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Found 619 results

  1. As topic braddell caltex closing this week, they giving petrol vouchers valid from jan 2017 till mar 2017. $5 off for every $50 pump. Can use at all outlets
  2. Has anyone keep a log of all petrol fill up, average consumption and cost involved ? I have all details in a great program.. called automobil ( For Palm )..It calculate everything from head to toe with graph.. Here the results of all the data since day 1 until now.. Here's mine below.. Current Fuel Eco ( per l ) : 17.3km Average Fuel Eco ( per l ) : 17.1km Avg Distance ( Month ) : 2,475km Avg Distance ( Year ) : 30,107km ( Computed ) Avg Cost ( Month ) : SGD $187.82 Total Cost : SGD $763.82 Cost per km : SGD $0.075 Date of last fill up : 3/10/03 Mileage of last fill up : 10,078 km NEAT NEAT Program... track my mileage,cost and averages.. If you want the program..I will attach it... its SHAREWARE..
  3. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-30140728 Is this the end of jaunts into Malaysia?
  4. Hi guys, need some advise here: Any bros here pumped Petronas petrol while in Malaysia? How is the power like if you had pumped it before? OK or sluggish? I saw in their website only 2 types of petrol : Primax 97 & Primax 95 Xtra. Which is better?
  5. Hi everyone! I'm trying to do an academic study on electric vehicles (EV) vs petrol vehicle. Would greatly appreciate everyone's help and honest opinions in this 1min survey that I put together to get more insights on EV sentiments in SG! Thanks in advance! :) https://goo.gl/fxecTg Jason
  6. Hi Everyone I am using Shell so have no use for the SPC coupons. It is a booklet consisting of 6 X $3 off every $50 petrol purchase for each month of June, July and August 2016 Only valid at SPC Punggol and SPC Sengkang If anyone is interested, please PM me. First come first serve. Only 1 booklet sorry. Self collect from my carpark (Punggol area). cheers
  7. Hi all, helping a friend ask. For Fiat Grande Punto pump 92 or 95?
  8. Unbeliveable when I saw the post here: http://www.limsimi.com/johor-bahru-others/...mp-more-petrol/
  9. The Government is raising emission standards for new petrol vehicles and petrol quality to ensure cleaner air for all, and increasing the frequency of updates on Singapore's air quality. The announcement was made by Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Vivian Balakrishnan at the Singapore Environmental Achievement Awards 2012 today. The measures are part of the National Environment Agency's (NEA) roadmap to reduce sulphur dioxide and particulate matter levels in the air in order to meet the World Health Organization's Air Quality Guidelines. From tomorrow, the NEA will be updating the Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) thrice daily instead of once a day, to make air quality information more relevant to Singaporeans. In addition, PM 2.5 levels - a pollutant emitted from the petrochemical industry and diesel vehicles - will also be made available with the PSI readings. Source: http://www.todayonline.com/Hotnews/EDC1208...es-to-be-raised
  10. http://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/news/mazda-announces-breakthrough-in-long-coveted-engine-technology/ar-AApIOMK?li=BBnbfcL&ocid=mailsignout Mazda announces breakthrough in long-coveted engine technology Mazda Motor Corp said it would become the world's first automaker to commercialise a much more efficient petrol engine using technology that deep-pocketed rivals have been trying to engineer for decades, a twist in an industry increasingly going electric. The new compression ignition engine is 20 percent to 30 percent more fuel efficient than the Japanese automaker's current engines and uses a technology that has eluded the likes of Daimler AG and General Motors Co. A homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) engine ignites petrol through compression, eliminating spark plugs. Its fuel economy potentially matches that of a diesel engine without high emissions of nitrogen oxides or sooty particulates. Mazda's engine employs spark plugs under certain conditions, such as at low temperatures, to overcome technical hurdles that have hampered commercialisation of the technology. Executive Vice President Akira Marumoto called Mazda's engine technology the automaker's "heart". The engine is called SKYACTIV-X and Mazda had no plans to supply the engine to other carmakers, Marumoto said.
  11. Business Times - 16 Jul 2008 CNG car sales race ahead as petrol prices soar Over 800 units sold in past 6 months compared to just 34 for whole of 2007 By SAMUEL EE SALES of CNG cars are continuing to power ahead this year, with the number of such vehicles in the first six months soaring to 804 from a mere 34 for the whole of last year. According to the Land Transport Authority, there were 1,564 bi-fuel cars on Singapore roads as at end-June. June was also the hottest month in the first half of this year for such cars, with an all-time high of 124 units registered. Bi-fuel cars can run on both petrol and CNG (compressed natural gas). Mercedes-Benz is the only car maker that offers a CNG model - the E200 NGT (Natural Gas Technology) - direct from the factory. The rest of the petrol-engined cars here have been retrofitted with gas tanks and injectors so that they can also operate on CNG. As petrol prices soar, more and more buyers of new cars are converting their vehicles to run on CNG, which is less expensive. Apart from lower running costs, such retrofitted cars also attract a green vehicle rebate, currently set at 40 per cent of OMV (open market value). This means its list price will also be lower, thus outweighing the CNG conversion cost, which can range from $3,400 to $4,500, depending on the size of the gas tank installed. But the price of CNG is also rising fast because it is pegged to the price of high sulphur fuel oil (HFSO). Last week, it cost $1.59 per kg at Smart Energy, one of two CNG refuelling stations in Singapore. On Monday, the price rose to $1.73. 'The higher cost of CNG will definitely affect the demand for CNG cars because the price difference compared with petrol is reduced,' says Johnny Harjantho, managing director of Smart Energy. But he says that the mileage gains from CNG versus petrol will continue to make it a popular alternative, 'especially for those who travel a lot'. Mr Harjantho says that on average, a 2.0-litre car can travel about 250km on 18kg of CNG, for a cost per km number of 12.5 cents. For that same distance, the 2.0-litre car will need an average of 27.78 litres of petrol, or 23.4 cents per km using the cheapest fuel grade at $2.102 per litre. One parallel importer also believes the popularity of CNG cars will remain strong. 'Current demand is overwhelming,' he says. 'For every 10 enquiries about new cars, six or seven are for CNG models.' He adds that the waiting time for the installation of a CNG kit used to take two weeks two months ago. 'Now, the queue time is two months,' he notes. 'Look at it this way - one full tank of petrol for a 1.8-litre MPV costs $80 to $90. With CNG, it's about $40 or half the price. So, of course, you will go CNG.'
  12. vote for the petrol dat gives u the best mileage and power! still looking for the best petrol out there. hope u guys can help and share yr experiences. thanks!
  13. Currahee

    Euro 6 petrol cars

    From sep17, petrol cars need to meet euro 6. I understand most cars are still euro 4. Are there already a selection of euro 6 cars in Singapore to scout for?
  14. Hi all, I just wondering if we can register a passenger van ( Merc Vito or the Renault) as a S-plate vehicle to ferry 10 of our family in comfort.. priority is towards safety for the family and comfort.. I asked C&C and they have the Vianos (8 seater), but too ex ($195K), but the salesman say can register the diesel version as S-plate and no need pay diesel levy ($6-9k), but the road tax at $4k a yr Any bros or sis have this same dilemma? Whats your best choice vehicle as a big family carry all? Thanks for reading and your kind response..
  15. I heard from the news that the Malaysia Government increased the petrol price of RON97 to RM2.40, up by RM0.10 from this morning. Anyone went to pump petrol today?
  16. Ronleo

    Jbee petrol pt2

    Ok guys, continue from here... Date: 29/8/2013 Thursday Time: 11.30am Venue: Blk 727 Amk Central (coffeeshop beside courts) Guys, Swee Bo? Location based on previous MCF MU. Since we got SK, Aljunied, Jurong, woodlands... And sentosa cove ALL ARE WELCOME!!! (Undertaker included) Kindly confirm... 1)Ronleo 2)Spt27 andrew 3) 4) 5) 6)
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YC8FLcA5bcI WHAT DO YOU THINK , GUYS ?
  18. http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/nea-clarifies-rules-for-car-emission-scheme National Environment Agency said yesterday petrol models with port fuel injection - where fuel is injected just before the engine's combustion chamber - will not be measured for particulate matter (fine soot). The exemption will apply when the Euro 6 emission standard kicks in in September and when the Vehicular Emissions Scheme starts in January. **** first it was the hoo ha on CAT A and 130 bhp because the dealers got no cars that could compete with turbo charge cars and claim unfair practice. Now, its the lack of ability in terms of port injection and cry foul on Port injection. When will the dealers own up and say we suck on building cars and face the facts and not blame other better cars out there
  19. Lee Jik Lek

    Malaysia pin and pay

    bros, siss.. anyone any idea if is possible to bypass the pin when pumping petrol in malaysia ?? just went jb pump petrol, put cc, ask for pin.. end up LL pass go to counter give card, pump and return to take back card.. troublesome.. counter staff said no choice..then next time makan how to pay if no pin ?? even in uk, china.. can just bypass entering pin... so why MY tak boleh ? any idea ? TIA
  20. ren_yeo

    2015 Lexus NX

    Official photos. Toyota's RAV4 platform-mate crossover for the premium compact SUV market. Debuts in Beijing, 20 April.
  21. Hi guys, jus doing a poll to see which brand is least preferred. then hopefully with the poll results, ppl can converge and ignore the brand with least support. Hope to send out the message that: Since the cartel do not wish to differentiate themselves, we shall differentiate their revenue. Dun we wish for one company to undercut the market to support the consumers? Eg if they sell 4 cents cheaper then the rest, i dun mind giving them higher volume and lower margin. spend our petrol $ for a better cause.
  22. Which petrol brand you prefer the most? I personally is a Caltex lover. Got ocbc atm and freaking near my house.
  23. Hi all, I've noticed that different petrol (similiar grade) caused the fuel guage to have different fuel consumption pattern. For example, 1) Shell 95; fuel level dropped fastest between 1/2 and 1/4 mark. Earlier from Full to 1/2 mark the drop is rather slowly. 2) Mobil 95; fuel level dropped fastest between 3/4 and 1/2 mark. Later the drop will be more gradual and evenly. 3) SPC 95; the level drop fastest around 1/2 mark, the rest rather constantly. 4) Caltex...have not tried it yet. Although I've experienced different fuel consumption pattern as witness from the fuel guage, but overall fuel consumption among the various brand is almost the same, minimal difference. Meaning; a full tank of Shell, or Mobil or SPC will given me around the same mileage travelled until the fuel guage empty light comes on. This difference in fuel consumption pattern (as observed from fuel guage) is repeatable, meaning its not a one time observation, whenever I use that particular brand the pattern appear again. Also travelling distance, timing and route is same, but its just that different petrol brand caused the fuel guage to give different reading (or different consumption rate?). Its not about the fuel tank profile/shape either, otherwise different brand will still give the same FC pattern, right? I've check with one of my colleague, and he had observed the same findings... So, just curious, have you noticed any difference in your fuel guage consumption reading when using different brand?
  24. Good news for all petrol heads! Petron Malaysia has officially launched its new Petrol Blaze 100 Euro 4M fuel in Malaysia. We previously reported on the imminent arrival of the RON 100 fuel – which now takes its position above the RON 95 and RON 97 grades that are currently being offered. The unregulated Petron Blaze 100 fuel is sold at RM2.80 per litre, making it slightly pricier than the other unregulated fuel sold in Malaysia from Shell, V-Power Racing (RM2.65). The latter carries a 40 sen premium over regular RON 97, which is currently priced at RM2.25. However, where Petron Blaze 100 carries a RON 100 octane rating, V-Power Racing is a minimum RON 97. The new Blaze 100 petrol is 95 sen more per litre than RON 95, which is priced at RM1.85 this month. Petron says its Blaze 100 Euro 4M is formulated with Tri-Activ, a triple action formula that is claimed to provide better power, engine protection and mileage. The high grade fuel is produced locally at the Petron Port Dickson refinery. For its initial introduction, Petron Blaze 100 will be available at eight stations in Klang Valley and Johor. More stations are expected to carry the high grade fuel in the future. If you’re interested to get a tankful of Petron Blaze 100, then head on over to these stations and look out for the specially-painted floor: Klang Valley Petron Jalan Maarof Petron Sg. Besi Toll Southbound Petron Taman Tun Dr. Ismail Petron Kesas Westbound Petron Mile 3 Federal Highway Petron Damansara Kayu Ara Johor Petron Skudai Toll Northbound Petron Linkedua Southbound According to Faridah Binti Ali, Head of Retail Business, Petron Malaysia, due to the limited allocation of fuel storage tanks that offer Petron Blaze 100, the new fuel grade will displace the currently available Petron Blaze 97 at selected stations. She also stated that the company plans to increase the number of stations that offer the RON 100 fuel to between 30-40 depending on consumer demand. With the arrival of Petron Blaze 100, motorists whose vehicles are designed, or have a preference for RON 98 and above fuels (such as high-end sports cars and superbikes, as well as specific models like the Honda Civic Type R, previous-gen Suzuki Swift Sport and Toyota 86), will now able to run their vehicles without any fuel-related performance or reliability issues. Customers who opt for the RON 100 fuel will also receive some value-added services from a “pit crew” stationed at the pumps. Also present at the launch of the new RON 100 fuel were members of the local Lotus and Porsche clubs, who were more than eager to top up the tanks of their high-performance cars, including a Porsche 911 GT3 RS. http://paultan.org/2016/01/15/petron-blaze-100-euro-4m-launched-in-malaysia-ron-100-for-rm2-80-per-litre-available-at-eight-stations/
  25. Recently I noticed that after I fill up petrol and start my vehicle up, the idle RPM tends to go up to around 900. Usually it's closer to 600-700. Is this cause for worry, or normal? I drive off and after a few minutes, idle RPM goes back to the usual when I'm at a stop.