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    Found 7 results

    1. Hi. Need advice from bros here. Intending to get a hiace for my work. However as need to fetch children, so I am thinking of getting a PC plate hiace, than maybe remove 2 or 3 rows of seat behind so than I can use the back to carry goods. Will this violate any ruling and will i get into trouble during the yearly inspection?
    2. Alan22

      Toyota Hiace Van

      Hi guys here, im thinking of getting this van, would liek to enquire those guys who are drivin this machine.. hows the petrol comsumption and power. Also would tot of installing a Tachometer to this van which doesnt haf it.. any recommanded workshop to do so... those with neat wirings and acceptable prices. Thanks for the help
    3. Theoldjaffa

      Dangerous GBA3897E Toyota Hiace Van

      this van has been tailgating the Forte on my right for quite a distance. suddenly he just cut into my lane to filter left to Hougang Ave 2. due to the wide angle of the lens it may not seem close, but in fact its damn close. have emailed his reckless driving act to the TP.
    4. Is there anyway to adjust the mirrors so that you can see bikes in your blindspot?
    5. I gotta relate an incident which happened today to me on the TPE all the way to the CTE. Quite funny in certain ways, quite naughty of me in others .... but I found it amusing nonetheless. I was at a T-Junction in Tampines heading home for a nap at 2:00 pm. Just secured a contract from a school in Tampines so here I was heading into the TPE. Waiting to turn right on the road heading towards the entrance of the TPE when I saw this TOYOTA HIACE van come up behind me .... did I care , of course not. Right turn light came on and I went off at my normal speed. This Hiace van was revving behind me like SIAO .... tailgated me for about 100m before overtaking on the right and cut back in front of me .... yes I was on the left lane of a 2 lane road. I was going HUH ?? TRD Toyota HIACE van siah !! This must be a scene from 2FAST 2FURIOUS (PART 3 HIACE VAN) So, it was gonna be a long way back to AMK , and the CD music was LOVELY - BRING ME TO LIFE (EVANESCENCE). Certainly pumped me up .... so I decided to be naughty and just play with this 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS Hiace Van. On the entry of TPE , I just stayed behind him (punkass Malay driver) ... before anyone goes crying RACIAL PREJUDICE ... I am MALAY too lah. Once the highway opened up, I went down to 3rd and ZOOM ZOOM .... overtook him and cut back in front of him. He was in Lane 2. Now I never had anything bad intentions ... just trying to fill some boring drive back with someone who is game enough in a TRD-decorated Toyota HIACE. Wah !! He not happy .... he revved up and got to my backside (speed on my speedo 95 km/h) .... just what I was waiting for. As soon as he was close .... I revved up and sped away. As soon as I was about 150 meters away, I SLOWED down and waited for him. Traffic was quite bare. I could see him speeding up, his eyes intent on my TarzanBoy's backside. And again as soon as he got close , I sped off .... 150 meters (approx. I SLOWED again and waited for him. All this while, I was smiling and laughing to myself. This bugger must be driving his company van ... does he not know what he is up against ?? Did her ever think that he could outpace my TarzanBoy 323 ?? Again and again I played him over .... as soon as he got close .... I would just pull away. The look on his face via my rearview - . Just to add insult (naughty me) .... I wound down my windows as soon as we cleared some construction work nearing Punggol. And when he pulled close, I pulled away ... I stuck my hand out and gestured "FASTER FASTER FASTER". I know I sound like a BULLY but somebody gotta teach this kid a lesson .... his van aint no match for any car, so drive sensibly like you ARE indeed driving a VAN. No point trying to play with TARZANBOY lah or I will whip your punkass TRD-stickered VAN !! Wah he lagi bweh song .... as I see a middle finger come up from him from my rearview. I was laughing my balls off .... again I gestured FASTER FASTER !! All this was happening at 95 - 105 kph ONLY. Then I decided to be naughtier .... I saw a Mitsubishi Grandis hogging the right hand lane. I slowed down to 80 (hey I am in the middle lane u know) and the VAN came charging up. He then sverved to the right and tried a Montoya-style demon overtaking on LANE 1. A Toyota Hiace Van on LANE 1 .... can you imagine that . I looked inside , was given a middle finger ... I SMILED back and .... revved up and snugly held my speed beside the Grandis. Now he was stuck .... he had a Grandis in front of him and me beside him .... STUCK in Lane 1. I held my speed beside the Grandis letting the Grandis be at least half a body in front of me .... at 95 kph. He was totally stuck with much faster cars coming up behind and honking him Then I looked at him and gestured -> "YOUR VAN NOT FAST ENOUGH" all in hand language. "NOW LOOK AT MY CAR" - gave a cheeky laugh and then I just sped off into the distance. Was it over ... no I waited for him .. as I slowed down in the left lane behind a lorry. As he came up to the middle lane (took him ages) and overtook me , I looked in .... and he didnt even want to look at me ..... I let him pass , came up behind him , overtook on the right and cut back to the middle lane in front of him, waved him GOODBYE as I exited the TPE into the CTE. He didnt even want to look at me .... Boy that was fun ..... certainly filled up the long boring drive back. I know you may say I am a bully .... maybe I am just 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS .... only with a TRD HIACE Van of course. Sorry to other HIACE owners who may feel insulted by my comments. My apologies
    6. Wad are u trying to proof in the first place? That u are a road bully? That u cant take horns and flashes? That u got a TC 3.0L D4-D engine inside? Did anyone of u saw/withnessed the way the Hiace drove? Anyone willing to come forward to testify tis fella's driving? Scenario: U SWINGED into ppl's lane(1) ABRUPTLY after Jalan Kayu exit, ppl high beam + horn u, u too petty, couldnt take it, started HOGGING Lane 1 den CHASED ppl for another 1-2Km down to SLE. While chasing u were HORNING and HIGH BEAMING all the way. Trying to imtimidate others? Seriously if u r reading this, wad is ur prob? Just because ppl flash and horn u, u gt agitated and started reacting tis way? U are endangering lives of other road users idiot! I have nv seen such an idiotic person behind the wheel throughout my years of driving.
    7. Hi all, Toyota Hiace Van has Auto Transmission, do you know? I took my company van and found it accidentally this means class 3A also can drive some commercial vehicles liao is there any other commercial vehicle got Auto Transmission?