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Found 202 results

  1. I heard we can apply for the above at a discounted rate. Anybody knows whats the condition and how much ? Appreciate your enlightenment.
  2. There is speculation that BMW Sauber F1 will not compete next season. A press conference has been called for Wednesday for BMW's senior management to announce some news, possibly about its F1 participation. If indeed BMW withdraws, it will come as grave news for fans. This comes less than a year after Honda F1's withdrawal. Both manufacturers had high hopes for winning as constructors, but disappointingly both of them have only managed 1 race win each since their 2006 comeback. Hopefully the team will not disappear outright. Perhaps Peter Sauber can be persuaded to take back his team and run it as a Cosworth engined independent, like the 3 new entrants of 2010.
  3. Shawnthefarmer

    Tanjong Pagar Plaza Season

    Regarding season parking there... HDB says its Blk 1 - From 7am-7pm but everywhere else says its Blk 3 and that friends say that its till 10pm is it 2 different carparks?? please advise! thanks!
  4. anyone knows how much? or anywhere near?
  5. Use park and ride as Season Parking more worth it anyone? Season Parking $90/mth Park and ride $70/mth Free $40 ezlink card parking onli $30 per mth... Any comments?
  6. Recently, I just kena a $50 fine for parking at season parking lot in a HDB carpark. Only weird thing is, I DO have season parking for this carpark! But the parking ticket stated that I committed the offence in another carpark just a few blocks away. I haven't even parked at the other carpark for at least 2 years. Car had just been parked at my season carpark for the entire day. My carpark is Q30, the other is Q31 so my guess is that the parking officer keyed in the wrong carpark when he scanned my RFID lah. Anyone appealed against such a fine before and successful? It's theoretically my word against the parking officer right? I'm quite confident of a successful appeal but wow, if it can happen to me, then I wonder what if it happens to someone who doesn't know how to appeal? And I just found out I had another friend who kena this before.
  7. RadX

    American IDOL Season 8 2009

    Without a doubt, the winner has to be Adam Lambert already. A league in his own Finals I say Mat Vs Adam OR Danny Vs Adam. Any one else?
  8. Price of HDB season parking : Dad's car VS my Car I just applied for HDB parking at https://services2.hdb.gov.sg/webapp/BN22ISP...Instruction.jsp my dad is paying $65/month for his 3 year old car, while i have to pay $90/ month for my new car we are staying together. Why is this so?
  9. The following report is taken from Mirror.co.uk Sports Five reasons why the title is Liverpool's and five reasons why Manchester United could blow it FIVE REASONS WHY TITLE IS LIVERPOOL'S 1 RAFA BENITEZ Nobody plots individual matches better than Rafa but eight games in two months will allow the Spaniard to show he knows how to manage a season. Benitez has won a title from the big guns before, when Valencia pipped Barcelona and Real Madrid to lift La Liga. 2 STEVEN GERRARD & JAMIE CARRAGHER The side's heart and soul - they know just how much it would mean to end that 19-year wait for the title. Gerrard has been an inspiration all season, while Carragher epitomises Scouse conviction and passion. 3 FERNANDO TORRES The Spaniard has had an injuryscarred campaign but his movement remains magical. He's come on in leaps and bounds from the man known more for his misses than his goals at Atletico Madrid. 4 ANFIELD The Kop are Liverpool's extra man and are set to pick the players up and carry them over the line like they used to in those European glory nights of the 70s and 80s. 5 FIXTURES The Reds have a kinder run-in than United and even the hardest game, against Arsenal, comes with them having rested over the FA Cup semi-final weekend, three days earlier. FIVE REASONS WHY UNITED COULD BLOW IT 1 NERVES They looked a shoo-in two weeks ago but now the pressure is on and United could lose a title that really was theirs for the taking. Fergie went through the same thing in 1998 as Arsenal won their first crown under Arsene Wenger. 2 DISCIPLINE Recent red cards for Nemanja Vidic, Paul Scholes and Wayne Rooney mean all three will be missing against Aston Villa. Referees will have noted the snarling aimed at Phil Dowd on Saturday and will clamp down harder than before. 3 CRISTIANO RONALDO Unstoppable last term but his on-field bickering with teammates, opponents and referees is turning the Portuguese back into Public Enemy No.1. Unless he gets his act together it could be destabilising. 4 OLD TRAFFORD The stadium is more intimidating than the fans and back- to-back defeats will add to the edginess against Villa in a fortnight. Fans are prone to get on the players' backs when things aren't going well. 5 FIXTURES United are still competing on three fronts and have a much tougher league run-in than Liverpool, including Arsenal and Spurs at home, and desperate Middlesbrough away. I agree that MU has a tougher run-in as compare to Liverpool said to have a kinder run-in. MU
  10. Jeronleow

    3 cars season parking

    Hi I heard from my dad that the policy is that each household cannot buy 3 season parking. Is that true? My family already have 2 cars now 3rd one coming in. Thanks!!
  11. Anyone know where I can find cheapest seaon parking near UE Square? Many thanks !
  12. Guys, I think it is important to drive safely and not recklessly though you are really rushing for time cos the importance of your family members with you in the car is more important than you really late for your New Year Visiting. I have seen many drivers still drive like rushing to work cutting lanes after lanes, there are many new drivers on the road as well during this period so we have to spare a thought for them too. There are many accidents during this period and I saw 3-4 vehicles involved in the accident along PIE towards Changi near the Steven Road exit, guess you also need the car for your New Year Visiting and it is avoidable if everyone practise safe and patient driving. It is Better to be Late than Never Reached.
  13. Shawnthefarmer

    Season Parking Duxton Hill

    possible to get season parking there or nearby area? issit costly? thanks
  14. As reported in today New Paper : 4 Hurt After S'pore Car Hits Trailer, Miracle Escape For Twin Babies....... The family of seven was heading home to Singapore after a three-day break at Genting Highlands. But they got only as far as Johor. Their Subaru Impreza car rammed into a moving trailer near Yong Peng in Johotr. The driver's mother and wife weere seriously injured and warded in a hospital at Muar. The driver's wife developed a blood clot in her brain from the impact, while his mother was badly hurt in the face. Miraculously, their 8-month-old twin boys and their maid escaped unhurt. Accident occurred at 4.30pm on Tuesday along the North-South Highway between Pagoh and Yong Peng. So, those bros & sis here who are driving , North during the school holidays (starting after tomorrow - last day of school), you do take care and drive carefully as raining seasons is here again. To enjoy the holiday trips, I rather drive it slow, easy and steady ...... Cheers & Happy Holidays .........
  15. Garlic

    Season parking at CPF building

    Hello MCF'ers, Appreciate if anyone can advise on season parking rates at CPF building. Also, is there a waiting list of any sort? Thanks.
  16. Picanto

    HDB season parking

    just a thought: HDB season parking has not been increased for donkey years already. would 2009 be the year its going to go up?
  17. Source: http://forums.finalgear.com/top-gear-pre-e...d-2008-a-31218/ Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H99slALLrUg
  18. Ender

    Monsoon season?

    When is the monsoon season? Planning to drive to the east coast of malaysia during end Sept to early Oct, is this a good time?
  19. Gtrviper

    Heroes Season 3

    hi... juz wanna see if any die hard fans ard here... juz watch the 3 episode... wow so "luan" dunno whos the villian now.....
  20. Hi, does anyone have any contact numbers to the CP management for Novena Square? I would like to purchase season parking. Does anyone know the rates there? Thanks in advance! Cheers!
  21. Hi guys/gals, Need to buy 1 month season parking there. Does anybody know the car park number/name and also if its under hdb/ura? Any assistance is appreciated
  22. Road Closures A series of road closures will affect the Marina Centre area from 20 Sep to 2 Oct 2008. Pre-Race: 20 to 22 Sep - 3 roads leading to St Andrew
  23. Hi guys, I kena summon at my own season parking area because 2 building allocated to me are fully occupied boy.. I actually didn't realise that i was parking at motorcycle area cause my EP80 fit in nicely and i just park and go.. Haha now still waiting for reply from HDB.. wondering will HDB allocate me more area to park or not.. Na Bei... Thanks. Regards, Maw
  24. Picnic06-Biante15

    EPL 2008/2009 Season .........

    After watching the first round of the EPL matches last weekends, spring a few surprises..... Chelsea : to watch out for in this season, played very exciting attacking game as promised by Scolari and midfield well controlled by Deco. Man U : look lost without CR....... Aston Villa : a very different team this year ..... Hull City : what a good start for a promoter..... Liverpool : wonder could finish top 4 again this season...... Arsenal : 50 ~ 50, they have solved defence problems but their strikers a let down.... so many misses..... Tottenham : suspect to land themself in the second half of the league Bolton : an improved team from last season... West Brom & Stoke City : need to play well to stay in Premier League The rest of the teams, no commence.......
  25. Garlic

    New season of TopGear starts!!

    Get it @ http://www.finalgear.com In this episode: * In an effort to help viewers save money on fuel, Top Gear finds out which supercar is the most economical * Jeremy takes the Ferrari F430 Scuderia out onto the Top Gear track * James introduces Top Gear Stunt Man who