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Found 508 results

  1. Xxadidasxx

    Any Audi A4 owners need feedback

    I wan more info of the A4 can let mi know is it exp for servicing and the parts and fuel thanks
  2. Boonaldo

    Review on Garmin GDR 45

    Hi all, think my current Itronics car cam going to die on me.... Any review on this? Able to to conceal cabling? If yes, any recommended workshop? Thanks! http://www.garmin.com.sg/products/ontheroad/gdr45/
  3. Hi If you are to buy one of the above which one will you choose? Cant really decide..
  4. A driver drove his 3.2-litre Audi TT for more than 130,000 km without any engine oil change. And this is how it looks like after it finally gave up. According to one of the users from the Audi TDI forum, a couple of pictures of the ruined engine were published in a post and the photos has since floated around the net. It is not known why the owner stopped changing the engine oil but it is almost a certain that the engine has to be replaced. For Audi TT owners out there who have the 3.2-litre VR6 engine which outputs around 246bhp, it should pretty comforting to know that your engine can take some real abuse!
  5. ins1dious

    Audi Q7 FC

    Hi guys, got my new ride 2 weeks ago. Just finished 1k kms. Wondering if other Q7/Other SUV bros can share their FC in Sg's stop/start traffic. My avg is only 6.5 but I'm hoping it'll start improving as I started more expressway driving.
  6. Sdf4786k

    Audi A4 from 159K

    Just saw the ad for the A4 1.8T for 159K. Seems cheaper then a Passat. Wonder how much lower can the other distributor go down to.
  7. Decksurgeon

    Audi S5 - Sneak Peek

    Fascination no figures can express The mighty eight-cylinder engine in the new Audi S5 is closely related to the high-revving mid-mounted engine of the new Audi R8 sports car. To suitably match the character of the grand tourer, in the S5 it develops 260 kW (354 bhp) at 7,000 rpm. This is combined with an extremely flat torque curve: the maximum torque of 440 Nm is already available from 3,500 rpm. But more importantly, at only 2,000 rpm drivers already have 85 percent of the full torque at their disposal. The effect is sheer exhilaration: no matter at what engine speed the driver presses the accelerator, the A5 charges forward with breathtaking pace. Back to the figures: sprinting from stationary the S5 reaches the 100 km/h mark in 5.1 seconds, and in just 19.1 seconds it breaks through the 200 km/h barrier. As a matter of form, we should note that the top speed is governed to 250 km/h. However, no measurement can truly convey the outstanding free-revving character, the instant response, the continuous power build-up or the thrilling sound of the eight-cylinder engine. High-performance in a compact form This V8 with a displacement of 4,163 cm3 belongs to Audi
  8. chitchatboy

    Is this the upcoming Audi R8?

    According to Instagram user 'dreboog', what you see here might be the new Audi R8. In his post, he mentions that the scoop was from an anonymous Audi insider that had access to the car. Set to be officially revealed at next month's Geneva Motor Show, it is likely the above photo is the real deal and not some well executed new body kit job. Don’t believe? You might want to look at some of the spy videos of the upcoming R8 going through the Nürburgring and spot the similar design cues! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDUAtZHP8-s
  9. zhehao

    OZ Racing Formula HLT 5H

    Hi guys, Found this rim on OZ Racing's website. They looks quite good in my opinion! Anyone got this rim can share your opinion or know where and how much i can get these in singapore? http://www.ozracing.com/car_wheels_var/OZ%20Racing/25182/I%20-%20TECH/FORMULA%20HLT%205H/563462.aspx
  10. I saw some supercharged cars today revving their engines in front of me Was impressed that their exhaust gives off some smoke or vapor I think girls might like guys who have cars like this I tried pumping v power today and revved my engine but I do not see Vapor/smoke Any idea?
  11. It was an upscale mall at orchard No drop off only taxi stand. It was drizzling but not raining. So of course traffic police could rebut and say that it's not heavy rain so my mom doesn't need shelter I feel scared of driving now
  12. Little_prince

    Is this deal too good to be true?

  13. Hi guys, anybody is driving audi a4 B8? What is the review so far and how has the car been like? Is the car reliable? Any issues with the Multitronic gearbox? Or any mechanical or electronic failures? So far i been driving Mitsubishi Lancer GLX CS3, a 2006 model i bought as a 3yr old second hand in 2009. Driving for 5 years+. Zero problem. Not sure if Audi will be able to give such a problem free experience too?? comments and review appreciated! Cheers everybody!
  14. http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=444284&DL=2721 Exotic Orange Sticker On Optional. High Spec Model And Sexy Lady Used From Home To SPA Only With Low Mileage And Interior Smells With Hermes. Funny how the dealer added in the description Sexy lady. Unless he say the lady comes with the car(2 for 1 package)
  15. The Stuttgart’s new B-segment crossover is based on Audi’s MLB B-sized architecture and the Q5/SQ5 specifically, I thought some of you may be interested to have a look at how much it shares with, or how much it is different from its Ingolstadt cousins is of great interest. For me the new Macan looks amazing, side and rear profile are stunning! Too bad even the 'cheaper' Porsche will be cost much more than the Q5/SQ5. http://fourtitude.com/news/Industry_News_3/intel-porsche-macan-component-similarities-differences/
  16. Piyopico

    Audi Promo for Xmas

    A6 2.0 Tfsi at S $198,888. Thats like 30 grand off the list price. When dealers offer such discounts. Are they just gimmicks or a really good deal? Its like COE dropping 30k pricing wor.
  17. Quantum

    CAT A "Luxury cars"

    Assume you want to buy a CAT A "Luxury car" from above, which one will you choose? Precondition: budget is problem, so excluded CLA180, also don't consider Diesel engine, other concerns: Reliability, durability, Safety, F/C, Interior space, engine performance, handling, maintenance cost etc
  18. Audi reckon's its Q3 SUV is engineered to conquer the city and it is the best premium small SUV for those that live in the urban environment. To prove their point, Audi Canada shows us its latest 2015 Audi Q3 having the ability to climb walls to squeeze itself into a tight parking space. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=na5V4HliPdw Alright, this is obviously not feasible in real life but considering there are inconsiderate drivers like the one above on our roads, we wish the Q3 could do that. Watch the behind-the-scenes clip below to see how they managed to get SUV up the wall. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhkDpW1rx1Q
  19. I have been saying to make a video of driving experience I have in Germany to share for MCF for a while. So here we go. i actually took video of drving in Autobahn, but the stretch I drive is pretty boring (in terms of scenery), so I deleted it, to make space to make the video above. Hope you guys like it. If there is demand, I will make one on Autobahn (on a more scenic drive), maybe in the Alpine & some more scenic zones as well.
  20. Neutrino

    Brave, stupid or both?

  21. Wish1719

    PS4 advise

    Hi all, Thinking of getting the PS4, launching this Thursday. Wondering if previous games from PS3 are able to access to play as well, also how about those downloaded into the hard-disk, is it possible to transfer it over? thanks fyi: getting it for my kids
  22. I installed a multi spark discharge on my A6, and it works perfectly, but one of my friends told me that it will lead side-effect to my car. I dont meet any problem till now. Any bro can give advice?
  23. Anyone wanna enter the pearly white gates? This is your chance! Act fast before the time for you to do so is up! I'm sure this Dream Drive will give you a heavenly experience. Go off with a huge Bang! Haha!
  24. Chrisnew


  25. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4tWorq40Xc