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    Found 32 results

    1. Hi friends As above. I'm considering a BMW 740i 3-litre or a Porsche Panamera 3-litre. Any comments? I also welcome any other suggestions. Thank you in advance.
    2. The Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid is one of the fastest-accelerating four-door cars in the world. But is it faster than a supercar? Weighing more than 2,500kg, Autocar puts it up against a supercar, the Audi R8 in a drag race. The R8, which weighs less than 1,600kg, comes with a 540bhp V10 engine, can do the century sprint in 3.5 seconds and hit a top speed of 320km/h. While the Porsche has a staggering 680bhp, is it enough to keep up with the R8? Watch the video below and see for yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=229&v=E-if5hgpVt8
    3. This car is such a beautiful machine with an amazing new interior. I had the chance to try it for a day, made a video of its performance. I am posting 2 videos here, one is the launch control 0-100 km/h and other video is against another beast, Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. Enjoy :) [media]https://youtu.be/qJM92Ulif3Y[/media] [media]https://youtu.be/WTVYYWs5CqQ[/media]
    4. Mid-week trivia: Which is the fastest large sedan around an empty track. The Mercedes-AMG E63 S or the Porsche Panamera Turbo? Auto Express has the answer for you in its latest video. Will the E63 S's higher power output (603bhp vs the Porsche’s 542bhp) and lesser weight (more than a hundred kilograms lighter than the Panamera) allow it to beat the Porsche around the track? Watch the video and see whether the Porsche, which is usually the track attack champion in reviews, can beat the more lairy and over-the-top E63 S. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v127kcXPhJU
    5. Porsche has just announced that it is filling out the remainder of its Panamera lineup with the addition of a V6-powered model that will be available with either rear- or all-wheel-drive. Starting price for the RWD V6 Panamera will be $74,400 while the AWD Panamera 4 will begin at $78,900 (plus destination). Wondering how that compares with the V8-powered Panamera S? Let's look at some numbers. The 3.6-liter V6 puts out 300 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque, which is a decrease of an even hundred horses and 74 lb-ft from the 4.8-liter V8. Each buyer will have to decide for themselves whether those hundred extra ponies are worth a $15,400 surcharge. Porsche's seven-speed Porsche Doppelkupplungsgetriebe (PDK) dual-clutch transmission will be standard equipment in the V6 Panamera, along with such necessities as an electric moonroof, power liftgate and the Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system with navigation. According to Porsche, the V6 puts 66 fewer pounds over the front axle, resulting in an overall weight of 3,880 pounds. Auto Stop/Start technology ought to help the V6 Panamera eke a few more miles from each gallon of gasoline, and though official EPA numbers are not yet available Porsche says the car will not be subject to a gas guzzler tax.
    6. This is not the first time a company has commissioned a professional racing driver to pose as a private driver to taking unsuspecting passengers for a joy ride. Some of the more memorable ones include Ford's Valentine Day prank which made use of their new Mustang and Chevrolet which used their Camaro to scare one of their salesman during a test drive. Porsche is the latest brand to do so and in this video, Porsche Works Driver and FIA WEC champion Romain Dumas acts as a private driver who is supposed to appear in another car. However, he turns up to pick the passengers in the new Panamera Turbo and proceeds to the nearest race track instead. Find out how the passengers react in the video below... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltx3lHjmfA0
    7. chitchatboy

      All-new Porsche Panamera spied

      The all-new has been Porsche Panamera spied and according to Carscoops, the new car will be lighter by 90kg and will be much sleeker than the current generation model. Spy photos reveal the shape of the rear clusters that are joined together by an LED strip which seem to have been heavily inspired by the ones from the Panamera Sport Turismo concept. Inside, a 12-inch touchscreen display for the infotainment system will take center stage inside, making it less cluttered than before. Using a new MSB platform, the new car will get a fresh family of V6 and V8 turbocharged engines, which will be joined by a plug-in hybrid version, later on. Expect the new Panamera to be revealed officially before the end of this year.
    8. chitchatboy

      New Porsche Panamera photos leaked

      Based on the new MSB platform, photos of Porsche's all new four door luxury sedan has been leaked. Spotting an evolutionary design, the Panamera maintains most of the previous generation's styling cues. With the photos taken via Motor1, we can see that the car has some the design language seen on the new 718 Boxster/Cayman. The new Panamera is expected be around 90kg lighter than before thanks to the use of high strength steel, aluminum and other composite materials. It will be getting a new family of turbocharged V6 and V8 engines too. With the official launch not far away, expect more details about the car to surface soon.
    9. The design of the Porsche Panamera has been divisive, to say the least. Pretty much any Porsche with four doors was going to draw the ire of enthusiasts, but the fast-back-style roofline, prominent curves and seemingly never-ending hood have particularly irked some brand loyalists. Finally, Porsche's headman is admitting to that. CEO Matthias Mueller said the appearance – inside and out – has missed the mark, and changes are coming for the redesign. "There have been some small mistakes and we will do it better," Mueller said. "For example the design could be better." Porsche design chief Michael Mauer told the website that improvements have been made for the new model, and that it will have an even more dramatic roofline. "We have addressed certain things and I think it is more attractive, but if as a designer I was to tell you the successor generation doesn't look as good as the old one, then most likely I should look for another job," Mauer said. The appearance of the Panamera has found some supporters, and the sedan has been generally well-received for its power, poise on the road and luxurious features. Moreover, it's extended the scope of Porsche's lineup, fattened the company's bottom line and added a crucial vehicle for the China market. The Panamera was designed on Mauer's watch, though long before Mueller took over as Porsche CEO in October 2010. It launched in 2009, and the Panamera portfolio has grown to include a long-wheelbase model, a plugin hybrid and other variants that allow it to compete everything from the Tesla Model S to the Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class. Since then, the Panamera's appearance has grown on some enthusiasts, as our Michael Harley noted immediately in our first drive back in 2009: Meanwhile, Panamera sales have remained strong in the United States, well into its life cycle. Sales dipped slightly in September to 450 units (25 fewer than a year ago), but are still up 447 units to 4,395 sales this year.
    10. What we have here is Edo Competition's wide body Panamera Turbo that is actually trying to hide its extra width and girth (as well as its looks) in the snow. This may be quite achievable as recent snowfall over in Europe had hit record highs causing lots of havoc in most countries over there. The blue whale-like looks are courtesy of a wide arch body kit that makes the Porsche Panamera Turbo look like it can swallow and spit out the bare shells of smaller cars via the car's quadruple exhaust pipes. It also has big fat tires on 22inch alloy rims as well as a tuned and lowered suspension setup that is quite necessary as Edo Competition has tweaked and massaged the Panamera's turbocharged 4.8liter V8 until it now makes 750hp from a 'measly' 500. The interior of the Panamera also gets a workout. It now sports cream leather, brushed aluminium inserts and something that looks like pinstriped wood on the center console, dashboard and steering wheel. And I thought pinstripes are only suitable for a very bespoke Saville Row suit. It does bring about a sense of occasion and a whole lot of nostalgia to the Panamera's cabin, making it look like a Riva speed boat instead of a car's interior. But Edo shouldn't have stuck that 'turbo' badge at the base of the steering wheel, it makes the car look like a 1980's vacuum cleaner instead (those days every appliance had the word 'turbo' plastered over it. ts Anyway, the verdict on the exterior of this Porsche Panamera make-over by Edo Competition stands as something brutish, vulgar and borderline distasteful. But I do know some out there would like it because it is brutish, vulgar and borderline beautiful. The verdict on the interior is another thing though. It looks good. Aside from that little 'turbo' badging that is.
    11. Geneva seems to be the motorshow for every manufacturer and tuner to showcase their latest, greatest or in some cases weirdest models. Porsche tuner Techart has decided to preview their Panamera Concept One which according to them is the second stage in their 'individualization' level for the Porker. The exterior is 'individualized' with a new front bumper with intakes, hood, fenders, side skirts, a stainless-steel sport exhaust with dual black tailpipes, a height-adjustable rear spoiler and a rear bumper with diffuser. The track is widened by 0.8 inch in the front and 1.65 inches in the rear, making room for huge 22-inch TechArt Formula III forged alloy wheel. A multifunctional daytime driving light system with automatic dimming and brightness adjustment is also incorporated. Everyone is jumping on the LED driving light bandwagon, even tuners. Techart, being a performance tuner has also upgraded the engine. It seems that there will be a 150bhp increase over the stock Panamera turbo which I suspect is down to an intake and the above mentioned exhaust system coupled to a retuned ECU that most probably increases the turbo boost pressure. So the main question is whether the body upgrades have made the Panamera better looking or not. Actually I still don't think that Techart had succeeded in making the hunchbacked hatchback Panamera into a looker. It still looks like the Hunchback of Notre Dame but now it has the more slits, slats, gills all over its wings and bonnet as well as having a fixed boomerang like rear spoiler thrown in for good measure replacing the active aero spoiler in the original. It does look aggressive and looks the most successful if you look at it from the rear three-quarter view, but I like the subtlety of the standard model as it has that slightly retro sportiness like its an overgrown Porsche 356, especially when its in that grey silver paintwork when it is viewed from the side. The original looks very Teutonic, tool like, clean and Bauhaus-art-like compared to the Techart version. It's a love-hate thingy with the stock Panamera, especially when you've seen it in real life. Maybe Panamera owners don't like the subtlety of a stock Panamera. Maybe its just ugly but not 'in your face' enough for most. The fact is, I may be right. People who buy 4 door Porsche SUVs or Porsche sedans like their cars to be ugly. There is grace and beauty in being ugly according to them. Ugly is the new beautiful. This fact makes me wanna rush out and hug a Cayenne. Not. - I believe this is the prettiest viewing angle of the Techart Panamera - compare this 'individualized' version .... - to the original
    12. BenCee

      Porsche Panamera Turbo S!

      Normally, when news of a new Porsche breaks out, I don't really pay much attention. To me, they all seem one and the same, with either more power, or less equipment, or stripped out for racing. It's like a ready-made news template. However, when I read about the new Panamera Turbo S, I took a while to catch my breath. The Panamera is most definitely a love-it-or-hate-it car. While I'm not exactly a fan of its looks (as are many people I'm sure), I actually quite like the idea of a Porsche that can carry a family of four in comfort (albeit a rich family). I feel pretty much the same way about the Cayenne SUV as well. The Panamera Turbo S, which was revealed by Porsche this week, is the fastest Panamera model yet. And it certainly packs a hell of a lot of punch, going by the figures released. 542bhp makes it more powerful than Mercedes-Benz's own powerhouse luxury performance sedan, the S63 AMG. But the most astonishing figure is that the Panamera Turbo S can rocket from 0-100km/h in just 3.8 seconds, even faster than the stripped-down, hardcore Porsche 911 GT3 RS. This is a car that weighs well over 1.8 tonnes, remember. Top speed is rated at a pretty amazing 307km/h, a speed which unfortunately will not be seen anywhere except for the derestricted German Autobahns, or if someone is mad enough to take this hefty sedan around a race track. This car is definitely going onto my list of "cars I have to try before I die".
    13. CheeJun

      Porsche Panamera Cabriolet

      Porsche has come up with designs for its Cabriolet version of the Panamera. Usually, a cabriolet design would bring happy smiles for people who have money flowing out from their pockets because they can buy the same expensive car, without the roof. Cabriolets are more like accessories rather than thoroughbred supercars. The Panamera Cabriolet won't even qualify as an accessory, its more like Ugly Betty dressed up as a man. Its just worse... The Americans can do stylish 4 seater cabriolets like the 1960s Lincoln Continental, such cars become timeless classics, objects of desire and beauty. But this, the Germans have got it all wrong. As you will probably see in the other article by another blogger, SYF77, the new Cayenne looks even worse. And this Panamera doesn't disappoint the ugly department. Moreover, the engineers have to suffer by trying to find ways to stiffen the whole car since the roof has come off and to design that roof which extends from the boot to the windscreen and not to mention the amount of boot space that will be taken up by the roof when its topless. It all doesn't seem to go well with this 4 door convertible business. To me, the Panamera Cabriolet is like having a Mercedes S Class without a roof. Its rather pointless, and totally irrelavent. It doesn't make sense to take off the roof of such a huge car for starters, and the whole point of taking the roof off is to make the car look better, which it doesn't. So thats that. Case closed. The Panamera is a car I'd want to forget, and if I had Panamera Cabriolet money, I would rather buy a Ferrari 599.
    14. Porsche will introduce a new brake energy recovery system as a standard feature in all V8 Panamera models starting this August. The new technology is said to deliver a considerable improvement in fuel economy to the Panamera. In the Panamera Turbo model, the energy recovery system accounts for a 0.7 liters/100 km improvement in consumption. When combined with the new option of low roll-resistance, all-season 19-inch tires, the Turbo's fuel-economy rating drops to 11.3 liters/100 km from its current 12.2 rating. In the Panamera S and 4S models, the technology enhances fuel economy by about 0.5 liters/100 km to 10.3 and 10.6 liters/100 km respectively. The energy recovery system works by generating electrical power from the brakes which can then be used to charge the car's battery. Consequently, the technology also relief the alternator current from having to charge the battery during acceleration, providing more energy to the engine and improving economy. Porsche has also optimized its Auto Stop Start function for a quicker jump off the start. It looks like Porsche is aiming for the day when it can offer a V8 Panamera with a fuel-economy rating under 10 liters/100 km, which they are very close now.
    15. SimonTan

      Poor man porsche panamera

      Looking at the Beetle.....I like it! It has the Porsche Panamera rear end. The side profile also look like a higher roof and shorten version of the Panamera! No money to buy the caymen or the panamera....so the next closest one seems to be this refreshed beetle. I am digging it....maybe in the near future will get it as a repalcement for my Jazz.
    16. Rigval

      2010 Porsche Panamera recalled

      Now all you 2010 Porsche Panamera owners that happen to be reading please pay attention. There is now a worldwide recall for the 2010 Panamera (all models) for a potential safety belt defect that may not protect the driver and passenger in the event of a crash. The American National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Porsche have issued such a recall in America as the defect can occur when either front seat is set at a very forward position close to the dashboard. Porsche has now issued a recall for all 2010 Panamera models around the world. So tall people who sit in the front seats pulled way back will not encounter this problem. Slightly discriminatory information towards short people being posted here folks. The NHTSA had stated that when the front seat is put in a very forward position close to the dashboard, the safety belt mount could detach from the anchoring mechanism while the belt is being fastened or opened. The problem may cause injuries and fatalities in a crash as the safety belt may not be able to protect its user sitting in the very forward position and the safety belt mount may, as they mentioned 'detach' from the mounting points. According to the NHTSA, approximately 3,100 units were affected by this recall in America. The report also mentions that Stateside Panamera owners can take their cars to the nearest Porsche dealer so that an additional locking mechanism may be installed to correct this fault. The repair is free of charge and should take 15 minutes. To date, no injuries or deaths have been linked to this recall. Porsche also states that all 11,324units manufactured in 2010 are affected by this recall. Porsche have been quick to pick up on this fault and are acting on it. So if you do own a 2010 Panamera, or know of someone who owns one, call your local Porsche agent and ask them about this matter. Better be safe than extremely sorry.
    17. SYF77

      V6 Porsche Panamera set to debut

      Porsche has announced plans to introduce the entry-level Panamera at the Beijing Motor Show on 23 April. Virtually identical to the Panamera S, the V6 Panamera is differentiated by a dual exhaust system (instead of a four-tailpipe unit), black window trim, and other minor exterior details. The new Panamera variant is powered by a 3.6 liter V6 engine with direct fuel injection, producing 300 horsepower and 400Nm of torque. The dash from 0 to 60 mph takes 6.0 seconds. The performance is nothing to shout about but its fuel consumption figure at 9.3 litres per 100km is certainly wallet friendly at the petrol station. In addition, Porsche will offer low rolling resistance tires that will reduce fuel consumption by a further 0.2 liters/100 km. Like its higher end siblings, the V6 engine will be mated to Porsche
    18. Stuttgart is looking to further enhance the appeal of its sports sedan with the introduction of new optional packages for the individualization programme including a powerkit package for the Turbo model, a sport design package and new alloy wheels. Available on the Panamera Turbo, the powerkit package adds a recalibrated ECU and two new turbochargers with titanium-alloy turbine wheels. As a result, the V8 engine's output is lifted from 500HP to 540HP and torque from 700Nm to 750Nm. Porsche says that in Sport Plus mode, the Panamera Turbo with the Powerkit accelerates from 0 to 100km/h in 3.9 seconds, or 0.1 sec faster than the standard car. Top speed rises from 303km/h to 305 km/h. According to the company, fuel consumption remains the same as that of the 500HP model at 11.5 litre/100km. Moving onto the Sport Design Package, which will be available on all Panamera models in October, includes a unique body-colored front end with wider black air intake grilles, more sculpted side skirts as well as body-colored rear underbody apron with diffuser and fins. Other options released by Porsche include a newly designed set of 20-inch sport wheels.
    19. The N. technology Porsche Panamera S has won a Superstars race at the Mugello circuit in Italy on debut. Driven by Fabrizio Giovanardi, the N.Technology Panamera posted a time of 28:55.886, which was 2.083 seconds faster than the runner up. Unfortunately, during the second race, Giovanardi was involved in an accident that affected the car's steering and knocked it out of contention. According to team principal Mauro Sipsz, "We are of course happy and very satisfied with the results: pole position and victory in Race 1, a good loot for the debut of our newest car!" The N.Technology Panamera features a lightweight aluminum space frame, aerodynamic styling, and carbon fiber brakes. It is powered by a 450 hp 4.8-liter V8 engine which produces 50 hp more than the standard car.
    20. Hofele Design is a German company that does tuning on Porsches, Volkswagens and Audis to name a few. And this time they have decided to try and make the Porsche Panamera look slightly better. Take a look at the picture above and you can see that they are showing it with some boats. Or Luxury Yachts if you were being analytical about it. The Panamera Rivage GT 970 is what Hofele Design is now calling it and from what I can see, the yachts are still more streamlined looking than the body kitted Panamera. Anyway, the GT 970
    21. There are a some Porsche enthusiasts who feel every Porsche should have a boxer engine in the boot, but each and every month the sales totals tell us that customers are far more interested in vehicles they can live with on a daily basis. The large-and-in-charge Cayenne is a perfect example. It's certainly not a 911 at five-feet tall and 4,400 lbs., yet the big SUV continuously sells in higher volume here in the U.S. than its sportier stablemates. With Porsche in the middle of changing over to the 2011 Cayenne, the 911 and Cayman/Boxster had a solid opportunity to come out on top, but April's sales figures shows that the newest of Porsches, the four-door Panamera, shot right to the head of the class. The decidedly front-engined, boxer-less Porsche Panamera routed its stablemates with 678 sales, the big sedan's best month yet. Those 678 sales are nearly double that of the 911, its next closest competitor in the Porsche line-up. But while the Panamera can hang its hat on a very nice April, we're thinking the big Porsche's days as sales leader are numbered. Since the outgoing 2010 Cayenne averaged about 800 sales per month last year, our money is on the 2011 model to take its U.S. sales crown back in the next month or two. [source: Porsche]
    22. FaezClutchless

      Is this the mini Porsche Panamera?

      [extract] The Volkswagen Group aims to be the biggest car manufacturer by 2018. In an effort to reach that goal, Volkswagen will release a range of all-new models from within the group in the near future. One of those new models is a medium sized sports sedan dubbed the
    23. Porsche and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are issuing a recall for the 2010 Panamera for a potential seat belt defect that could leave the driver unprotected in the event of a crash. NHTSA says the defect can occur when either front seat is put in an "extreme position," which could lead to the seat belt mount being detached from the anchoring mechanism while the belt is fastened or opened. The post-jump NHTSA release doesn't explain what an "extreme position" is, though we're guessing that the safety administration is referring to a seat that is either very close to or very far away from the dash (see UPDATE below). But while we don't know which seat positions could cause the problem, we do know that the result could be serious. NHTSA says that, in the event of a crash, the seat belt may not adequately protect the front seat occupant. Th agency's release states that there are up to 3,176 units affected by the safety action. Panamera owners (congratulations!) can take their vehicle to the nearest Porsche dealer, where an additional locking element will be installed onto the belt anchoring system to correct the issue. Hit the jump to read over the official press release. *UPDATE: Porsche spokesman Gary Fong tells Autoblog: "The company has discovered that in extreme forward front seat positions the front safety belts do not meet our strict safety standards. To assure the front belts works properly in all possible positions, Porsche will add an additional element to the anchoring system. The repair takes about 15 minutes and will be done free of charge. No injuries or fatalities have been associated with this recall."
    24. SYF77

      Panamera goes diesel

      [extract] Porsche CEO, Matthias M