4 and Camry. This features a new 1.5-litre, three-cylinder Atkinson-cycle petrol engine, precision-engineered to reduce friction and mechanical losses and optimise combustion speed. The result is high torque at low engine speeds and excellent fuel efficiency. The engine's thermal efficiency is rated at 40%, which is greater than comparable diesel engines and ensures strong fuel economy and low CO2 emissions. The new hybrid system has a maximum output of 116 DIN hp. Special attention has been given to power delivery, making the system very responsive to drive. In terms of emissions efficiency, the front-wheel drive model starts from below 90 g/km CO2 and the AWD-i version from below 100 g/km. Toyota GA-B platform Toyota Yaris Cross follows its sibling hatchback model in adopting Toyota's new GA-B vehicle platform. This ensures a high level of body rigidity and a well-balanced chassis, making the car responsive and agile. All urban. All SUV With the Yaris Cross, Toyota has produced an authentic SUV on a smaller scale, giving customers the higher driving position, practicality and interior spaciousness, they desire in a car with compact dimensions that make it well-suited to urban driving. The design evokes the classic qualities of SUVs, with a higher body and larger wheels/tyres communicating strength and purpose. Toyota Yaris Cross has the same 2,560 mm wheelbase as the new Yaris hatchback, but is 240 mm longer overall, with 60 mm added to the front overhang and 180 mm to the rear, securing more interior space. The ground clearance is 30 mm higher and the vehicle is taller and wider overall - by 90 and 20 mm respectively. Practical and Versatile Being a true SUV, special attention has been given to practicality and versatility. There's a power back door for when your hands are full. And an adjustable deck height to give the flexibility of either a secure underfloor compartment or increased trunk space for larger loads. In addition, the deck board itself can be split in two, giving customers both increased space and an underfloor storage area. The trunk is also equipped with a new flex belt system to secure items and stop them shifting during driving. Yaris Cross is just as spacious as it is practical. With all seats up and tonneau cover in place it delivers a large trunk volume. However, if more load capacity is needed, then there's a 40:20:40 foldable rear seat system to balance rear passenger space with cargo needs. Intelligent all-wheel drive One of the features that defines the new Toyota Yaris Cross as an authentic SUV is the availability of an intelligent all-wheel drive system - a unique feature in its class for a hybrid model. AWD-i provides extra stability and traction in everyday driving, in poor conditions and on low-grip surfaces. An electric system, it is more compact and weighs less than mechanical AWD units, helping the Yaris Cross Hybrid AWD-i achieve lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions than any of its all-wheel drive B-SUV competitors. The system directs drive torque to the rear axle when pulling away and when accelerating. In normal driving, the Toyota Yaris Cross operates with front-wheel drive, but when low-grip conditions are detected, all-wheel drive is engaged automatically. This can be, for example, on wet cobblestones, in heavy rain, on wet or packed snow, or on sand. Advanced Driver Assistance System The foundation of the new Yaris Cross's safety performance is its GA-B platform, giving the car an exceptionally rigid body. With the intention of meeting the highest and most rigorous independent test standards, it will further benefit from Toyota Safety Sense active safety systems and advanced driver assistance functions, helping to avoid a wide range of common accident risks through driver information, early warnings and, when necessary, automatic braking and steering intervention. Design The design process of Toyota Yaris Cross brought together a wide team from studios in both Europe and Japan. To describe their ideas and inspiration in more detail, please find below the words of one member of the team - Lance Scott, Design General Manager at Toyota's EDD studio in Nice, France. "When we started this process, we understood that whilst style is the number one purchase reason in the B-SUV segment, customers were also keen to have a high level of practicality. Not easy things to reconcile, especially in a compact package. From the very beginnings of the design concept, we had the European customer in mind, but needed to understand more about them. So we went out and interviewed real customers to understand their lifestyle, what they liked, what their daily activities were and how they enjoyed themselves. After an enjoyable and enlightening process, we came back enthusiastic to design a car that would mirror their personality and deliver a vibrant combination of being both sophisticated and energetic. As a team, we came up with the key words 'Robust' and 'Minimalistic', which we felt would express both compactness and agility, as well as the robustness and strength of an SUV. When we started to sketch ideas for the exterior, the iconic image of a diamond consistently came to mind. Subsequently we coined the phrase 'nimble diamond' to express the hard, strong and premium image of the gemstone combined with the agile and fun to drive personality we felt the car needed to convey. From the top view, or plan view as we call it, we 'cut', or 'shaved' the body to give us a diamond shape that allowed us the space to emphasise the fenders. This diamond body shape combined with the 4 bold fenders gave us an energetic shape which was both strong and sophisticated. Clearly, we want the car to be immediately perceived as a SUV, so we emphasised a higher ground clearance, a strong horizontal axis giving a great balance and poise, big squared wheel arches and of course big wheels ... up to 18"! The face was also a very important aspect for us. We wanted to keep the strong DNA of Toyota's SUV line-up but at the same time give Yaris Cross an identity of its own. At the rear, we again focused on giving the car a good stance with the wide fenders illustrating how it looks planted on its wheels. Combining the horizontal rear tail lamps and rear screen clearly shows family identity with Yaris, yet the wider and more squared tailgate hints at the luggage space's larger flexibility for daily usage. For the exterior colour, we started to think about something that could express an active and high-quality image that our target customers would really appreciate. Looking at future colour trends we can see that there is a growing tendency for gold and other precious metals, but we wanted to offer something a bit more natural and urban. Adding a subtle hint of green to the gold direction, whilst also de-saturating the colour to emphasis the metal like appearance, gave us this fresh urban yet active appeal that highlighted the surface form of the exterior. The final result is a colour we call Brass Gold" Toyota expects to produce more than 150,000 Yaris Cross a year at the TMMF Onnaing factory, near Valenciennes in France, and achieve a B-SUV segment share of more than 8%.
    2. inlinesix

      4G Toyota Yaris

      https://global.toyota/en/newsroom/toyota/29933748.html 1.5L Dynamic Force Engine 1.5L Dynamic Force Hybrid System Direct CVT for 1.5L
    3. Toyota shows how GR Yaris is made, hints at more GR cars source: https://uk.motor1.com/news/429886/toyota-gr-yaris-factory-video/ Toyota wanted an assembly line that could mass produce sports cars of a consistently high quality. The Toyota GR Yaris seems like a fantastic, little hot hatch. In a recently released video, the automaker shows the assembly line that builds the GR Yaris and would probably handle assembly of future performance vehicles, too. The dedicated GR production line is at Toyota's Motomachi factory. The automaker set it to move assembly through various cells that allow for more work by hand than a standard vehicle at this plant. As the company describes the strategy in the video, the goal is to have a place that can "produce millions of sports cars without any difference in quality." A GR Yaris is not just the standard model with a few different parts. For example, there's an additional 11 metres of structural adhesive and 200 extra welds in an effort to boost rigidity. Technicians handle adjusting the alignment on each car. "With its new manufacturing methods, the GR facility is capable of handling multi-type, small-volume production, without compromising productivity," Toyota writes in the description for this video. While the statement is hardly definitive, it lends further credence to the idea that the GR Yaris is not a one-off undertaking. After making the investment to set up this production line, abandoning the effort so quickly wouldn't make much sense. The rumors are that the Corolla or the C-HR are most likely to be the next vehicles to get the GR treatment. Either of them could be fun with the GR Yaris' turbocharged 1.6-litre three-cylinder making 257 bhp and 266 lb-ft. Plus the hot hatch has a three-mode, all-wheel-drive system that lets owners select the torque split.
    4. Milgram

      Toyota Yaris vs Vitz vs Echo

      Hey all, just wanted to point out the difference between the Yaris, Vitz and Echo. Unless I'm mistaken, the differences are as follow: The Yaris is made in Thailand (parts from Japan, assembled in Thailand) and comes in 1.5L. It is based on the Vitz platform. The Vitz is made in Japan and is brought in by parallel importers only. It comes in 1.0L and 1.3L only. However, sportier versions of the Vitz come in 1.5L. The Echo, I believe, is the earlier version (earlier generation) of the Vitz.
    5. Jho0001

      Toyota Yaris

      Anyone own one of these cars? Looks nice, any reviews? Wife if thinking or getting one but appreciate any quotes/offers and any chance of haggling a discount from Borneo, believe they are including bodykits at the moment? Thanks
    6. chitchatboy

      Toyota Yaris GRMN shows us its dance moves

      Toyota has just released a spot showing off its new supermini-sized hot hatch, the upcoming Yaris GRMN. It has been some time since Toyota has a hot hatch in its line up and judging from how the car sounds at full chat, we can hardly wait. However it remains unclear whether the car will make it onto our shores. Powering the hatch is a supercharged 1.8-litre engine that will make more than 200bhp and is paired exclusively to a six-speed manual gearbox. Toyota also claims its century sprint timing will be class-leading, meaning it will accelerate faster than models like the Fiesta ST and the Renault Clio RS. Elsewhere, the car will a Torsen limited-slip differential, a set of shorter springs, bespoke Sachs dampers and a fatter front stabilizer bar, with Gazoo Racing tuning the suspension on the Nurburgring. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPuh_qvyV_4
    7. chitchatboy

      Five-door Toyota Yaris GRMN spotted on test

      After showing off the Yaris GRMN at the recent Geneva Motor Show, spy photographers have caught Toyota testing a five-door variant of the hot hatch. As reported by Carscoops, the hot hatch appears to have most of what its three-door variant has other than the body-color mirror caps, chrome trim, and a stock rear bumper. These differences are expected to be replaced with the correct production parts in the future. Pictured in Southern Europe, the production car will have a supercharged 1.8-litre four-cylinder engine that pushes out 202bhp to the front wheels and will be paired with a six-speed manual gearbox. It will have go-faster parts such as 17-inch BBS wheels and a high-performance braking system .
    8. chitchatboy

      Toyota Yaris facelifted in Japan

      Three years after we received the Toyota Yaris, Toyota has unveiled a facelifted version for its third generation model. It gains a few small visual change inside and out, a new hybrid variant and some safety improvements. Outside, the front of the car has been made to look more aggressive thanks to the massive lower grille made. Headlights and tailights for the car can now be specced with optional LED units that gives the car a fresher look. Elsewhere, a new Sporty Package which adds a mild bodykit and larger 16-inch wheels. Buyers can now choose from 17 paint options, including the new Clear Blue Crystal Shine, Avant Garde Bronze Metallic, Dark Blue Mica and Olive Mica Metallic. Engine wise, the options remains unchanged, with the 1.3-litre Dual VVT-i engine putting out 97bhp and 121Nm as before. It is paired to a CVT transmission. Eco-minded buyers might want to consider the new hybrid option that uses the same hybrid powertrain as the Prius C. It puts out a combined output of 99bhp and achieves a fuel consumption figure of 34.4km/L on the Japanese JC08 cycle. On the handling front, the body has been said to made more rigid thanks to an increase in the number of spot welds and thicker instrument panel bracing. This allowed the engineers to re-tuned the settings for the new dampers, giving the driver a better driving experience.
    9. After the on-and-off rumours circulating around the web for some time about the latest Yaris being produced in Indonesia, I now know for sure what will actually happen. The world renowned Japanese automaker, Toyota, is finally about to officially appoint Indonesia as the production base for the latest Yaris. Toyota's headquarters, the Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), will announce its decision to make use of the second plant of PT Toyota Motors Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) which is situated in Karawang, West Java, to manufacture the aforementioned hatchback variant within the next two months. As of today, the plant is only manufacturing the automaker's Etios Valco, which is an economical car, up to 70-80 thousand units per month. The production capacity of the plant itself is actually higher than that and totals up to 140 thousand units per month. As such, it seems wise for Toyota to choose this plant to produce its next model. Judging from the Japanese car manufacturer's decision to switch the production of the Yaris to Indonesia, it seems that the company doesn't want to depend too much on a single country anymore, especially after having to suffer from considerable losses due to the recent flood disaster in Thailand. For your information, Toyota also switched the production of the Fortuner to Indonesia from another country last year. Toyota's decision to manufacture the Yaris in Indonesia also further emphasises its commitment to invest in this developing country. As of the end of the fiscal year 2012, President, Director and CEO of TMC, Akio Toyoda, announced that the Toyota Group was well prepared to spend a total investment value of Rp 26 billion(S$3.3 million) in Indonesia until 2020. For starters, the company had already spent up to Rp 13 billion (S$1.6 million) for the next five years and the investment was spread across six companies, the Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) itself, Toyota Auto Body Co., Ltd. (TAB), Denso Corp., Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. (AS), Toyota Tsusho Corporation (TT), and the Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (DMC). To support its long term plan in Karawang, West Java, Toyota has also prepared a site measuring 150 hectares. Plan is, the site will be used to establish a new engine plant and the third Toyota plant in Indonesia, provided the company's car sales keep on showing a positive trend. Well, it seems that Indonesia may finally be developing for real, indeed.
    10. Hi, i am reaching 90000km servicing period. Kind brothers here, may you recommend any honest and reasonable workshop to service my 2007 yaris? Any reliable workshop in AMK autopoint well verse with Toyota.... For 90000km, what to lookout and any parts a mandatory to change? Thanks in advance...huat ah!!!!!!!
    11. Yes, I also don't believe initailly but it's true, last month I tried it out in a middle-east country HW, tachometer showed 198 to 200km/h, and my GPS record 191km/h, usually my GPS showing 8km/h slow than actual speed I doubt whether it really is 1.3 engine, rental car should not be modified
    12. FaezClutchless

      Toyota reveals the new Yaris

      [extract] The launch of the third generation Yaris opens a new chapter in the model
    13. I am considering a Toyota Yaris now, and I was just wondering what is the fuel consumption, problem and breakdown you all face? Anything i should factor in before I purchase my Second Hand Yaris? (4 years old)
    14. Hi bro, anyone know where can I get c-1 bodykit for yaris? What is the price includg installation? Thanks
    15. BoneStock

      New Yaris/Vitz

      Looks quite nice from the pics. Seems to be slightly bigger than the current model. Finally the instrument panel is moved to the right!!! Could this be the same for the new Vios/Belta? http://sports-car-collection.com/tag/2012-toyota-vitzyaris/
    16. Picanto

      The NEW Yaris

      BM has re-intro the new facelifted Yaris. how come no one is talking about it? i went to other forums, also no one mention about it. do mcf forumers know about the new Yaris?

      Yaris 1.5m or jazz 1.4m

      as above which will u chose for the long term and worth the $$ and why? consider them on 2nd hand rate
    18. Hi folks, Anyone with experience or knowledge of a good, inexpensive, and legal car rental company? Looking to rent a Jazz or Yaris for a month. You may pm me if you do not want to name them here. Thanks in advance.
    19. Cheekg98

      Just booked a Toyota Yaris

      Toyota launching Yaris here in early 2006 By Samuel Ee - 17 November 2005 The Business Times BORNEO Motors Singapore has introduced a new Toyota model in a segment from which it withdrew almost five years ago. Orders are now being taken for the Toyota Yaris supermini, with delivery set for the latter part of Q1 2006. No price has been set for the 109hp, 1.5-litre five-door hatchback although fully refundable deposits are being accepted. But because it is likely to be slotted between the Vios and Corolla Altis sedans, expect to see a price tag in the mid-$50,000 region. The trendy model, which used to be sold as the Echo here, is Toyota's top-selling model in Europe. But like the Vios and Altis, the Yaris headed for Singapore will be sourced from Toyota Thailand. It is called the Vitz in Japan, and earlier this year, parallel importer Richburg Motors began offering a sportier version called the Toyota Vitz TRD at its MacPherson Road showroom. This high-end model from Japan costs about $80,000. The biggest attraction of the Yaris is the feeling of spaciousness in this seemingly diminutive car - the airy cabin has excellent head and shoulder room.
    20. Xeno

      Toyota Yaris TS

      Toyota of Europe has announced that its lineup for the 2006 Paris Motor Show will include the production version of the Yaris TS concept that debuted at the last Genever Motor Show. The production version will be equipped with a new 1.8-liter dual VVT-I engine that produces 132 horsepower and propels the tiny Yaris to a top speed of 120 mph. The Yaris TS will also receive an updated suspension to sharpen its moves and additional styling elements that further separate it from the crowd. We
    21. HI all, Just purchased my toyota yaris 1.5, model G. This is my first car. Any bro owns a yaris and care to share the pleasure of driving it or the problems encountered???
    22. Nutty

      Toyota Yaris on the road?

      Just curious. Toyota Yaris has been selling for quite some time, but I hardly seen any on the road yet. Maybe I'm not observant enough. Anyone bought Yaris and how is it so far?
    23. Hi people, just went down to Leng Kee for a test drive of the 1.5A Yaris on Sat. Below are my observations: - Boot space is a joke! In fact, its the smallest boot space I've ever seen - Engine is SUPER NOISY & rough at >2500rpm, strange...In fact, my current 2006 KIA RIO 1.4M engine is way quieter at that RPM - Read that the 0-100KM sprint takes 9+ seconds. However, when i pedal to metal from 50km/hr on a straight stretch, there's no feeling of being pressed back to seat at all, despite car dropping gear and RPM at 3000. However, the car's not all that bad, it has futuristic and good quality internal fittings/design and if u add the bodykit, its . The road noise insulation is also superb, just like a conti car . However, with the $52K price tag, think I'd go with the Swift 1.5.