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Found 202 results

  1. hi, does anyone know whether there is any season parking available at this place? going there to work for about 1 year soon. are those road side coupon parking easily available, or need to go early? I am keen to find out the more affordable parking options there. thanks.
  2. Picnic06-Biante15

    BPL 2013/2014 Season...

    WELCOME BACK BPL ..... For the past two months plus, weekends looks like something missing........... Nothing to watch but just endure watching 'Night Market' (Taiwan serries) .....
  3. LifePro_Tips

    Fifth Season

    Fifth Season Tangra Chinese from Kolkata – A true fusion of India, China and Tibet. Indian Chinese cuisine was born in Tangra, located on the east of Kolkata, the only China Town in India. The Chinese of Kolkata were best known for mainly leather shoe manufacturers, beauty parlor owners and dentists. Thousands of Hakka Chinese focused their business mainly in leather tanneries at Tangra. Hardworking and ambitious, they would not spare any field, so, why food? Influenced by local culture and taste, they opened restaurants for Bengalis by spicing the bland sauces with hot fresh green chillies. As Bengalis love to eat and explore anything new, they found a new and addictive taste with a perfect balance of hot, sweet and sourness in the dishes. With this identity the Indian Chinese food spread to almost all street corners in Kolkata. Within a short span of time it spread to the whole of India with its regional influence of food habits. The green chillies in Kolkata’s chilli chicken might have got replaced by dry red chilli in Delhi’s chilli chicken, but the Indian Chinese food fever did not spare any Indian from great grandson to great grandfather. You may find Indians not knowing about many regionally popular Indian dishes but you cannot find an Indian not knowing about Hakka Chowmein, Chilli Chicken and Gobi Manchurian. Indian Chinese food transformed into a complete cuisine when thousands of Tibetans migrated to India and added delicacies like thukpa (spicy noodle soup) and momos (special dumpling) which is also the winner of the title ‘Best dish of the year 2009′ by Fifth Season at the Singapore Food Festival 2009. This unique fusion of flavors of India, China and Tibet is brought to you in Singapore by Fifth Season, located within 1 minute of Little India MRT. Unlike the four seasons, which come and go, Fifth Season remains open throughout the year with the same love and passion to serve the best of Indian Chinese cuisine. Deepali Ray is Founder & director of Fifth Season Tangra Chinese. Deepali Ray is a qualified Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant and Masters in Commerce from India who has served various multinationals and Government entities in India as well as in Singapore in her long career. After serving an IT Industry for almost 7 years in Singapore she realized that this true love fusion food would probably be her best contribution to Singapore’s multi ethnic culture. She named her restaurant ‘Fifth Season- Tangra Chinese’ which means a season of love throughout the year serving this true fusion of India, China & Tibet from West Bengal in India, demonstrating that love does not care boundaries. Fifth Season Launches Its New Website With Online Order. Fifth Season Tangra Chinese restaurant launches a fresh new website. Now you can make an advance order online for take away and home delivery. Advance features for Menu & product display and an advance slide show ,with online table booking application as well as a integrated Facebook fan page. A site which is fully compatible with all leading browsers and mobile phone. Fifth Season 3rd Party Home Delivery Services Home Delivery service is brought to you in association with Roomservice and Hungrygowhere food Delivery. For home delivery near central area (no desserts) please call Roomservice @ 65360065 Or Visit RoomService For home delivery island wide (includes desserts) please call HungryGoWhere @ 63522622 Or Visit HungryGoWhere Lunch : 11:30 AM - 03:00 PM Dinner : 06:30 PM - 10:30 PM Fifth Season Address: 28 Race Course Road Singapore 218550 Phone: 62934842 Mobile: 91557645 Website: www.fifthseason.com.sg
  4. ok I start ball rolling... Sturridge with a great goal at last, and he's still the top scorer. It should've been a clean sheet for Mignolet. Great game for reds. Fantastic.
  5. Heh, start of the transfer window. Also we can start speculating when we will sell our other players for a big loss
  6. any suggestion ? or any kind soul giving up their lot soon ??
  7. Napoli have signed Real Madrid defender Raul Albiol for
  8. Osprey23

    Close season transfers

    12/13 season ended. Man U worthy winners and the legendary manager takes a bow and calls time on his illustrious career. All eyes on transfers now. Will share info I received, regardless of clubs. However mostly will be Liverpool as I have more sources on them. To start off, one bad and one good rumoured deals for Liverpool. Bad: Reina leaving for Barcelona.
  9. Car_accessories

    Advise for Season Parking at Toh Guan Road

    Dear MCF bros & sis.....I am gonna start working soon at Toh Guan Road. Sincerely need some advise on where can I get season parking at an affordable price around that area? Budget around 80-100 if possible. Hope to hear some advise soon
  10. Okay, i dont think i will have time to create one right after the last game tomorrow. lets start populating this thread after tomorrow last game.
  11. Does anyone knows how much is the season parking at the KTM station and where can I apply for it ? My office is at keppel Towers so it's quite near.
  12. Hi bro and sis, Does anyone knows how much is the season parking fee? No info online. Thank you
  13. will probably become Liverpool legend if he stick with the club, but too bad... one of the two iconic names that represented English football in the late 90s/early 2000s (at least he's the only two footballers whom my female friends knew, the other being David Beckham... who else ) i remember his wonder goal against Argentina, his hattrick against Germany, another hattrick against Newcastle
  14. Dear all ...pls be warn...high alert period ! anyone encountered roadblocks started yesterday ?
  15. This thread is for positive contributions only.. Flamers, please stay away.. Many thanks! As the season draws to a close soon, it's time for the transfer activities to start rolling.. Ferguson has announced that he will be looking to bolster his squad.. So who do you think Utd will sign for the new season? Utd has already signed Chris Smalling from Fulham and a certain Javier Hernandez, whom is a Mexico International.. I really hope Utd will bolster their attack by signing David Villa.. If there's anyone that can match Torres in the league, it's Villa.. It'll bring more goals to the team hopefully, and there'll be someone to share the goal scoring burden with.. In fact, Villa seems a more natural goalscorer than Rooney is.. Next, United will need a good midfielder.. I'm thinking Jack Rodwell.. That lad has impressed me.. Maybe one more playmaker in terms of David Silva.. It will bring extra flair and creativity to the midfield.. I dunno if SAF will bring in a keeper to replace VDS, but if he does, I hope it'll be Casillas (Fat hope! HAhaha).. Or a more realistic choice is Sebastian Frey.. Or maybe Buffon.. But Buffon will cost a bomb to sign.. Welcome all Utd fans in.. For all other fans, please refrain from posting unnecessary comments.. I seek your kind consideration.. Cheers.. :)
  16. empty_carpark_lots.bmpWith effect from 15 Jan'13, URA main tower carpark has turned away public and solely for season parking. On top of season parking, season parking holders were told to park at yellow lots as red lots were specially for URA. I have been parking my car in that carpark for 3years. On 15 Jan, I experienced a very poor and well managed treatment. Being a season parking holder, I was shoved away to park at yellow lots. Those yellow lots were not ideal lots as they were limited, mostly located at basement 2 and majority of parallel lots. The first come first serve available parking lots were no longer valid. From 15 Jan, convenient lots were painted red (previously were yellow lots but were painted red on 14 Jan'13 with no indication). On top of that, there were NO indication of red lots. I can understand red lots labelled as reserved for management for CEO etc.. but there were no indication for the first 2days. Warning notices were placed on cars. I simply cant believe and accept the fact that in Singapore context, red lots were indication of season parking. Being a season parking holder, I was not allowed to park at the red lots and was told for URA only. What is this? Prejudices ? Biases? sub standard? I paid for the monthly season parking as the URA tenant or staff. (not certain of there were discount for those URA staff or tenant but the fact is season parking holder were not given much consideration.) Why were those lots made red and deliberately for URA season parking convenient? Season parking holders are considered a second grade? No more of first come first serve? I need to ferry my kids from school during lunch hours. With such inconsiderate arrangement, I need to spent 2-3more mins extra in the carpark to look for space (Everyday) mainly because most unfavourable yellow lots were now on basement 2 instead of basement 1. I noticed that the red lots were under-utilised by URA. Many at times, I saw the empty red lots not occupied. Also they wasted resources by having caraprk attendants to be in the carpark making sure that season parking holder dont park at those red lots. (only on 16 Jan evening, they started to paint the red lots with extra working indicating - RESERVED). This is a stupidity act and poor managed implementation. Reserved for who??? who is the big shots? Its really degrading season parking holders with the Different standards. I was told by one season parking holder that he was charged for early entry to the carpark. This is ridiculous, season parking holder needs to pay more for early entry. Have you heard of that??? paid season parking yet have to park for fine when you entered the carpark earlier. I was not told there was a timing for Season parking holder. Poor communication from URA. For many years, the carpark serves numerous public because of the locality that is next to Maxwell food centre and Chinatown, it brings convenient to the hawkers and also public who patronage the area for food and others who visted URA for design building and etc purposes. Now public were told to park at the east wing, it was not a well facilitated carpark. Hawkers and public can never find the convenience. I am sad as I am treated like a second class citizen. Disturbing me as I have to waste of time to drive round the carpark. (Everyday) . If fact I was thinking, those URA lots for URA staff and tenant, they will spend most of the time in the building why on earth they need prority lots. I urge the management will look into this. I dont mind to bring this up to higher authority or even the minister of URA... Think of it second grade treatment, I must pursue
  17. Mazdaowner

    The festive season is to be merry.

    If you must drink, don't DRIVE! Be responsible, don't kill someone's family member!
  18. Hi all Does anybody here has season parking at HDB Hub Toa Payoh? Is it possible to apply online or do i have to provide proof of one month work attachment to apply at hdb office? Thanks all.
  19. Time to start the bitching. Sigh I'm working tomorrow night, will miss the LFC-Arsenal match
  20. I notice my place got 1 or 2 car only got 1 decal stick on the side of the windscreen. And that is the "road tax" chip. 1) the audi car owner stay same block and park the same MSC. 2) only stick 1 "road tax" chip that's all. 3) how he show those traffic aunty that he got season parking there? 4) no display of any parking coupon also Even my friend's house MSC also got one audi having the same thing. Have been puzzled for a long time and decided to post and ask around. Hope some "SI-FU" can enlightened me this noob lol
  21. i tried google and HDB but cannot find this info...
  22. Hi New Forum rule. 50 page change.