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Found 619 results

  1. Hi all, as of 10am today, ESSO adjusted their price downwards by 2cents for RON95. I think other grades should have dropped by the same amount.
  2. I think my mileage for this month is around 5300km and I pump over 460 liter of petrol
  3. Is it legal and safe to have such container in car for petrol? I understand petrol kiosks do sell 5L containers, but any issues if crossing customs? Yes, I'm thinking of squeezing out every single drop from my trips to JB....
  4. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/02/24/...E8DO1BQ20120224 Fri Feb 24, 2012 1:05am EST * Tensions between Iran and West boost oil * Upbeat U.S. economy data lifts demand outlook * Brent hits fresh record in euros on Thursday (Adds details, update prices) By Florence Tan SINGAPORE, Feb 24 (Reuters) - Brent crude rose above $124 on Friday, on track for a fifth straight weekly gain, as worries over Iranian supply and upbeat U.S. economic data offset concerns that high oil prices could snuff out demand growth. Brent crude rose 38 cents to $124.00 by 0550 GMT, after touching a high of $124.28 earlier in the session. Brent, which has gained more than 11 percent so far this month, settled on Thursday at $123.62 a barrel -- the highest front-month settlement since May 2 last year. U.S. crude futures rose for a seventh day, its longest winning streak since a 10-day gain in December 2009. The April contract was up 73 cents at $108.56 a barrel. "There's still a risk premium to be built in oil prices because of Iran," said Jonathan Barratt, chief executive of BarrattBulletin, a Sydney-based commodity research firm. Tensions between the West and Iran over Tehran's nuclear programme rose after a U.N. nuclear watchdog mission ended in failure this week. Faced with western sanctions, European and Asian buyers of Iranian crude have or planned to cut imports from Tehran. Japan, the world's third-largest oil importer, may cut Iranian crude imports by a more-than-expected 20 percent as it seeks a waiver from U.S. sanctions, a move which would spare its banks from a major blow but also boost its rising fuel import bill. Yet, the stalemate over Iran's nuclear programme is working in favour of the Islamic Republic as higher oil prices are compensating Iran for its market share losses, Barratt said. Iran said it has maintained oil production levels despite sanctions, but oil experts said they suspected Tehran was storing crude at sea while looking for new customers to evade Western measures. DEMAND CONCERNS Consumption for refined oil products in the United States -- the world's top oil consumer -- plunged to the lowest level in nearly 15 years, data from the Energy Information Administration showed. President Barack Obama hit back at election-year Republican criticism of his energy policies, offering a staunch defense of his attempts to wean Americans off foreign oil and saying there is no "silver bullet" for high gasoline prices. Rising oil prices have also been adding to concerns over demand. Brent valued in euros surged to a record on Thursday, adding fuel costs to the euro zone's debt troubles and denting the region's recovery efforts. Brent's record price in euros is "going to hurt any chance of recovery" at the euro zone, Barratt said. The euro zone has yet to break its vicious cycle of debt as its economy is heading into its second recession in just three years and the wider European Union will stagnate, according to a forecast by the European Commission. Brent's premium to U.S. crude CL-LCO1=R narrowed to $15.44 after closing at $15.79 on Thursday as inventories at Cushing, the delivery point for WTI, fell 315,000 barrels last week. The spread rose to over $20 a barrel earlier in the month on rising inventories in the U.S. Midwest. In other markets, Asian shares rose and the euro hovered at 2-1/2-month highs on Friday after data underscored a recovery in the battered U.S. labour market and German business sentiment improved. The number of Americans filing new claims for jobless benefits last week held at the lowest level since the early days of the 2007-2009 recession, while U.S. December home prices rose 0.7 percent. (Editing by Himani Sarkar)
  5. Solar

    Petrol theft..

    Today after pumped full tank of 98, while I was queuing at the cashier, I noticed a bike pulled up behind my car, took out the Vpower and put into his tank, and ride off after a while. I didn't take notice cos I thought the pump will not activate until the bill is settled, so that guy could have left unsuccessfully in his attempt to fuel up. Then.. the cashier asked me, u pump one time ah? Wth.. of course I pump once. $120... then I realized that pump allowed a 2nd pump even before the first bill is settled. At the pump, the meter showed 10 liters pumped instead of 55 liters from me. Guys, was it a malfunction at the pumps or there is no such mechanism at all? Lucky that bike was filling up Vpower and I filled 98. I could be paying petrol for him if he used to same as me. Careful guys.. keep a close watch of your cars..
  6. guys wat brand of petrol u all pump for ur swift? caltex, shell, spc etc....?
  7. Haiz....price up 4cents since yesterday for a-----e and cowtax.
  8. http://edition.cnn.com/2011/12/28/world/me....html?hpt=hp_c1 1/3 of seaborne oil passes through the Hormuz Strait. We have seen in the past that when it comes to crude oil, the world will go to war.
  9. Discussion / Debate... Have service standards at petrol stations declined? 1. Windshields are not cleaned. Attendants pretend not to ask, only clean when asked upon. 2. More interested in selling their OFFERS at the cashiers. 3. Never ask if fluids need to be filled up. 4. Tyre Air Pump broken down for days at same station 5. Etc, Etc.... All these despite their fat profits!!! But there are still service oriented stations, just very few...
  10. On a particular Friday morning, I switched on the car engine and realized that the fuel tank was about three-quarter empty. It could probably travel for about 120km before the top-up warning light goes on. On my way to work, I was contemplating whether to top up at the Caltex station along the way or do it the following Monday. As I drove pass the petrol station, I decided to fill up my car as the petrol station was not busy. And I was glad I did so. After the engine was switched off, I pulled the fuel door lever a couple of times but the release mechanism did not seem to work. This was the first time I encountered such a problem. The pump attendant was getting a bit impatient and I drove off eventually. I called up Volkswagen Centre Singapore and was advised to take the car down to the workshop. The car was sent to the workshop during lunch hour and fortunately, the problem was fixed by late afternoon. The outcome could have been worse if there is little petrol left in the tank and the workshop is far away. From this experience, I will always remind myself to top up petrol before the tank is near empty. Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.
  11. On my way back from the Johor P Outlet this afternoon, tried to pak-U at petronas and esson just before 2nd link.... no more petrol!!! Does this happen very often? (my first time in past 10 yrs of MY pak-U!!)
  12. Owners of CNG cars can switch to petrol The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has issued notices to all car dealers that vehicles running on compressed natural gas (CNG) can switch to a petrol-only option starting from this month. The Straits Times had reported in October that the authority was considering such a move. Among the problems cited by drivers of CNG vehicles was the scarcity of pump stations. There are roughly 2,700 owners of such cars in Singapore. A workshop worker handling CNG tanks. CNG car drivers face long queues at fuelling stations because of their scarcity. -- ST FILE PHOTO http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/S...ory_741353.html should i???
  13. Hllow84

    Petrol switching

    Not sure if this has been ask before. Is it ok to switch between petrol brand constantly? Anything that I should take note of (eg pump the new brand only when the tank is near empty etc)? Still trying to see if there is any significant difference between the few brands available to us. Also is it advisable to stick to a certain grade of petrol constantly? Is it okay to mix pumping different grade without any problem as long it fell within the car drinkable range? The car manual only states that it can drink 91-98 RON and sales person recommended anything above 93 RON. With the mixture of results I am also trying out different grade. But well, I don't expect that I could actually feel any differences cos I am really new to driving but my curiosity beats me to that. Thanks in advance for any advice :)
  14. Moderate jam at Woodlands around 12.30am after a long day at Bkt Indah, notice the queue was not moving much, realise the customs are doing very thorough check on vehicles coming back, was following behind a Korean made black plate on the right hand side of the complex when the officer dugged out two 5litres plastic jelly cans. Suay gotta filter out from that lane cos he closed that lane and took the driver passport. Donno wat will be the consequences, fine? No picture cos custom buay sai hip xiong. Saw 4 to 5 Sg cars kanna hundred % check further up. Guess tonite will be another thorough nite for them.
  15. I just now pump RM24++ of petrol from Shell at JB 大马花园 and when I come back I check my banking statement I am charged RM200!!!!! Then I call the bank the person ask me to go back to the station and check with them. So I went in again and check but the pump attendant ask me check with bank again because the receipt amount is correct so is bank error. Then I ask to speak to the boss he says boss not around and as me go back next morning. So I come back to Singapore again and call the bank again. Then the customer service staff told me usually for petrol kiosk the amount charged is not the final amount. When the merchant make a claim then the final amount will be credited to them and the balance will be credited back to my account. Anyone encounter this issue before? So I need to go find the boss again the next day or wait for the amount to be finalize as told to me by the bank customer service staff??? Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  16. Was wondering what petrol and grade works best for Lancer EX 2L. Sorry I couldn't get in Esso in the poll due to poll limitation. Brothers and Sisters of other car models can participate in poll and share experiences too, just that am wondering what's best for my ride. Thanks!
  17. So have you ever run out of petrol in Singapore? When / where / why / how? I have never run out in Singapore, I did run out once back home, I got lost in some back roads, old carby car ran out - hitch hiked to a petrol station and bought more. Share your stories here... This is prompted as I have seen two cars petoless in the last week or so....was very surprised that it could happen here with so many kiosks around.
  18. Contest from 1st Nov 2011 till 30th Nov 2011 The sgCarMart Car Of The Year 2011 is back once again. This time round, we are available on Facebook as well. COTY 2011 Facebook Contest. - Make your favourite car the Winner, and stand a chance to win total worth of $500 Caltex Petrol! - Apart from this, you can nominate yourself or your friend as Petrolhead of 2011 and you'll stand to win $300 Shell Petrol Voucher. Cast your vote here: http://www.facebook.com/sgcarmart?sk=app_187610711318100
  19. Contest from 1st Nov 2011 till 30th Nov 2011 The sgCarMart Car Of The Year 2011 is back once again. This time round, we have 21 categories open for voting. Make your favourite car the Winner, and stand to win attractive prizes along the way! Vote here : http://www.sgcarmart.com/coty2011/vote.php Give car review here : http://www.sgcarmart.com/coty2011/nominees.php
  20. Source: http://news.omy.sg/News/Local%2BNews/Story...517-287227.html involves 1 mini lorry, 1 taxi and 3 sedans!
  21. Dear folks, I am trying to find a list of free papers that are distributed at petrol stations through the Internet but couldn't find any meaningful results. Hence, I would like to seek your help to list all the names (I.e. ------) that you have come across. I think they should have PDF copies circulating on their websites. TIA.
  22. Hi all, Just wondering which petrol / ron grade type do you guys use for your Honda Jazz. I will be collecting my vehicle 1.3A Jazz LX soon and am quite curious. So which ron number/grade do you use and how has it been for your vehicle's health? What do you recommend etc. Will be curious to see the different views in this especially for cars which have been more than 3 years in comparison. Thanks
  23. Been using Cowtax 98 for many donkey years already. Now I sibeh tulan them for raising prices all the time. Thus after some calculation, I found out that SPC is actually the cheapest of them all!! The 98 for SPC gives more discount and cheaper than stupid cowtax. Best of all there is one SPC just near my workplace. Can go there pump after work. Bye Bye Cowtax, I won't miss you unless you can be cheaper than SPC......
  24. By right all grades should break below $2.00 before discount. Oct. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Oil fell from a one-year low in New York, extending declines after the worst quarter since 2008. Crude for November slid as much as $1.20, or 1.5 percent, to $78 a barrel in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange and was at $78.17 at 8:08 a.m. Sydney time. Futures declined 17 percent from the end of June, the biggest quarterly drop since the three months ended December 2008. Brent oil for November settlement fell 89 cents, or 0.9 percent, to $101.87 a barrel on the ICE Futures Europe Exchange in London.
  25. anyone knows the several discounts rates for JB petrol for which credit card? Shell any discount?