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Found 269 results

  1. SYF77


    [extract] It was a beautiful Sunday morning and I happen to be at an old estate in Bedok North. The surrounding blocks of HDB flats are mainly 3-Room type. As I drive through the open air carpark, I can
  2. Not sure if i read it wrong, but i was given a $3 complimentary per entry carpark ticket, but was charged $6 at exit. Cashcard was deducted $3. so am i charge wrongly or assume they printed wrongly on the ticket? Carpark charges: $3.50 for 1st hr, $1.50 for next subsequent 1/2hr from 7am to 9pm
  3. [extract] The Presidential Election is heating up with another presidential hopeful, Dr Tan Cheng Bock, who has just submitted his Certificate of Eligibility forms at the Elections Department. In order to make an informed choice, I read up about Dr Tan Cheng Bock
  4. Yesterday while sitting at a nearby covered public space ..during my lunch hour ... Notice a Malay guy with bermuda and T-shirt suspiciously walking around the carpark.. Saw him earlier at the Minimart nearby idling there..Do not know whether he is alone or with an accompliced.. Seems a lot of ppl working nearby park their cars and motorbikes there including me which cars for workers around are allowed to park at Level 3A and above...7am to 7pm.. then when he reached the ground Level then I know whats he up too.. Beware don leave your valuable things openly and motorbikes don leave your cashcard in the IU.. He went checking the bikes one by one... For those working or stay around there...take care... Cheeers all..
  5. Is it true that the parking at Seah Im street $4 coupon for the whole day? Thanks Andrew
  6. SYF77

    A condemnable act

    [extract] It was a warm Sunday afternoon and I was walking lazily to the carpark with 2 piles, preparing to give my car a good wash. As I was approaching the carpark, I was shocked by a serious of loud bangs. They were as loud as vehicle collisions. I didn
  7. My wife just received a $30 fine from URA (cisco) at Yishun Swimming Complex... she asked me whether its free on Public holiday and i told her yes... now i have to swallow the $30 fines Just check from URA website but cant find the details.... Can anyone confirmed that URA carpark is not free on PH??
  8. http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/showthread.php?t=3234854
  9. Hi MCF Brothers, I saw on some URA carpark signboards that parking is free after 5pm and on public holidays as well. Just to check if tomorrow 7 May is considered a public holiday? Does that mean i need not display any parking coupon when parking at any of these URA carparks tomorrow? Sorry if i am deemed to be asking a stupid question but i just wish to clarify that's all. Could not find much information over the net regarding this. Cheers!
  10. http://www.mrbrown.com/blog/2011/04/how-ma...-a-carpark.html Farking stupid. A Temporary car park somemore. Someone please open a can of whoop-ass on them, seriously.
  11. was at plaza singapura shopping centre yesterday. To my horror i saw the drains that is near the car park lots fill with mosquito larvae. Not few but lots could be hundreds. For guys going there with family please be careful on level 4 and level 3
  12. My car kena hit and run at carpark. This afternoon when go take car found that the side mirror was damaged. Got scratch and the base plastic broke. Was fine when I parked last night. Any bros can offer advice what I can do? Able to claim insurance? Thx in advance
  13. Icekitten

    Accident in Carpark

    Yesterday I had an accident at Rivervale Mall carpark. This Latio was two cars in front of me and was parking. After he had parked fully into his lot, the car in front of me passed him and I put on my hazard lights to signal my intention to park in the empty lot opposite the Latio. With hazard lights on, I slowed down and stopped just past the lot I was going to park in. Upon checking my rear and seeing that the car behind me had stopped a distance away to allow me to park, I proceeded to reverse into the lot. Traffic behind me was clear and the Latio was fully in its lot. I wasn't going fast at all, just normal parking speed and had been reversing for about 2-3 seconds. Was just making the full-lock turn into the lot when without warning, the Latio dashed straight out of its lot then I felt and heard impact at my rear left corner. Hubby was in my passenger seat and witnessed everything. We got out of the car, immediately the Latio driver said, "I was already here, how can you reverse into me?" Was damn hot when I heard that! Obviously they were trying to push blame to me! The Latio driver's wife who was a shrieky office-lady san bat por type even shouted at me, "Do you know how to drive or not? How long have you been driving?" I was too busy arguing with her hubby to retort back to her. My hubby was busy calling ppl to seek advice on the situation. I said to the Latio driver, "Didn't you see me reversing? I already signalled my intention to park long ago, even the car behind me stopped far away to wait for me to park already. How can you just chiong out like that? What are you trying to do?" Which apparently, the Latio driver was trying to adjust his parking. Probably wanted to shift his car nearer to the pillar, scared car beside knock his car door. He claimed that he needed to adjust his car and that it was straddling two lots. Photos tell that he was already well within his lot boundaries. And he showed no sign beforehand that he needed to adjust his parking. No head out or anything. At no point did he horn too. I was the second car to pass the Latio when it was already parked fully into its lot. And his defence and retort: "You are reversing, you have to check what." I scolded the Latio driver, "You want to adjust your car you don't have to look out for traffic on the main road ah? I was already reversing. I did signal and the car behind me already stopped. Who said I didn't check? You were already parked in your lot when I started to reverse. How can you not know that I'm parking? You didn't see me reversing meh?" To which he answered, "Got." "And then you still chiong out?!" His only retort, "You are reversing, you must check ma." His stupid wife was shrieking away. At one point she pissed my hubby off and my hubby scolded vulgar language. She then shouted at her hubby in Chinese, "Eh, he scold you vulgar language leh, quick! Pai xia lai! (Take video) I want to report police!" The hubby told me he wants to call TP down, which I said, "Don't bother, TP won't come if there is no personal injury." I had not even brought up the issue of damages but from their attitude, it's damn clear they are not intending to compensate me and expecting me to compensate them instead. I got damn fed up and told them , "Forget it la, no point arguing already. Call your insurance. Just make report and let them fight lor." My hubby was not very keen at first, coz he heard that this kind of case is difficult and we have 40% NCD. I said, "Then? What kind of private settlement? They are obviously not going to pay us. I am not going to pay them for sure!" Hubby did not insist either because he witnessed everything and knew that it was the Latio driver who chut stunt. So exchanged particulars and I began taking photos of the scene and damage. At that point of time, was so caught up in the situation that we neglected the fact that the car waiting for us to park was there watching all the time and was a witness to the accident. By the time I'd remembered, that car had already gone elsewhere to park and it was just a common silver car which I could not pinpoint. If this driver happens to come across this, I hope you can step forward as a witness that I was already reversing when the Latio came out of its lot without warning, and not that the Latio driver came out before I started to reverse. As seen from photos, swipe marks at the side of the Latio's front bumper and a dent at the corner of its fender. My ride had swipe marks from just beside the corner of the rear bumper to the rear. And my rear light had a swipe mark too. Anybody got caught in a case like this before? How was the outcome? I feel indignant that the NCD thingie could've caused my hubby to even consider negotiating a private settlement for the sake of not losing NCD. Although he has his valid concern. If I'd been in the wrong and drove recklessly or whatever, I would've just said sorry and settled privately. It's not that ex since the repairs are minor. But it is way ridiculous that I have to pay the Latio driver who is the one who chut stunt. Esp when the couple and esp the wife showed the kind of attitude they did. Going to make report at IDAC later.
  14. Imagine you are the owner & in a hurry to leave when you encounter this: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...ng_carpark.html Poor Cat Stuck Underneath Car At Jurong Carpark STOMPer Via found a cat stuck underneath a car at a carpark opposite Jurong Point. The STOMPer and her boyfriend tried to pull the cat out to no avail. Said the STOMPer: "My boyfriend and I were at the carpark opposite Jurong Point when we passed by a car and spotted a cat's leg protruding from underneath the vehicle. "At first, we thought it was a fake cat. When we went nearer, trying to force the cat out, it made all sorts of sounds. "It was just unable to come out. We left a note for the car owner to inform him of the cat. "We really hope the cat will be fine."
  15. Let's say I go there, 8-9PM, on a friday night. How bad is it? Bad or PRETTY f--kING BAD AVOID AT ALL f--kING COST kind of bad?
  16. GLZT

    Bad night in T3 Carpark

    This is my first time experiencing this kind of situation. I was at least expecting a thanks gesture from the uncle when I gave up the lot for him but instead he kept staring at me with the super buay song face all the way while I was driving around looking for another lot until he walked in the airport. Felt kinda pissed off. Thanks for listening to my rant, and YES, it makes me feel better If you wanna flame me, please do so in a civilize manner.
  17. Don't think this was reported in the english newspapers...(the Chinese evening papers only reported it after an anonymous tip) He got a SAF scholarship to study medicine. And apparently this isn't the first time he's caught cheating using tampered carpark coupons. Anyone got insider details on this case?
  18. Greatbirdlegend

    Mystery carpark fire damages 10 cars

    Really bad way to start the CNY. I'm always scared to go some estates like Woodlands and Boon Lay. Please don't get offended dear residents. http://www.asiaone.com/Motoring/News/Story...206-262157.html
  19. Hi folks, A car belong to a friend of mine was hit by a lorry this afternoon in her own residential car park. The car was already parked in the lot allocated for season parking holders. There were substantial amount of damages done. According to her, the driver almost wanted to flee from the accident. She was near to her house window when she heard the loud thud and saw a lorry moving off beside her car. She quickly ran to grab her phone to take pictures while shouting at the driver to stop. The lorry then reversed and the driver alighted from his vehicle while she instructed him to wait for her to come down. It turned out that driver is a PRC. As soon as she reached downstairs from her apartment, there were kind souls who approach her to be her eye-witnesses. One of them had mentioned that the lorry was doing a 3 point turn and it hit the vehicle when moving off. She took down the particulars of the driver, snap some pictures of the damages done and a letter for the driver to admit his fault. Police report was also made. Since it is the eve of lunar new year, there are no workshops available for repairs. She had recently bought the car. The damaged done was terrible enough that the front bonnet failed to open. She would not want to take the risk to drive the car out. As it is an OPC car, she had lost out the benefits of driving during this period, especially house visiting during the New Year. The waste of time, rental of car, etc are some of the inconveniences she had to encounter. I would like to seek views and opinions from the forumers here to assess the claim that she may or will receive from the insurance. Any good advise will be appreciated too. Thanks folks. Have a great new year! Cheers! Noel.
  20. Hi all, Anyone knows if I can just drop off passengers at RWS and just turn back out to Vivo without having to go through the carpark gantries? Or is there a grace period for the carpark? Thks!
  21. Passed by this shop yesterday , their premium package for big cars like a magentis is 200 bucks looks reasonable for sealant . Anyone tried?
  22. Theoldjaffa

    Rolls Royce in a HDB carpark

    we've seen it all. replicas and homages of cult symbols. i-clones --> iphones, RXW --> panerai Lancers/Civics --> Evo/Type R KIAS --> WRX Turbo but this one takes the cake. i saw a BIG stately car in a humble carpark at serangoon north. it is MITSUOKA GALUE. as i've never seen one upclose before, i went to it to admire it at close range. to my surprise (or utter disgust), the owner had "converted" the whole car to RR. ROLLS-ROYCE! there is a RR emblem at the bonnet, even the rims had RR wheel caps! is this paying homage to RR, or is this plain deception? can the owner be sued?
  23. Recently there a lift upgrading polling at Potong Pasir brought to us by SeeToh, the failed PAP candidate to win over the the heart of Potong Pasir.They build a nice air condition temp office at the void deck. The problem is they also brought in the generator for this temp office, which took over one parking lot. This generator is turned on for several hours and polluting the air around. Can smell the fumes from the top floor. Is this violating the NEA regulation for stationary vehicle? http://app2.nea.gov.sg/data/cmsresource/20...12506886164.pdf
  24. STOMPer Ng spotted this Singapore-registered car at a carpark in Kuala Lumpur and wonders if the owner is aware that the car is there. The STOMPer wrote: "While on a business trip two weeks back, I saw this Singapore-registered car that was parked at the Crowne Plaza Mutiara Hotel Carpark in KL. "From the looks of it, it seems that the car was parked there for more than a year since the road tax already expired on June 2009. And there was a thick layer of dust on the body of the car. "Hope this post will help the owner find the car." http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...kl_carpark.html