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Found 223 results

  1. Any bro here have any self drive experience in Jeju during winter season before? wonder if the road condition is harsh during Christmas period. Planning a trip there this Dec. Have not drive on icy road before
  2. Where to park during F1?
  3. hi Bros, any advice to regards to the above mentioned situation? when it rev to 3.5k rpm will have this smell? my frds say need to flush my engine... Is it true?
  4. Hi guys, Recently i felt that my car vibrates quite a bit before the engine has warmed up.It drives of about 5 km before the vibration goes away.Did not upgrade or mode anything prior. have been using using 030w schaeffer engine oil thks
  5. Icyfreakass

    Foglights on during clear weather..

    Recently saw more and more road users turning on foglights for no reason. Very blinding. Especially those hu change them to those super bright ones. Any bros have similar experiences.
  6. anyone knows? need some urgent servicing b4 trip up north tml morn.
  7. Spy shooting it's all about being in the right place at the right time. And this photographer just caught probably some of the shots of his life. Not only did he captured a Lamborghini Aventador cold weather testing in the frigid Arctic Circle, but also caught the test driver losing control and going sailing through an intersection and into a snowbank, documenting the crash frame-by-frame. Check the animated image here
  8. Ok, it happens to me this morning at CTE expressway. Was cruising at around 80km/hr and suddenly engine got switched off and all warning light's starts to pop (engine check light, steering lock etc). I did not start to re-crank as the car is still moving and i worried if i re-crank it might damage the engine. funny thing was it automatically "resume" my engine after 3-6sec without re-crank. Anyone encountered before? I'm considered lucky as the the engine did not switch off at a bend... I'm pretty worried and concern now as i still have night appointments later..
  9. spotted this accident this morinng, directly opp Thomson plaza.. reckon car skided..mount kerb and banged into a tree....saw the driver standing beside the polic car...drive with care please...esp raining day..
  10. http://www.thestar.com.my/News/Nation/2013...s-Ministry.aspx as above, for those who are heading north during next weekend, do take note
  11. Any bro here encounter your rental car broke down during your self drive overseas road trip? How did you get help? care to share your experience.
  12. Just wondering if anyone experience being sick for the entire holiday trip before? My last holiday was horrible. I was having fever at night before catching the next morning flight to Penang. I was sick thru out the entire 4 days and had to swallow alot of panadols. my travel buddy is a doctor so I feel quite safe but he told me i could be having viral fever. I just took alot of panadols and augmentin. cant even enjoy the penang food. Totally cant enjoy that holiday. I think its even more sad if i were to be somewhere further.
  13. went to service my car last sat and was told that i need to replace my drive shaft... Before this servicing i noticed whenever i do turning (i find the bends quite sharp for me) at first lane (after MBS towards AYE) i will heard a loud sound coming from undercarriage. the technician told me could be due to this drive shaft... But after changing the drive shaft, both sides. I still encounter this issue. Any idea what other possible causes?
  14. Ungtiong

    Car jerking during acceleration

    I have this problem.......when i drive my car in the morning or after parking for a long time, when i accelerate hard, the car will jerk a few times (4-5 times) at around 5000 rpm...this will ALWAYS happens once in the trip and after that in the same trip, no matter how hard i accelerate, i can never repeat the jerking. When the car is jerking (or engine hesitating) the speedo will jump around. What seems to be the problem that will only happened once per trip.....after that the car drives fine. If i never accelerate hard, the car is also fine. Spark plugs changed, air filter clean, mass airflow sensor cleaned, engine oil changed.....
  15. http://www.macrumors.com/2013/03/25/faa-st...ff-and-landing/ Will our authorities follow if US FAA allow? Got to wait till year end.
  16. For bros who still have NS liabilities please take care. Go have yourself checked for medical conditions for if you feel out of breath or uncomfirtable during trainings. Having heart attack at 32 is rather unusual and hope LCP (NS) Chew recovers soon. From AsiaOne: http://www.asiaone.com/News/Latest%2BNews/...222-403997.html NSman suffers cardiac arrest during IPPT training AsiaOne Friday, Feb 22, 2013 A Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Operationally-Ready National Serviceman, Lance Corporal (LCP) (NS) Chew Koh Leong, 32, suffered a cardiac arrest on Thursday, Feb 21, at 7.25pm while performing his IPPT Preparatory Training in Maju Camp. LCP(NS) Chew had no known prior history of heart disease. He was successfully resuscitated by an SAF medical doctor and medic, and was sent to the National University Hospital at 7.55pm. He is being treated in the intensive care unit and the cause of his cardiac arrest investigated by NUH specialists. The SAF is providing assistance to LCP(NS) Chew's family.
  17. What are you doing during the CNY ? Pls share.
  18. The above woman (bank employee, aged 33) kena asthma during a telco's service disruption. She stopped breathing serveral times and is in danger of dying because of oxygen deprivation to the brain. The woman has been in a coma for 6 days and is in an ICU. Link To be fair, they also never explain how exactly the service disruption led to her coma. She could SMS her husband for help just fine
  19. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-21040313 Helicopter crashed after hitting a high rise crane. Terrorism ruled out but crash site is very near the MI6 building and where the new US embassy is being built. Authorities are unable to confirm the number of casualties so far.
  20. Joemit7850

    Car battery during away

    if i am away for 11 days and my family will not be able to help me start my engine, will it be any problem when i am back? my battery is less than 1-2 month. should i disconnect the battery?
  21. Hi, Lately, have observed that we have many lorries & trucks plying the highways epecially during peak hours (both morning & evening timing), where some of these truckes are zooming in & out of lanes dangerously... Maybe it is time for us to consider measure(s) like other countries?...where big trucks / lorries can only go onto highway during off-peak hours? Believe this can help to reduce traffic conjestions / accidents.
  22. After weeks of repainting on my block, my car does not get the paint. This morning, I saw my car got the small drips white paints across all my car when they start painting the next block. I think that they do not cover my car and stong wind blow. Talk to the site supervisor, he says he will use the wax to clean it. I am a bit worry how they will do it as they may not be professional waxer. I wonder if they can compensate for the outside workshop waxing or even polishing if needed? Anyone with the same experience? Even they offer waxing, I think that I will go car wash first before using waxing. I think that they will only apply spot by spot. For best effect, it need to wax the whole car as the paints all across the car. I can slightly stretch it off from glass but do dare to stretch off from metal chassic. If they willing to compensate the $$$ for waxing or even polishing then problem easy solved. This is huge estima, I wonder how the bangadesh worker will wax it... ? My bb still 2.5 yrs. Hope to hear with the same experience. I am not free tommorrow and Friday. Not sure the paint will be tough stain on the car after few days.
  23. This guy refused to give a mum and 2 kids shelter during Superstorm Sandy Video HERE
  24. Hello bros and sis, anyone recently travel to Msia via 2nd link during the long weekend (on Puasa holiday and during national day week), is there heavy jam on the morning of 1st day of holiday? I am planning to go via 2nd link on Haji day about 8am... want to anticipate how long will the jam be. thanks in advance