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Found 176 results

  1. Dutch

    Honda Accord Euro R

    Hi all, anyone owns this car CL9? I am think of changing to Accord Euro R. Any comments and opinions of this car are very much appreciated.
  2. Laser

    Civic or Accord ?

    Which will you chose? If you are early 30, self-employed and sometimes needs to fetch client around. Can't decide cause both car cost about the same, civic comes with more standard equ. But accord gives the more exective look. Please give me your views !
  3. Chneo1982

    KM Accord LED side mirrors

    Hello any bros out there know where can i get these?? THanks!
  4. Just groomed my Honda JDM Accord 2.4 specially for the coming new year 2006!!! Enjoy the pics...
  5. Shouyi

    Thai Accord Facelift?

    Hi, anyone knows when the Thai Accord facelift is coming in ? Thanks a lot!
  6. Hi guys, need some valuable feed back for these two Jap cars, regards about their FC and insurance... Well, I am a Sales Manager which require to run all over Singapore. Need to justify which is best for me base on all your exposure. Appreciate all your advice. Thanks
  7. Kawan

    Accord Euro Owners

    Hello Folks, I am keen to see who and how many Honda Accord Euro owners in this forum, could you post a note here. Thanks! Myself ... Honda Accord Euro 2.0A since July 2005, black color, as of now FC is 8.5 km/l with 17" rim.
  8. Shouyi

    FC of 2.4L Thai Accord

    Dear all, for those who owned the above model, may I know what is the FC like? My dad is interested in the car. Thanks.
  9. Any takers? Honda Accord Coupe Doubt so.
  10. Allen

    Question on JDM Accord

    Dear All Bros and Sis, i have some questions on JDM accord, i hope the big bros and sis here can enlighten me. there are many JDM accord model, which are the ones that the local PIs are bringing in? there are; 1) 24TL 2) 24S 3) 24T 4) 20EL 5) 20A what is the difference between the above models? i guess 24 = 2.4l and 20 = 2l then the questions is the difference between TL, S, T, EL and A and which one are sold in Spore? i saw ith e FC posting that the 2L JDM accord is clocking 8.5km/L, it is kind of low for a 2L car rite? the current model is around 2 yrs old, is Honda coming out with a new JDM accord soon? hoping to be enlighten.
  11. Kawan

    Honda Accord EURO 2.0E

    I am looking at getting the Honda Accord EURO (2.0E), existing owners please help to advise on the pricing, interior/exterior components, maintenance, performance etc I went to a parallel importer who quote me 92,888 (incl. six months road tax), no bodykit needed for this model, everything seems to be included (reverse sensor, dark glass, leather seat) except the sports rim ( add another $400 ). According to the sales person, everything is from Japan, except that the leather will be local. With 90+ K, there seems to be many choices available for 2 litre cars. So if you could share with your justifications for choosing accord euro that would be nice. Thanks!!!
  12. I believe the JDM Accord will receive the same treatment.
  13. Kawan

    New Accord Euro?

    http://www.vagsg.com/modules/mx_album/albu....php?pic_id=178 http://www.vagsg.com/modules/mx_album/albu....php?pic_id=179 http://www.vagsg.com/modules/mx_album/albu....php?pic_id=180 http://www.vagsg.com/modules/mx_album/albu....php?pic_id=181 Found the above, not sure if that is going to be the new look of Accord Euro.
  14. Dear all, the JDM Accord has been around for abt 3 yrs. Did the car ever had a facelift before ?
  15. At $89.8K, or $1K less than the Camry 2.0, the Accord wins in terms of horse power, the screaming VTEC engine and engine note which is music to my ears. Both are assembled in Thailand. There is less body roll than the Camry. In terms of interior space, it is a hard fight between the 2. The Accord looks less "uncle" in looks. If you want to be driven, choose the Camry. If you want to drive and feel the car, choose the Accord. My guess is the Accord sales will overtake the Camry's in the coming months.
  16. Hi guys, I'm a bit lost bewteen Accord 2.0 euro and M6 2.3 Cant decide which car i should buy..... 1. Accord 2.0 euro from P.I. dont know service and warranty can trust or not 2. Specification Accord 2.0 5 gear -->m6 4 gear only , Accord no power driver seat --> m6 power seat , accord no sunroof--> m6 sunroof, 3. Price ...... almost the same as if u change the accord's trim into 17" and with body kit 4. Road tax and insurrance m6 more expensive than accord 5. outlook both are young and sportly..... Can anyone give some advice for me???? Thx
  17. Hi,have all this cars bodykits made of ABS materials,100% flexible guarantee wont crack like fibreglass.Toyota harruers,JDM honda accord euroR ,New honda stream value sport design(suitable for those want to look like euro R)Honda jazz pre-new facelift,hunydai getz,kias etc...Interested can contact me at 927807781
  18. hi people, i am new here and knows little about cars so please guide me along. i intend to purchase either a PI honda accord 2.0 or euro R. i have some questions and i hope you guys can answer me. thank you so much 1) both have 80% same look but pricewise is abt 20k difference. which is more worth it? 2) i went to showroom and see the EuroR, on the speed metre, it shows 180km./hr as the max. so it means the max speed for euroR is 180km/hr? 3) how much is the estimate to for servicing of this type of car? These are the few questions i have now on my mind. thanks
  19. Hi, Can amsoil be use on Accord EuroR engine ? Can anyone advise ?
  20. Hi bros, how would you rate the 4 cars above? dun want to look for the usual camrys and cefiros. already see too many on the roads. looking for something different. considerations would be space with good handling and drivability. JDM accord though looks sporty but space at the back abit cramp like a 1.6. Thanks
  21. Ravinged

    Versions of Accord?

    Hi folks, I'm starting to get confused ... how many versions of Honda Accord do we have now? And what's available in each one? Really really confusing ... or rather I am being confused by some people. Ed
  22. Zoomprotege

    JPM Accord vs other 2l cars...

    Hey guys, Just for the fun of it, how many of you drives a Euro Accord? Not the Euro R, but rather the 2l version. If you do, how does your car compare to the rest of the 2l fleet? Subaru Legacy, Legacy GT, Nissan Cefiro, Kah Motor MIT Accord, Toyota Camry? Have you gotten into any accidents with your JPM Accord? If so, are the parts hard to come by? What abt warranty by PI? Where's a popular PI to go to if I want to find out more? Anyway, even though my car is only 10 mths old, I already can't wait to sell it. Want to do some comparison before the 3rd years on this car. Thanks.
  23. Hi guys & gals, Recently I had placed an order for a new Honda Accord JDM 2.4L from one of the PIs and will be getting my car this coming Oct... I was quite excited abt it... so is there any Honda Accord JDM owners out there interested to meet up as a group to chill out??? cheers...
  24. Genie47

    Sonata vs Camry vs Accord

    A show down in Korea!