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  1. Urban life presents particular challenges. When it comes to driving, it's an environment where motorists increasingly appreciate the robust, high-riding qualities of an SUV, but on a scale tailored to suit urban streets and with a genuine emphasis on environmental performance. At the same time, drivers want a vehicle that's distinctive and stylish, and which has all the flexibility they need for an active lifestyle. These are exactly the qualities Toyota has instilled in the all-new Toyota Yaris Cross. The new Toyota Yaris Cross has been designed and developed for Europe, specif
  2. Toyota shows how GR Yaris is made, hints at more GR cars source: https://uk.motor1.com/news/429886/toyota-gr-yaris-factory-video/ Toyota wanted an assembly line that could mass produce sports cars of a consistently high quality. The Toyota GR Yaris seems like a fantastic, little hot hatch. In a recently released video, the automaker shows the assembly line that builds the GR Yaris and would probably handle assembly of future performance vehicles, too. The dedicated GR production line is at Toyota's Motomachi factory. The automaker set it to move assembly th
  3. TL;DR – A Toyota Yaris driver makes a wide turn, ends up on opposing lane upsetting a couple of motorcyclists who made gestures at him. Unhappy, the driver confronts them and even takes out a weapon from his car. This incident happened earlier today (2nd August 2021). A road raging Toyota Yaris driver whips out a weapon from his car in anger and it’s all been recorded on video! Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure. What right do you have to be angry sir? At the start of this 94-second video, we see a red Yaris making a wide turn and ending up o
  4. https://global.toyota/en/newsroom/toyota/29933748.html 1.5L Dynamic Force Engine 1.5L Dynamic Force Hybrid System Direct CVT for 1.5L
  5. Hey all, just wanted to point out the difference between the Yaris, Vitz and Echo. Unless I'm mistaken, the differences are as follow: The Yaris is made in Thailand (parts from Japan, assembled in Thailand) and comes in 1.5L. It is based on the Vitz platform. The Vitz is made in Japan and is brought in by parallel importers only. It comes in 1.0L and 1.3L only. However, sportier versions of the Vitz come in 1.5L. The Echo, I believe, is the earlier version (earlier generation) of the Vitz.
  6. Anyone own one of these cars? Looks nice, any reviews? Wife if thinking or getting one but appreciate any quotes/offers and any chance of haggling a discount from Borneo, believe they are including bodykits at the moment? Thanks
  7. Toyota has just released a spot showing off its new supermini-sized hot hatch, the upcoming Yaris GRMN. It has been some time since Toyota has a hot hatch in its line up and judging from how the car sounds at full chat, we can hardly wait. However it remains unclear whether the car will make it onto our shores. Powering the hatch is a supercharged 1.8-litre engine that will make more than 200bhp and is paired exclusively to a six-speed manual gearbox. Toyota also claims its century sprint timing will be class-leading, meaning it will accelerate faster than models like the Fiesta ST a
  8. After showing off the Yaris GRMN at the recent Geneva Motor Show, spy photographers have caught Toyota testing a five-door variant of the hot hatch. As reported by Carscoops, the hot hatch appears to have most of what its three-door variant has other than the body-color mirror caps, chrome trim, and a stock rear bumper. These differences are expected to be replaced with the correct production parts in the future. Pictured in Southern Europe, the production car will have a supercharged 1.8-litre four-cylinder engine that pushes out 202bhp to the front wheels and will be paired with a s
  9. Three years after we received the Toyota Yaris, Toyota has unveiled a facelifted version for its third generation model. It gains a few small visual change inside and out, a new hybrid variant and some safety improvements. Outside, the front of the car has been made to look more aggressive thanks to the massive lower grille made. Headlights and tailights for the car can now be specced with optional LED units that gives the car a fresher look. Elsewhere, a new Sporty Package which adds a mild bodykit and larger 16-inch wheels. Buyers can now choose from 17 paint options, including
  10. After the on-and-off rumours circulating around the web for some time about the latest Yaris being produced in Indonesia, I now know for sure what will actually happen. The world renowned Japanese automaker, Toyota, is finally about to officially appoint Indonesia as the production base for the latest Yaris. Toyota's headquarters, the Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), will announce its decision to make use of the second plant of PT Toyota Motors Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) which is situated in Karawang, West Java, to manufacture the aforementioned hatchback variant within the next
  11. Hi, i am reaching 90000km servicing period. Kind brothers here, may you recommend any honest and reasonable workshop to service my 2007 yaris? Any reliable workshop in AMK autopoint well verse with Toyota.... For 90000km, what to lookout and any parts a mandatory to change? Thanks in advance...huat ah!!!!!!!
  12. Yes, I also don't believe initailly but it's true, last month I tried it out in a middle-east country HW, tachometer showed 198 to 200km/h, and my GPS record 191km/h, usually my GPS showing 8km/h slow than actual speed I doubt whether it really is 1.3 engine, rental car should not be modified
  13. [extract] The launch of the third generation Yaris opens a new chapter in the model
  14. I am considering a Toyota Yaris now, and I was just wondering what is the fuel consumption, problem and breakdown you all face? Anything i should factor in before I purchase my Second Hand Yaris? (4 years old)
  15. Hi bro, anyone know where can I get c-1 bodykit for yaris? What is the price includg installation? Thanks
  16. Looks quite nice from the pics. Seems to be slightly bigger than the current model. Finally the instrument panel is moved to the right!!! Could this be the same for the new Vios/Belta? http://sports-car-collection.com/tag/2012-toyota-vitzyaris/
  17. BM has re-intro the new facelifted Yaris. how come no one is talking about it? i went to other forums, also no one mention about it. do mcf forumers know about the new Yaris?
  18. as above which will u chose for the long term and worth the $$ and why? consider them on 2nd hand rate
  19. Hi folks, Anyone with experience or knowledge of a good, inexpensive, and legal car rental company? Looking to rent a Jazz or Yaris for a month. You may pm me if you do not want to name them here. Thanks in advance.
  20. Toyota launching Yaris here in early 2006 By Samuel Ee - 17 November 2005 The Business Times BORNEO Motors Singapore has introduced a new Toyota model in a segment from which it withdrew almost five years ago. Orders are now being taken for the Toyota Yaris supermini, with delivery set for the latter part of Q1 2006. No price has been set for the 109hp, 1.5-litre five-door hatchback although fully refundable deposits are being accepted. But because it is likely to be slotted between the Vios and Corolla Altis sedans, expect to see a price tag in the mid-$50,000 region. Th
  21. Toyota of Europe has announced that its lineup for the 2006 Paris Motor Show will include the production version of the Yaris TS concept that debuted at the last Genever Motor Show. The production version will be equipped with a new 1.8-liter dual VVT-I engine that produces 132 horsepower and propels the tiny Yaris to a top speed of 120 mph. The Yaris TS will also receive an updated suspension to sharpen its moves and additional styling elements that further separate it from the crowd. We
  22. HI all, Just purchased my toyota yaris 1.5, model G. This is my first car. Any bro owns a yaris and care to share the pleasure of driving it or the problems encountered???
  23. Just curious. Toyota Yaris has been selling for quite some time, but I hardly seen any on the road yet. Maybe I'm not observant enough. Anyone bought Yaris and how is it so far?
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