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Found 3 results

  1. Source : the JakartaGlobe April 10, 2013 Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo visited Singapore over the weekend to look for advisers for the MRT project and to draw inspiration for the development of the capital.
  2. Really? Hmmm... From CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1174686/1/.html No "party politics" when appointing advisers: PA Posted: 04 January 2012 1023 hrs SINGAPORE: The People's Association (PA) said it does not get involved in "party politics" when appointing advisers to grassroots organisations (GROs). It was responding to media queries on whether Mr Anthony Loh, appointed on Tuesday as adviser to the Bedok Reservoir-Punggol grassroots organisations to replace former Foreign Minister George Yeo, will be fielded as a candidate in the next general election. PA said in appointing advisers, it selects the candidate best able to lead the GROs in serving the residents and it looks at three criteria - his ability to do the job, his passion for serving the community, and whether he has the support of grassroots leaders at large. Most importantly, he must also have the willingness to serve. PA said its mission and that of its GROs is to connect people to people; people to government; and government to people. PA and GROs aim to build social capital by bringing people from all backgrounds (across ages, races and estates) together to bond, to promote racial harmony and social cohesion. GROs provide platforms that facilitate interaction amongst residents and neighbours, helping them to deepen friendships, and strengthen mutual trust and support in the community. PA and GROs also help connect people to government, as well as government to people. GROs feedback to government issues that affect people; and GROs disseminate the thinking behind government policies, and why these policies are for the general good of the people. PA and GROs also help to promote government campaigns and implement government social programmes. Grassroots advisers lead and guide the GROs on the work of the PA. They are the link between government and people. - CNA/ck
  3. From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/Story/...ory_707744.html Why opposition MPs can't be advisers to grassroots bodies WE REFER to Mr Muhammad Yusuf Osman's letter yesterday ('Advisers to grassroots bodies should be elected MPs'). The mission of the People's Association (PA) and its grassroots organisations (GROs) is to bond the community and connect people with the Government. PA and its GROs serve all residents regardless of their political affiliations in fulfilling their role. Grassroots advisers are appointed by PA, a statutory board. Besides connecting people to people, grassroots advisers are required to help the Government connect with people and help promote government policies and programmes such as anti-dengue and active ageing. Hence, the Government has to appoint grassroots advisers who support its programmes and can play this role well. Opposition MPs cannot be expected to do this and thus cannot become advisers to GROs. Ooi Hui Mei (Ms) Director Corporate and Marketing Communications For Chief Executive Director People's Association